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Friday, October 24, 2014

Audible Book Review: 10th Anniversary: The Women's Murder Club by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

I was quickly re-engaged after not listening to a book in this series for several years.
Written by: James Patterson, Maxine Paetro
Narrated by: Carolyn McCormick
Length: 7 hrs and 35 mins 
Series: Women's Murder Club, Book 10
Release Date:05-02-11
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Genre: Mystery, Crime Thriller
My Rating 4.0 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
For every secret....
Detective Lindsay Boxer's long-awaited wedding celebration becomes a distant memory when she is called to investigate a horrendous crime: a badly injured teenage girl is left for dead, and her newborn baby is nowhere to be found. Lindsay discovers that not only is there no trace of the criminals - but that the victim may be keeping secrets as well.
For every lie....
At the same time, Assistant District Attorney Yuki Castellano is prosecuting the biggest case of her life - a woman who has been accused of murdering her husband in front of her two young children. Yuki's career rests on a guilty verdict, so when Lindsay finds evidence that could save the defendant, she is forced to choose. Should she trust her best friend or follow her instinct?
There's a different way to die....
Lindsay's every move is watched by her new boss, Lieutenant Jackson Brady, and when the pressure to find the baby begins interfering with her new marriage to Joe, she wonders if she'll ever be able to start a family.
With James Patterson's white-hot speed and unquenchable action, 10th Anniversary is the most deliciously chilling Women's Murder Club book ever.
Crack another case with the Women's Murder Club.
©2011 James Patterson, Maxine Paetro (P)2011 Hachette

This installment covers three separate subplots. Lindsey is assigned to try to find the missing baby of a mixed-up, rebellious fifteen year old girl. Lindsey doesn’t have time for the teen’s careless attitude and changing story if she wants to find the baby alive.

Meanwhile Yuki is facing another major criminal case as she tries to prove a well-respected doctor of murdering her openly, philandering husband. All the evidence seems to be in order until the defense attorney pulls Lindsey into a meeting with the accused who insists on her innocence. There are a few investigative details to raise reasonable doubt in Lindsey’s mind and have her looking at the case in spite of her new boss’s orders to leave it alone.

The third story plot involves Cindy as she pushes to keep on top of the crime beat while another journalist and cut backs threaten her position. Cindy has stumbled upon a story of a woman who has awakened after losing a night of memory. Then two more women come to the hospital with similar stories. It appears the women have been snatched from their lives, drugged, raped, and then dumped back near their homes or nearby alleyways. Cindy has followed the one clue to make inquiries for a particular marked taxi-cab. Late and caught in the rain a few days later she doesn’t think of the danger when she calls that cab company for help.

It has been a couple of years since I last read or listened to a book in this series. This was like coming back to old friends. There was an easier tone in this story than some of the more suspenseful ones but it was good. I liked the three different plotlines that kept interest and connection between the women. I won’t let so much time pass before listening to the next in line as I enjoyed the easy camaraderie of the ladies and their love interests as well as the mysteries that were pursued.

Audio Notes: The narration by Carolyn McCormick was familiar, comfortable and engaging. I enjoying listening to this series on audio as the books flow well and the characters are easy to distinguish.

I selected this from my Audible Library as my TBR book for October.

Martha's Bookshelf***Friday Pick Giveaway October 24, 2014

[** If you are new to Friday Pick Giveaway - Welcome!  Scroll down a bit (below book group #19) for instructions on how to enter.]

Sorry to be late this morning. DH commandeered the computer at the end of the evening and I went to bed. We have been enjoying our week of travel - mostly. We had some trouble first with the jeep not starting after a visit to a friend in Kentucky and then a blown tire on the motorhome as we traveled across Ohio. But we arrived safely yesterday to a campgound not far from Gettysburg, PA. We will do some tourist visits today and then tomorrow head down to Maryland to spend the week with our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter.
Internet has been on and off at the campgrounds. I have been trying to reserve time on our mobile hotspot as I have been reviewing email and documents from the office for upcoming closings for a couple hours each day. 

