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Friday, February 5, 2016

Martha's Bookshelf***Friday Pick Giveaway February 5, 2016

Happy Friday.
Ack! Another week gone! I have so much to do. I just keep on plugging away at all the tasks.
Weather got warmer but now is heading to cold again. We're saving some logs for the cold spell expected later next week. Meanwhile we may be visiting Biloxi early in the week if I can juggle through some work. I always find it interesting when you mention your different weather in your comments. Even though we are 'world's apart' we can share together through our blog time and reading. :-)

[Thanks for continued prayers for my nephew. His 8 hour surgery is scheduled again for 2/10.] 
BTW- Thanks for being patient if you've been waiting for books. We have been training a new clerk and finally got her started on book mailings this week. There is a back log all the way back to right before Christmas so I appreciate your patience.

US Entrants: Leave a comment and tell me WHICH BOOK you would like to get from the Friday Pick lists.
INTERNATIONAL: Leave a comment indicating "Gift Card" (see further comments near the end of the post.)

CUT OFF TIME IS THURSDAY NIGHTS AT 9:00 PM CENTRAL so I do not have to stay up too late to do the winner post! I will randomly pick two winners to announce Friday mornings with the next Pick post.

Thank you to all who entered the January 30 Pick. There was one automatic win again this week.  Automatic wins are those who requested the book four times without other people asking for that book during those weeks. There was one blocked title.
Rita gets Whisper on the Wind
to picked Winners from January 29 Pick:
Elizabeth gets The Leigh Greenwood Pair (persistence prevails!)
CarolNW gets Rally Fever

All winners please fill in the Winner's Acceptance Form or email me to confirm your win, send your snail mail address information and let me know if you would like bookmarks - sensual, sexy or sweet bookmarks. {The form is new because Google changed their forms and the old one wasn't letting me print out the responses.}
It's the month of love and that means loving books... and libraries.
Image found at Pinterest.

New Book Goup #63 January 22, 2016
(I have the picture and will try to get the list up before I crash. Sorry no links right now.)
Victoria Alexander: The Pursuit of Marriage (slight creasing) and When We Meet Again
Shannon Drake: Reckless and When we Touch
James Patterson: Black Friday and Hide and Seek (both have spine creasing)
Presidential Antidotes by Paul F. Boller, Jr.
Undercurrents by Stella Cameron
Lead Me On by Victoria Dahl
Warrior Ascended by Addison Fox
Parallel Attraction by Deidre Knight
Moving Target by Cheyenne McCray
Wayward Winds by Michael Phillips - Audio Tapes
Walking After Moonlight by Karen Robards
Forgotten Promises by Denise Skelton
A Walk to Remember by Nicolas Sparks - hardback

New Book Group #62 November 6, 2015

Touch Me by Beverly Rae (personally autographed)

New Book Group #61 October 30, 2015
After I noticed the trend I went on a hunt for “bride” titles. I even pulled a couple from some of my long time collections(*). (But they are not getting read on my shelves.)

Leigh Greenwood –  The Reluctant Bride and The Independent Bride
Jane Feather(*) – The Hostage Bride and The Accidental Bride
The de Burgh Bride by Deborah Simmons
The Forever Bride by Evelyn Rogers (Seam creasing)
Short Straw Bride by Dallas Schultz
Bride of Lochbarr by Margaret Moore (*)
The Ideal Bride by Stephanie Laurens (*)
Honor’s Bride by Galye Wilson
A Necessary Bride by Debra Mullins
Border Bride by Deborah Hale

New Book Group #60 September 18, 2015
A set of "haunting" tales and a few mysteries for October!

Shannon Drake –  Realm of Shadows (Alliance Vampires#4) 
Bloody Good by Georgia Evans
Cat of Nine Tales by Deborah Macgillivray
The Shadowing by Joan Overfield
The Renegade Hunter by Lynsay Sands
Trilogy Of Mysteries Audio Book Shadow Prey, There Was A Little Girl, Smokescreen Audio Cassettes (NOT CDs)

New Book Group #59 July 31, 2015
A few more summer titles, historicals and mysteries!

