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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Book Review: Best Kind of Love by Rebecca Talley

This is a sweet, sort of second chance, romance.
Best Kind of Love: A Reunion Romance Novella
by Rebecca Talley

File Size: 2917 KB
Print Length: 98 pages
Publisher: DuBon Publishing (November 4, 2014)
Genre: Romance, Novella, Inspirational
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

Brynn Sawyer is a successful project manager in Houston. When her best friend from high school convinces Brynn to attend their ten-year reunion, Brynn hopes she’ll have the chance to reconnect with Troy Richards, the guy who stole her heart back in middle school.
Craig Dawson, an attorney in San Diego, is in a relationship that’s going nowhere and wonders why he can’t seem to commit. When he sees Brynn at their reunion, he thinks he might finally understand why. The only problem—she’s still infatuated with Troy what’s-his-name.
Will Brynn find the love she seeks with Troy, or will she realize the best kind of love has always been right in front of her?

Brynn is returning to her home town for her 10-year high school reunion. She allowed a close friend to talk her into it partially so they can see each other and enjoy some 'girl' time. Another reason Brynn is going is in hopes of a dream fantasy opportunity with the boy she had a crush on during high school, the popular athlete, Troy.

When Brynn and her friend go to the first ‘meet and greet’ event she runs into her best friend from grade school through high school, Craig. Craig was always there for Brynn. She could be herself with him and they always had fun together. Later she turns around causing Troy to spill his drink down his front.

Even though her first encounter with Troy is an awkward stumble, he keeps seeking Brynn out trying to talk to her. Unfortunately, Troy’s high school girlfriend is quick to interrupt and to advise Brynn that Troy would only be interested in her as a conquest.

Brynn keeps thinking she wants to get time with Troy while Craig keeps trying to get Brynn’s attention. Brynn always thought of Craig as her “go-to” friend and never as a boyfriend. But suddenly she is experiencing tingles and butterflies at unexpected contacts. As Brynn finally has Troy’s attention she is more confused than ever as it appears her dream date may be only fantasy and the real thing may be closer than she thinks.

This is a quick, easy read. I enjoyed the nice writing style from the very opening. This is reflected as "inspirational" but the faith aspect is lightly, but sincerely included. Although the story does not present a new theme it is nicely handled and I found it engaging. I hope to read more from this author and I recommend this as a nice quick romance read.

I received this title in December through instaFreebie. It qualifies for 2017 Mount TBR.

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  1. I think a novella is a great intro to a new author. This sounds fun and I would definitely read it.


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