[UPDATED NOTE - US entrants I prefer, please, that you pick a book as that is the first purpose of this giveaway - to find new homes for books. The GCs are for the international entrants because postage has jumped up.]

Thank you to all who entered the October 17 Pick. There were two automatic wins again this week.  (Automatic winners are those who requested the book four times and I did not note other people asking for that book during those weeks.) There was one title blocked.
Carol M gets Darkness Take My Hand
bn100 gets Trey's Secret
to picked Winners from October 17 Pick:
Rita gets Destiny's Daughter
Janhvi gets a GC 

All winners please fill in the Winner's Acceptance Form or email me to confirm your win, send your snail mail address information and let me know if you would like bookmarks - sensual, sexy or sweet bookmarks. {The form is new because Google changed their forms and the old one wasn't letting me print out the responses.}
There is plenty of evidence of people preparing for Halloween next week.
Some might say it is 'spooky' how much book lovers LOVE books! What do you think? 
I'm glad to be in this 'spooky' group. :-)
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New Book Group #52 October 10, 2014
(Links to be added.)

Richard Paul Evans, The Looking Glass and The Carousel
Mary Higgins Clark, A Cry In the Night and You Belong to Me
Duo Book: Yesterday's Memories by Tara Taylor Quinn and Amanda Stevens
Range of Motion by Elizabeth Berg
Destiny's Daughter by Rebecca Brandewyne
At The Stroke of Madness by Alex Kava
She's Got the Look by Leslie Kelly
Reliquary by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Undateable by Ellen Rakieten & Anne Coyle
Behind a Mask by May Alcott
Here on Earth by Alice Hoffman

New Book Group #51 September 12, 2014
10/10 - I just realized I never posted the image for this group.

Elysa Hendricks, Star Crash (personally autographed copy) and The Sword and the Pen
Anne Stuart, Hidden Honor and The Devil’s Waltz
Intrepid Encounter by Rebecca Ashley
The Reckoning by Jeanette Baker
Taylor's Temptation by Suzanne Brockmann
A Painted House A Novel by John Grisham 
Scandalous Virtue Mass by Brenda Hiatt 
Viking Heat by Sandra Hill 
Darkness, Take My Hand (Kenzie and Gennaro Book 2) by Dennis Lehane
Missing Susan by Sharyn Mccrumb
Pandora's Clock by John J. Nance - AUDIO CASSETTES
A Stranger's Wife by Maggie Osborne
The Short Forever (Stone Barrington Novels Book 8) by Stuart Woods - AUDIO CASSETTES

New Book Group #50! August 8, 2014
William J. Coughlin: The Court and The Judgment
Phyllis J. Whitney: The Ebony Swan and Woman Without a Past
Maybe This Time by Victoria Barrett
The Commander by Kate Bridges
So Hard to Forget by Evelyn Crowe
The Cinderella Plan by Margaret Daley
Whirlwind Affair by Jacquie D'Allessandro
Let Darkness Come by Angela Hunt
Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione 
ChiefTain by Nan Ryan
A Place Called Home by Lori Wick
The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook by Steve Doocy
True Believer by Nicholas Sparks
A Garden of Friends by Penny Pierce Rose

New Book Group #49 June 27, 2014

Sandra Brown:  The Thrill of Victory and Temperatures Rising
Beverly Barton: The Last to Die and Raintree: Sanctuary
Jezebel by Katherine Sutcliff
Down by the Water by Caroline Upcher
Hawkes Harbor by S.E. Hinton
Savage Thunder by Cassie Edwards
Miracle by Deborah Smith
Desperate Alliances by Cory Daniells
Never Walk Alone by Paula Detmer Riggs
The Awakening and Selected Short Stories by Kate Chopin
Running Blind by Lee Child

New Book Group #48 May 30, 2014

Dangerous by Debra Dier
First to Fight Anthology

New Book Group #47 April 25, 2014

Trey's Secret by Lois Faye Dayer
Once Upon a Honeymoon by Julie Kistler
The Hidden Truth of Cytech's Randall Forty by Vickie Kennedy