Broken Vows, Mended Hearts by Lynn Stone, Gail Ranstrom and Anne O'Brien
3,2,1 Married! by Sharon Sala, Marie Ferrarella and Beverly Barton
Cruise to a Wedding by Betty Neels
Little Girl Lost by Shirlee McCoy
You Don't Know Jack by Erin McCarthy

New Book Group #58 June 26, 2015
-- A few summer titles, a few mysteries, a few historicals...

Servant, The Awakening by L.L. Foster

New Book Group #57 May 1, 2015

A Little Bit Wild by Victoria Dahl
The Ruthless Greek's Virgin Princess by Trish Morey
Rally Fever by Crea Jones

New Book Group #56 March 20, 2015
(I'll try to get the rest linked another day.)

The Sweetheart Dance by Patti Ann Colt
Raintree Haunted by Linda Winstead Jones (spine creases)

New Book Group #55 February 5, 2015 -- All Gone

New Book Group #54 December 26, 2014

Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card - Tape Cassettes

BOX 4 2015 (reboxed from Boxes 47-53)

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
The Hidden Truth of Cytech's Randall Forty byVickie Kennedy
First to Fight Anthology
Jezebel by Katherine Sutcliff
The Commander by Kate Bridges
The Cinderella Plan by Margaret Daley
The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook by Steve Doocy
A Garden of Friends by Penny Pierce Rose
Richard Paul Evans PAIR: The Looking Glass and The Carousel
Undateable by Ellen Rakieten & Anne Coyle
Sleeping with Ward Cleaver by Jenny Gardiner

BOX 3 2015 (reboxed from Boxes 39- 47)

Shetland Summer by Janet Lynnford
Breakfast in Bed by Sandra Brown - Audio Cassette Tapes (link is for mass media version)
Cattle Rancher, Secret Son by Margaret Way
Whisper on the Wind by Joan Smith
Remember Me by Mary Higgins Clark
A Lady of Consequence by Mary Nichols
Sweet Talking Man by Betina Krain

BOX 2 2015 (reboxed from Boxes 24- 38)

Thinner by Stephen King
Foundation (Foundation Novels) by Isaac Asimov
Magic: The Gathering Distant Planes, An Anthology
The Willful Widow by Valerie King (spine wear)
Dancing on Snowflakes by Jane Bonander
An Honorable Man by Rosemary Rogers (spine creases)
A Courtesans Guide to Getting Your Man by Susan Donovan and Celeste Bradley -- NOTE This book has dog bite damage; it is missing half back cover and the edges of pages in the back third of the book... it does not effect the text but I will understand if no one wants this one
Tara Taylor Quinn: Father: Unknown and McGillus v.Wright
The Trailsman: Texas Lead Slingers by Jon Sharpe
Anthology: Something Borrowed, Something Blue - this book has spine creases and minor water damage...I thought I had read it and liked it but now I realize it was another anthology I read with Elaine Barbier.

BOX #1 2015 (reboxed from Boxes 1- 23)

Circle of Stars by Anna Lee Waldo
Alien Chronicles - The Crimson Claw by Deborah Chester
Ghost Writer (Shivers #3) by M.D. Spenser
Death Angel by Linda Howard

If you saw the pictures posted of my bookshelves and boxes you know I do have lots of books! And that doesn't include the other eight or so boxes at my office!! And more books as I find deals too good to pass up! I am sharing my book bounty by these Friday Pick Giveaways.

I started Friday Pick on November 27, 2009 and in almost six years I have posted 62 groups of 16 (992) books to find new homes! (as of November 6, 2015).

I am happy to say that so far about 924+ books have found new homes! YAY. I have to update my print out to check the exact number sent out - a few were never claimed. I periodically update the lists - deleting those won. You can still go to the Friday Pick list link to see older posts and the older lists book pictures if you want!

Note rules here regarding international entries.
Because postage to overseas can be prohibitive I am willing to give a $5.00 book certificate to international winners - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, ARe, TWRP, ClassAct Books, eTreasures, Desert Breeze, tell me where and I'll set it up. So for my overseas visitors your comment may indicate a smaller book and I'll check postage or note your choice of gift card.