New Book Group #46 March 15, 2014
Sweet Talking Man by Betina Krain
The Last Heiress by Bertrice Small (spine creases)

New Book Group #45 January 31, 2014
Out of Darkness by Lynn Erickson

New Book Group #44 December 14, 2013---(All gone)
New Book Group #43 November 1, 2013 ---(All gone)
New Book Group #42 September 27, 2013 ---(All gone)

New Book Group #41 August 2, 2013
Cattle Rancher, Secret Son by Margaret Way

New Book Group #40 June 28, 2013
Breakfast in Bed by Sandra Brown - Audio Cassette Tapes (link is for mass media version)

New Book Group #39 May 31, 2013 - Plenty of "summer" titles!
Shetland Summer by Janet Lynnford

New Book Group #38 April 20, 2013
Awaken the Senses by Nalini Singh

New Book Group #37 March 22, 2013
Anthology: Something Borrowed, Something Blue - this book has spine creases and minor water damage...I thought I had read it and liked it but now I realize it was another anthology I read with Elaine Barbier.

New Book Group #36 February 15, 2013
The Trailsman: Texas Lead Slingers by Jon Sharpe

New Book Group #35 January 11, 2013 (All gone)
New Book Group #34 December 7, 2012--- (All gone)
New Book Group #33 October 27, 2012---(All gone)

New Book Group #32 October 5, 2012
NOTE This book has dog bite damage; it is missing half back cover and the edges of pages in the back third of the book... it does not effect the text but I will understand if no one wants this one - A Courtesans Guide to Getting Your Man by Susan Donovan and Celeste Bradley

New Book Group #31 August 31, 2012
An Honorable Man by Rosemary Rogers (spine creases)

New Book Group #30 July 27, 2012
The Willful Widow by Valerie King (spine wear)
Dancing on Snowflakes by Jane Bonander

New Book Group #29 June 29, 2012
Magic: The Gathering Distant Planes, An Anthology

New Book Group #28 May 18, 2012--- (All gone)
New book Group #27 April 13, 2012--- (All gone)
New book Group #26 March 2, 2012--- (All gone)
New Group #25 January 12, 2012---(All gone)
New Group #24 Pick Books November 25, 2011---(All gone)

New Group #23 Pick Books October 14, 2011
Ghost Writer (Shivers #3) by M.D. Spenser

New Group #22 Pick Books September 2, 2011---(All gone)
New Group #21 of Pick Books July 29, 2011---(All gone)
May, 2011 New Group of Pick books Group #20---(All gone)
3/25/11 Group #19---(All gone)
2/19/11 Book Group #18- Pairs!---(All gone).

I have finally updated the intro and Entry paragraphs here:

If you saw the pictures posted of my bookshelves and boxes you know I do have lots of books! And that doesn't include the other eight or so boxes at my office!! And more books as I find deals too good to pass up! I am sharing my book bounty by these Friday Pick Giveaways.

I started Friday Pick on November 27, 2009 and in four years I have posted 43 groups of 16 (688) books to find new homes! (as of November 2013).

I periodically update the lists - deleting those won. You can still go to the Friday Pick list link to see older posts and the older lists book pictures if you want! I am happy to say that so far about 723+ books have found new homes! YAY. I have to update my print out to check the exact number sent out - a few were never claimed.

Note rules here regarding international entries.
Because postage to overseas can be prohibitive I am willing to give a $5.00 book certificate to international winners - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, ARe, TWRP, ClassAct Books, eTreasures, Desert Breeze, tell me where and I'll set it up. So for my overseas visitors your comment may indicate a smaller book and I'll check postage or note your choice of gift card.

I learned that The Book Depository does not ship to everywhere. The postage for some of the books to far away places runs between $5.00 $7.00 and $6.00 $10.00 and up. Since I would award $5.00 for The Book Depository to an international winner, as an alternative you may choose a smaller book and we will hope the postage will not exceed $6.00. If the postage is more, or if you want to pick a larger book and you are willing to pay any extra postage beyond the $6.00 I will work with you on that. This may not make a difference to many but if it helps one or two of you to give one of my books a home that will make me happy too. :o)

Leave a comment and tell me WHICH BOOK you would like to get from the Friday Pick lists.
CUT OFF TIME IS THURSDAY NIGHTS AT 10:00 PM CENTRAL so I do not have to stay up past midnight to do the winner post!
I will randomly pick two winners to announce Friday mornings with the next Pick post.
Automatic wins are those who requested the book four times and I did not note other people asking for that book during those weeks.
WINNERS PLEASE CHECK THE WIN POST ON FRIDAYS AND fill in the Winner's Acceptance Form or email me at [I will confirm receipt of the addresses- well I realize I haven't always done this. But if you filled out the form and don't get the book within two weeks nudge me with an email please!] If I have the winners e-mail I will send a reminder in a week or so....

Thanks for helping these books find new homes!!

Repeating this helpful blog tip: You can right click on a link and you will be given the choice to open the link in a new window or tab so you do not navigate away from the screen you are on!! I use this all the time!

1/14/11 New List #17--- (All gone)

12/3/10 Book Set: #16
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown 

List #15---(All gone)
List #14---(All gone)
List #13 of Used books! ---(All gone)
Group #12---(All gone)

Group #11
Alien Chronicles - The Crimson Claw by Deborah Chester

List #1
Circle of Stars by Anna Lee Waldo

Pick #2---(All gone)
Pick #3---(All gone)
Pick #4---(All gone)
Pick #5---(All gone)
Pick #6---(All gone)

Pick #7
Prey by Michael Crichton - Audio Tape

Pick #8
The Jury by Steve Martini - Audio Tapes

Pick #9
On Treacherous Ground by Earl Murray

Pick #10---(All Gone)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Book Review: Castle Blues Quake by Linda Covella

A fun read with some good lessons on friendships and death suitable for young teens.
The Castle Blues Quake
by Linda Covella
  • File Size: 2258 KB
  • Print Length: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Beau Coup Publishing LLC (July 20, 2014)
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
My Rating: 4.0 of 5.0

Book Description
Publication Date: July 20, 2014
12-year-old Pepper Connelly leaves her best friend, Chrissie, behind when her family moves from New York City to Santa Cruz, CA. Pepper discovers a boy, Corey, hiding in her backyard shed. Unknown to Pepper, Corey is a ghost trying to contact his grandfather, Boppie, before he crosses over. He tells Pepper he must locate Boppie before Social Services finds him. Pepper agrees to help.

While Pepper’s communication with Chrissie dwindles, her friendship with Corey grows. She tells Corey about her passion for writing songs, and throughout the story, she composes a song about Corey. Corey teaches Pepper to play the harmonica. Soon, she’s torn between finding Boppie and knowing when she does, Corey will certainly go back on the road with his traveling-musician grandfather.

Other characters help her on her quest: new classmate Ally Cressman, who dresses in an odd-ball, non-mall style; Sawtooth Sam, the mysterious saw-playing street musician; and Madame Mchumba, who performs her psychic readings at the Boardwalk amusement park. Earthquakes, haunted house rides, poltergeists, and crystal ball readings propel Pepper toward the end of her search as she learns about the give and take, the heartache and joy, of true friendship.

Pepper is a bright 12 year-old who is typically mourning leaving her best friend across country in New York when her family moves to Santa Cruz, CA. Not only did she they move her across country, they have moved into a dilapidated house that looks like something in a horror movie. Pepper braves the spiders and spooky noises and soon meets a boy named Corey. She realizes he is alone and needs help when she sees his bruises and the sunken eyes in his white face. She doesn’t realize he is a ghost and he decides not to tell her.