I learned that The Book Depository does not ship to everywhere. The postage for some of the books to far away places runs between $7.00 and $10.00 and up. Since I would award $5.00 for The Book Depository to an international winner, as an alternative you may choose a smaller book and we will hope the postage will not exceed $6.00. If the postage is more, or if you want to pick a larger book and you are willing to pay any extra postage beyond the $6.00 I will work with you on that. This may not make a difference to many but if it helps one or two of you to give one of my books a home that will make me happy too. :o)

Repeating this helpful blog tip: You can right click on a link and you will be given the choice to open the link in a new window or tab so you do not navigate away from the screen you are on!! I use this all the time!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Audible Book Review: The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein

Excellent narration enhances this fascinating sci fi classic.
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
Written by: Robert A. Heinlein
Narrated by: Lloyd James
Length: 14 hrs and 12 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:10-11-06
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Genre: Sci Fi, Vintage
My Rating: 5.0 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
In what is considered one of Heinlein's most hair-raising, thought-provoking, and outrageous adventures, the master of modern science fiction tells the strange story of an even stranger world. It is 21st-century Luna, a harsh penal colony where a revolt is plotted between a bashful computer and a ragtag collection of maverick humans, a revolt that goes beautifully until the inevitable happens. But that's the problem with the inevitable: it always happens.
Winner of the 1967 Hugo award, this novel marked Heinlein's partial return to his best form. He draws many historical parallels with the War of Independence, and clearly shows his own libertarian political views.
©1965 Robert A. Heinlein; (P)1999 Blackstone Audio Inc.

Luna was set up years ago as a penal colony where prisoners were sent to serve time. They do not have cells and the peace keepers are few since there is no place to escape to. There are no laws but common sense rules of society have developed over the years that maintain order. There is now a large population of free people on Luna, either having served their time or having been born free. But the Warden still governs and he answers to Luna Authority which keeps the population at a level of slavery by controlling the exports and finances.

Manuel, “Mannie”, Davis is a free born citizen who lost an arm in a work accident. He now has a collection of six or seven arms designed for specialized purposes. Mannie works as a computer technician on the main computer that controls the life systems on the moon. When the computer asks about a joke, Mannie realizes that it has become “sentient”. Mannie, with his new friend “Mike” (the lonely computer), inadvertently ends up as one of a handful of leaders of a revolution to free Luna.

Mannie meets a beautiful young activist, Wyoh, at a political rally he attends mostly out of curiosity. The event is interrupted by a police raid and the police, and a few citizens, are killed. Mannie leads Wyoh out of the crowd to a safe place, ultimately bringing her into his interesting family farm. Wyoh is named a fugitive, and Mannie’s longtime friend, Prof, is suspect, but Mannie has not caught the eye of the authorities. The three enlist Mike to help them as they form an Emergency Committee to Free Luna.

The revolutionists have limited weapons and know that they are facing the vast technological resources of Terra. Their best secret is Mike with his analytical skills and circuits of control. Mike warns them that their circumstances are more urgent than they know when he predicts starvation in only seven years. After some brainstorming with Mike the leaders recognize that they do have a weapon they can use… they will become like David slinging stones at Goliath.

I became fascinated with the society make-up of Luna, the differences resulting from the lesser gravity and the values developed. The marriage and family system was creatively adjusted to accommodate large family groups with multiple husbands and wives. The set up and progress of the Revolution is interesting study in strategies.

Mike’s multiple roles as a friend, co-conspirator, party leader and political satirist make him a wonderful character. I enjoyed Prof’s initial manipulations of the temporary council and later efforts to direct the nature of the ‘new government’. I grew very attached to Mannie who tells the story, first person, as a form of memoir of the revolutionary years. The language is a mixture of English and Russian with a few other words thrown in. Mannie was an easy going fellow who didn’t choose to be a leader but stepped up, with support of his friends, to complete the mission, even if the results weren’t quite as planned.

The story has a great blend of humor, social and political issues, revolutionary strategy, danger, and that touch of irony I now anticipate as an element of science fiction. I highly recommend this as a fun and intriguing story.

Audio Notes: Lloyd James does a great job with the narration. The Russian accent for Mannie is at first surprising but soon becomes friendly and natural. James nails the multiple personalities of Mike and does a good job with the other characters too. I was delighted by the story and the audio.

This is another Vintage Sci Fi from 1966. This has been in my Audible Library since 2011 so it is a good TBR as well as qualifying for Audio Challenge.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

MBS January 2016 Reading Wrap-Up

I have certain goals to reach my challenges and reading total for 2016.