Corey is a young boy who lived in the house with friends while waiting for the return of his grandfather, Boppie, a blues musician who has sheltered the boy since the death of his parents. Boppie has taken Corey on tour with him but this time he’d been left behind. Corey is insistent on getting word to Boppie that he was killed in the quake that took down the Castle Blue music theatre. Corey wants to reassure Boppie that he is ‘okay’ before he moves to ‘the other side’ where he knows his parents are waiting.

At first Corey tried to scare the new family away but then he decided to seek help after sensing that the brave, young girl could see him. Corey and Pepper quickly become friends as she helps to hide him from social workers while also helping to hunt down Boppie. Corey at first thought she wouldn’t help if she knew he was a ghost. Soon he starts to feel bad because he knows it will hurt when he leaves her behind.

I enjoyed the simple friendship that developed between the primary characters. There are other fun characters including a new friend who shops at thrift stores and an old saw musician. The author uses the story to share feelings of loneliness, loss of old friends and finding new ones that are often experienced by young people when they move away from established schools and friends to new territory. I didn't care for the extent of lying to parents but there are other good lessons on acceptance, sharing friends, facing bullies, and thinking of others, not just one’s self.

The story is shared in alternating chapters from the views/voices of Corey and Pepper. I enjoyed the music aspect as Corey taught Pepper how to play the harmonica and she shared the song she was writing with him. Corey has a bit of an unschooled vocabulary and style of speech which fit a young teen who had shared life on the streets with Boppie. The writing style is very clear and crisp, with nice descriptions, making it an easy read. It would certainly be suitable for middle grades as well as young teens and it is nice, easy entertainment for adults too.

I received this from Mythbehaving for Blog Tour Feature. Please see prior post for Blog Tour Giveaway!.

Blog Tour Feature and Giveaway: The Castle Blues Quake by Linda Covella

Tour Dates: October 14 - October 24, 2014
Blog Tour with Giveaway
I have not quite finished reading the book as I prepare this post but I do hope to post my review later today 10/23 - internet willing!


Children's, Young Adult - Sci Fi / Fantasy

12-year-old Pepper Connelly leaves her best friend, Chrissie, behind when her family moves from New York City to Santa Cruz, CA. Pepper discovers a boy, Corey, hiding in her backyard shed. Unknown to Pepper, Corey is a ghost trying to contact his grandfather, Boppie, before he crosses over. He tells Pepper he must locate Boppie before Social Services finds him. Pepper agrees to help.

While Pepper’s communication with Chrissie dwindles, her friendship with Corey grows. She tells Corey about her passion for writing songs, and throughout the story, she composes a song about Corey. Corey teaches Pepper to play the harmonica. Soon, she’s torn between finding Boppie and knowing when she does, Corey will certainly go back on the road with his traveling-musician grandfather.

Other characters help her on her quest: new classmate Ally Cressman, who dresses in an odd-ball, non-mall style; Sawtooth Sam, the mysterious saw-playing street musician; and Madame Mchumba, who performs her psychic readings at the Boardwalk amusement park.

Earthquakes, haunted house rides, poltergeists, and crystal ball readings propel Pepper toward the shocking conclusion of her search.



Linda Covella’s varied job experience and education (associate degrees in art, business and mechanical drafting & design, a BS degree in Manufacturing Management) have led her down many paths and enriched her life experiences. But one thing she never strayed from is her love of writing.
A writer for over 30 years, her first official publication was a restaurant review column in a local newspaper, and as a freelance writer, she continued to publish numerous articles in a variety of publications. But when she published articles for children’s magazines (“Games and Toys in Ancient Rome” and “Traveling the Tokaido in 17th Century Japan,” in Learning Through History magazine, and “Barry’s Very Grown Up Day” in Zootles magazine), she realized she’d found her niche: writing for children. She wants to share with kids and teens her love of books:  the worlds they open, the things they teach, the feelings they express.
Yakimali’s Gift, a historical novel for young adults published by Astraea Press, and middle grade paranormal The Castle Blues Quake published by Beau Coup Publishing are her first novels.
No matter what new paths she may travel down, she sees her writing as a lifelong joy and commitment.
You can find Linda at these links:

Linda’s Website     |     Facebook     |     Twitter

Goodreads     |     Pinterest


As I started to close the door, I looked down and gagged. On the doorstep lay a stiff dead rat, so big I pictured it running around the house slamming doors with its pointy nose or long tail. Its tiny black eyes stared at nothing, and its legs, stretched straight out, ended in open claws as if it had fought whoever or whatever had taken its life. The insides of my stomach were about to erupt when Dad looked over my shoulder and made me jump.

“Someone has a sick sense of humor,” he said. “The police are on their way. Now please, let’s go tell your mother and Sage everything’s okay.” He headed out of the kitchen.

Before shutting the door, I peered into the back yard. The fog had thinned a little. I could just make out the thick trunk of the tree and the swing hanging next to it. Then I froze. A face. A white face with black holes for eyes. Staring at me from behind the tree. I tried to call Dad, but my mouth and throat were dry. My voice wouldn’t work. I gripped the doorknob. Don’t run, I told myself. Don’t be afraid. Afraid, bade, fade...fade, fade, please go away whoever you are. Whatever you are. It hadn’t budged an inch. Maybe I was seeing things. Maybe it wasn’t a face. I squinted then blinked. And it was gone. Just the fog and the tree and the swing.

Then the hairs on the back of my neck prickled when I noticed the ropes and the seat swaying as if from a breeze.

The only thing was, the air was as still as could be. There was no breeze.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Audio Book Review: Jennings Books: According to Jennings (1954) by Anthony Buckeridge

This is a very enjoyable, old-fashioned, easy listening, story break.
Author:  Anthony Buckeridge
Narrator:  Simon Vance
Audio Book Length:  4 Hrs 29 Min
# of Audio CD's:  4
# of MP3 CD's:  1
Download ISBN:  978-1-926910-41-3
Genre: Middle Grade, Classic
My Rating: 4.0 of 5.0

In this audiobook - the space-craze sweeps through Linbury Court School and the corridors reverberate with 'voom-voom' noises as rockets, piloted by "Butch Breakaway" Jennings and his "bald-headed scientist," Darbishire, take off for the moon. As Mr. Carter prophesies, the craze wears off, but not before Jennings has stuck his head into trouble; nor before he and Darbishire have helped General Merridew, that peppery but most distinguished of Old Boys, to recapture some of the wilder moments of his lost boyhood.

This visit to Jennings and his class mates shares more fun with “silly little boys” trouble (as Mr. Wilken’s would say). The boys are in a space craft minded phase with chases between sets of boys. They manage to ‘capture’ a visiting dignitary, General Merridew, by locking him in the library instead of another team of boys who were thought to be there. Mr. Carter and Mr. Wilkens are appalled espcially when the key has disappeared with Darbishire. They make a plan to go through a window. Meanwhile Jennings and Darby return and release the General who begins to remember his own days of play and shows them a trick that catches Wilkens ringing the bell.

The boys run into more trouble trying to make sure their team is ready for the upcoming swim meet. Sneaking into the closed pool area ends up leading to more trouble and ultimately a punishment that will keep them back at school when their mates head out to an anticipated soccor match with a big celebrity. Jennings and Darby finish their assignments and decide they must get to the game as they were instructed to deliver the assignments to Wilkens “as soon as” they were done. They manage to get a lift from the famous player and then stumble upon a bugalar in the locker room. During the following confusion and hunt Mr. Wilkens is detained as the thief due to miscommunication.

This is the second audio-book I have enjoyed in this series. This is a delightful tale of school boy pranks and missions gone wrong with unintended trouble that all turns out well. Thank goodness. Although this is not exciting reading it provides a pleasureable break and a look at older, gentler times with childhood fun.

Audio Notes: Once again the narration is perfectly fitting for the characters and subject. Gotta love listening to Simon Vance. :-) It is spot on and makes it smooth, easy entertainment.

Also see review for: Jennings' Diary by Anthony Buckeridge

I received this audio from Post Hypnotic Press for an honest review..


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