The YEARLY reading goals:
Total = 180
Audio =  72
NetGalley = 42
Print = 12
Tours = 24
Ladies Book Club (LBC) = 12
Mixed in (hopefully includes TBR books I've won) = 18

My TBR goal is to read at least 100 from my shelves, whether Audible, Kindle, other ebook or print.

This breaks down roughly to 15 books on a MONTHLY basis in these formats (with TBRs, print, LBC and others overlapping at times):
Audio --  6
eBooks -- 2  (author review/tour or TBR)
NetGalley -- 3.5
TBR Print  --  1
TBR eBook -- 1
LBC -- 1
Other -- 1

I feel like I got off to a good start in JANUARY with this summary:
Total read = 17
Audio/Audible = 8
eBook = 2 (author/publicist requested reviews)
NetGalley = 6
Print (LBC) = 1
TBR = 17 (All obtained prior to 2016)
New to Me Authors = 13
Series Continued = 3

There were three 5.0 rated books in January and  4.5 starred.

Code for the list is:
A = Audio/Audible
E = eBook
NG = NetGalley
P = Print

    JANUARY 2016
  1. A-- Audible Book Reviews: Three X Minus One #VintageSciFi Stories; Vintage Sci Fi; X Minus One: Protective Mimicry (October 3, 1956) by Algis Budrys, Ernest Kinoy - adaptation; my rating 4.5.
  2. A-- X Minus One: Cold Equations (August 25, 1955) by Tom Godwin, George Lefferts - adaptation; my ratings 4.25.
  3. A-- X Minus One: Target One (December 26, 1957) by Frederik Pohl, George Lefferts - adaptation; my ratings 4.25.
  4. P-- Book Review: Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball: A Novella by Donita K. Paul; Romance, Fantasy, Inspirational; my rating 4.5.
  5. E-- Book Review: The Colossus by Ranjini Iyer; Action, Adventure, Mystery; my rating 3.75.
  6. NG-- Book Review: The Dirt on Ninth Grave (Charley Davidson Book 9) by Darynda Jones; Fantasy; my rating 4.25.
  7. A-- Audible Book Review and #Giveaway: Time Heist: Firstborn Saga Volume 1 by #Anthony Vicino. Sci Fi, Mystery; my rating 4.5.
  8. E-- Book Review: The Feral Sentence: Part One by G. C. Julien ; Dystopian, Sci Fi; my rating 4.0.
  9. NG-- Book Review: Jessica's Christmas Kiss: (Christmas Kisses Book 3) by Alison May ; Romance, Holiday; my rating 4.5.
  10. A-- Audio Book Review: Buster: The Military Dog Who Saved a Thousand Lives by Will Barrow, Isabel George; Personal Memoir; my rating 4.25.
  11. A-- Audible Book Review: The Very First D**ned Thing: An Author-Read Audio Exclusive by Jodi Taylor; Fantasy; my rating 4.5.
  12. NG-- Book Review: Night Study (Study Series) by Maria V. Snyder ; Paranormal, Fantasy; my rating 5.0.
  13. NG-- Book Review: Brilliance (The Brilliance Trilogy Book 1) by Marcus Sakey; Sci Fi, Suspense Thriller; my rating 5.0.
  14. A-- Audible Book Review: To Live Forever by Jack Vance; Vintage Sci Fi; my rating 4.0.
  15. NG-- Book Review: Extreme Honor (True Heroes) by Piper J. Drake; Romantic Suspense; my rating 4.5.
  16. NG-- Book Review: Steamborn (Steamborn Series) (Volume 1) by Eric R Asher; Sci Fi, Fantasy, Steampunk; my rating 4.25.
  17. A-- The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein; (Review to be linked) Vintage Sci Fi; my rating 5.0.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Post January 31, 2016/It's Monday! What are You Reading? Plus Mailbox Monday February 1, 2016

I am linking with Sunday Post at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading now at The Book Date.
Thank you to Sheila for the years that she handled this meme.
Thank you to Kathryn for taking up the baton.
What Are You Reading, is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week. It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

I didn't travel too much this week after all but the week was busy with closings and appointments.
Reading was good although I only finished two 2 ebooks, (plus 12 hours of audio). I posted four reviews. I also posted the usual memes.

I enjoyed visiting early again last week.
Thanks as always to all the nice people who visit me.

These were last week's posts:
  • Audible Book Review: To Live Forever by Jack Vance; Vintage Sci Fi; my rating 4.0.

Finished Reading:
1. eBook/Kindle

Extreme Honor (True Heroes)
by Piper J. Drake
This is good romantic suspense.
My review is linked above.
Click on book title for full description.

2. eBook/Kindle (NG)

Steamborn (Steamborn Series) (Volume 1)
by Eric R Asher
I enjoyed this Steampunk adventure.
My review is linked above
Click on book title for full description.

Currently reading:
1. Audible/ MP3

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
Written by: Robert A. Heinlein
Narrated by: Lloyd James
I am really enjoying this vintage sci fi
Only two hours left so I should finish this on Monday.
Click on book title for full description.

2. eBook/Kindle (LBC)

Mistletoe Memories: Four Generations Transform a House Into a Home for Christmas (Romancing America)
by Jennifer AlLee, Carla Olson Gade, Lisa Karon Richardson,
and Gina Welborn
I almost forgot I had one more Christmas book that we are reading for Ladies' Book Club which meets this Saturday, 2/6/16.
I have read two stories and they are charming. :-)
Spend a heartfelt Christmas on Schooley’s Mountain as four generations make a house a home. Carpenter Stephan Yost vows to build a precocious spinster a home by Christmas. Civil War widow Mary Ann Plum learns the greatest peace on earth comes from giving and receiving love. Olympia Paris must protect the orphanage she grew up in from a man intending to play Father Christmas to most of the town. Joy Benucci turns to a modern-day Scrooge to save a transitional home for foster kids. Will Christmas be a season of miracles in their lives?

3. Print (LBC)

Two From Galilee: The Story Of Mary And Joseph
by Marjorie Holmes
This is a second book Ladies Book Club is reading for Saturday.
Here from Marjorie Holines, one of the most beloved authors of our day, is the extraordinary bestselling novel that tells the story of Mary and Joseph as it has never been told before--the greatest love story of all.

This is the story of two real people whose lives were touched by God: two people chosen by God to provide an earthly home for His Son. Here are Mary and Joseph-a teenage girl and a young carpenter-alone, frightened, in love, faced with family conflict, a hostile world and an awesome responsibility. It is a story for young and old alike; for everyone who finds the Christmas tale a source of timeless beauty and wonder, a compassionate, emotional novel of divine love.

4. Audible/MP3 (ABJ)
Singular Audiobook by David F. Porteous Narrated by David F. Porteous


Written by: David F. Porteous
Narrated by: David F. Porteous
This caught my eye
(especially while listening to The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.)
I received this from the publisher through Audiobook Jukebox.
Publisher's Summary
In Singularity - the network that promises immortality to the rich - a creature is awakening. New virtual life is being created and is struggling to become free. But the growing power of this prisoner, this virtual god, threatens to destroy the world of the living.
Only a handful of people even know the creature exists. They need each other if they're to survive. But can they trust each other? And can they trust themselves when even life and death are no longer certain?
Dive into a nearly possible future where the real and the virtual overlap, and follow Patrick Clark into Singularity in this dark, comic thriller.
©2011 David F Porteous (P)2015 David F Porteous

January 31, 2016- up to date.
Reading The One Year Bible again along with my husband and others from our church.
I will also be listening (sometimes) to the companion commentary online.

I posted four reviews last week trying to squeeze in Sci Fi Experience.  I only have one book to start for review this week - I will have to finish the others to get more reviews posted.
My five titles on my NetGalley shelves increased to nine. 

There will be some new eTreasure's books listed at NetGalley this week - I'll post the links next weekend.

Welcome to Mailbox Monday.

Mailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week and explore great book blogs.  This Meme started with Marcia at A Girl and Her Books (fka The Printed Page) and after a tour of hosts has returned to its permanent home at Mailbox Monday. Thanks to the ladies sharing hosting duties: Leslie of Under My Apple Tree, Serena of Savvy Verse & Wit and Vicki of I'd Rather Be at the Beach.
Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.

I picked up four titles at NetGalley and 3 audio review books!
TBR Triple Dog Dare update: I have resisted purchases now for 31 days with the exception of using my two January Audible credits.
I added more free kindle titles to my library.

Are your mailbox and TBR piles blooming?

Review Titles
These four titles came through NetGalley:

Written in Fire
by Marcus Sakey
Thomas & Mercer (Rel 1/12/16)
I want to continue this exciting trilogy.
I think I had book 2 and 3 confused. I hope I can get book 2 also --
or I will have to buy it before the end of TBR Triple Dog Dare to read as this one archives soon. :-(.

The God's Eye View
by Barry Eisler
Thomas & Mercer (Rel 2/2/16)
This looks like a good political thriller.

by Katie Heaney
Grand Central Publishing (Rel 3/1/16)
This is a coming of age (college) story.

Admiral (An Evagardian Novel)
by Sean Danker
Penguin Group (Rel May 3, 2016)
This is a 'first contact' sci fi.

I received these two audiobooks from the publishers through Audiobook Jukebox.
Singular Audiobook by David F. Porteous Narrated by David F. Porteous
by David F. Porteous
Sci Fi Fantasy - Virtual life trying to break free.
See more details in currently reading above.

The Last Drop: The Last Drop, Book 1 Audiobook by Andrea Perno Narrated by Austin Rising
by Andrea Perno
Sci Fi/Fantasy - Teen and brother leaving earth to find/fight over water resources.

This audiobook came from the Author through Audiobook Blast

Star Crusader: Hero of the Alliance
Star Crusader: Hero of the Alliance
by Michael G. Thomas
Another sci fi - sounds a little like The Last Starfighter. :-)



These were my selections for my January Subscription credits at Audible:

Agenda 21: Into the Shadows Audiobook by Glenn Beck Narrated by Jeremy Lowell, January LaVoy
Agenda 21: Into the Shadows 
by Glenn Beck
Sci Fi - I listened to book 1 a few years back so I am looking forward to this sequel
Enforcing Home: The Survivalist Series, Book 6 Audiobook by A. American Narrated by Duke Fontaine

Enforcing Home: The Survivalist Series, Book 6
by A. American
I discovered book 6 was released (1/19/16) in this series that I like.


Over the past week I added 46 free Kindle titles to my library. Titles found linked through Bookbub, Bookfun, Ereader News Today, Free Par-tay, Ignite Your Book, Inspired Reads, Pixel of Ink or Kindle ebooks.

Sunday Words of Encouragement January 31, 2016

We welcomed home the Band of Brothers men from their Haiti mission trip. Our Sunday School teacher shared pictures and three of the men shared some of their experiences. The work being done by God is AWESOME!

Pastor’s message was titled: Speak Out!
He noted that Jesus always spoke in parables or took action to show His points. In the Pastor started with the parable of the Fig Tree in Mark 11:12-23. Jesus saw the fig tree that appeared leafy and lush green. But when he went to pick fruit there was none so he rebuked the tree and then it withered. (A separate message notes that the fruitless tree represents Israel – the appearance of religion but no fruit.) (As long as you have breath, you can bear fruit.)

Jesus spoke to the tree. (I am also mindful that Jesus spoke to the waves and they quieted.) Even nature responds to God’s words. His word is like fire or a hammer breaking rocks. Jeremiah 23:29
Jesus speaks with power and when we believe we too can speak from belief and faith.
2 Corinthians 4:13 (NIV) It is written: “I believed; therefore I have spoken.” Since we have that same spirit of faith, we also believe and therefore speak,…

There is no power without God's word. Go to God and give thanks for all He provides.
Isaiah 55:10-11. When we speak Gods healing, we speak His power. Psalm 107:20. We need to be clear and direct our words/prayer so it does not go to all but to the specific. (Jesus called to Lazurus not all the dead, John 11:43-44.)

We must believe it – visualize and see it. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24.

God calls things that are not as though they were! Romans 4:17. (This message was confirmation as I had been thinking this phrase through our worship time!)
Who do you think you are? A Child of God? An heir of eternal life? Then show it through your belief and faith. Speak out - it's your miracle!

Although I found another good song (which I will save for another time)
I choose this strong song: Move Mountain!
Verses For Today:
Isaiah 55:10-11 (NIV)
As the rain and the snow
come down from heaven,
and do not return to it
without watering the earth
and making it bud and flourish,
so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,
so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

I am thankful for the power of God’s Word and thankful that I was called (chosen) and given faith to believe! I will continue to trust God's reality over my own.


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