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Friday, May 31, 2013

Martha's Bookshelf***Friday Pick Giveaway May 31, 2013

[** If you are new to Friday Pick Giveaway - Welcome!  Scroll down a bit (below book group #19) for instructions on how to enter.]

Happy Friday!!  Is everyone ready for June? Hard to believe but time flies.

[***I'm sorry I have bad news for the international entrants -- I have to ask you to stick with GCs as the new postage rates have almost doubled. What might have been a $6.25 mail out is now close to $12.00.]

Thank you to all who entered the May 24 Pick. There were No Automatic wins this week. (Automatic winners are those who requested the book four times and I did not note other people asking for that book during those weeks). There were SIX titles blocked by multiple picks this week with one won!

to picked Winners from May 24 Pick:

Llehn gets a GC
Emily gets (a blocked title) Bride by Command

All winners please fill in the Winner's Acceptance Form or email me to confirm your win, send your snail mail address information and let me know if you would like bookmarks - sensual or sexy and I have a new supply of sweet bookmarks.

Are you ready for summer heat and some type of summer water?
With Books of course! 

New Book Group #39 May 31, 2013 - Plenty of "summer" titles!
Oops - I never added all the links last month so no promises on these either.

Hannah Howell
     Highland Hearts and Highland Destiny
Catherine Anderson
     My Sunshine and Blue Skies
Elizabeth Lowell
     Remember Summer and Too Hot to Handle
Touched by Fire by Kathleen O'Reilly
Playing with Fire by Gena Showalter
Shetland Summer by Janet Lynnford
That Summer by Joan Wolf
Shadow of the Sun by Tammy Hilz

Dark Summer by Iris Johansen
Summer at Willow Lake by Susan Wiggs
Summer by the Cottage by Susan Wiggs
Shadow Beach by Barbara Freethy
It All Began at Monte Carlo by Elizabeth Adler

New Book Group #38 April 20, 2013
Here is a group with many mysteries.  Links to be added as I get time.

Amanda Scott
      Abducted Heiress and Highland Bride
Sandra Brown
     Texas! Chase and Exclusive (spine wear) (not the covers as on the links)
A Murderous Yarn by Monica Ferris
Deadly Advise by Roberta Isleib
Dial Emmy for Murder by Eileen Davidson 
On Deadly Ground (Love Inspired Suspense) by Lauren Nichols
Happy Never After by Kathy Hogan Trocheck
Female Intellignece by Jane Heller
Improper English by Katie MacAllister
Sheer Dynamite by Jennifer Skully
Golden Chances by Rebbecca Hagen Lee
Caitlin's Guardian Angel by Marie Ferrarella
Burning Alive by Shannon K. Butcher
Awaken the Senses by Nalini Singh

New Book Group #37 March 22, 2013
As I am linking these titles it is clear to me why they were in my TBR boxes and it is really hard to let them go but I have soooo many. Better that they find good reader homes than sit on my shelves, or in a box, and collect dust. 
Carly Phillips
     The Heartbreaker and Simply Sinful
Anthology: Something Borrowed, Something Blue - this book has spine creases and minor water damage...I thought I had read it and liked it but now I realize it was another anthology I read with Elaine Barbier.
Bride by Command by Linda Winstead Jones
To Tame a Rebel by Georgina Gentry
While Passion Sleeps by Shirlee Busbee
Lord Liar by Laurie Grant
Lady in Red by Karen Hawkins
The Admiral's Bride by Suzanne Brockmann
Marry Me, Maddie by Rita Herron
Lady Ice by Joan Hohl
Dark Roots & Cowboy Boots by LuAnn McLane
Only My Dreams by Anna Blundy

New Book Group #36 February 15, 2013
Tara Taylor Quinn
     Father: Unknown and McGillus v.Wright
Tom Clancy
     Power Play: Cold War (paperback) and Power Play: (audio cassette tapes)
Timeline by Michael Crichton
Bride of Shadow Canyon by Stacey Kayne
The Trailsman: Texas Lead Slingers by Jon Sharpe
Always a Lady by Sharon Sala
Her Wedding Wish by Jillian Hart

New Book Group #35 January 11, 2013
*asterisks indicate lighter, smaller books possibly suitable for international mailing 

Mary Baxter
    His Touch and One Summer Evening
Singles-- I found a couple of boxes of romances (a lot of Harlequins) that I haven't gotten to read over the past 8 years so... I will send them off to others to read!
Never Say Never Again by Tori Carrington
*Merger of Fortunes by Peggy Moreland
*The Banker's Convenient Wife by Lynne Graham
* The Millionaire's Daughter by Sophie Weston

New Book Group #34 December 7, 2012--- (All gone)

New Book Group #33 October 27, 2012
*asterisks indicate lighter, smaller books possibly suitable for international mailing

SINGLES - CHRISTMAS TITLES (Better sizes for international) 
*Deck the Halls by Arlene James (slight spine creasing)
*A Holiday Prayer by Deb Kastner  (slight spine creasing)

New Book Group #32 October 5, 2012
- Oops upside down book! NOTE This book has dog bite damage; it is missing half back cover and the edges of pages in the back third of the book... it does not effect the text but I will understand if no one wants this one - A Courtesans Guide to Getting Your Man by Susan Donovan and Celeste Bradley
Please Remember This by Katleen Giles Seidel
The Boy's Tale (Sister Frevisse Medieval Mysteries) by Margaret Frazer

New Book Group #31 August 31, 2012
I pulled some more books from several of my boxes.

An Honorable Man by Rosemary Rogers (spine creases)

New Book Group #30 July 27, 2012
This time I pulled some books from one of my older boxes.
*asterisks indicate lighter, smaller books possibly suitable for international mailing

The Willful Widow by Valerie King (spine wear)
Wild Escapade by Lisa Bingham
Dancing on Snowflakes by Jane Bonander (postage too much - replaced with GC)

New Book Group #29 June 29, 2012
*asterisks indicate lighter, smaller books possibly suitable for international mailing

Magic: The Gathering Distant Planes, An Anthology
*One is the Lonliest Number - Tom Clancey's Net Force

New Book Group #28 May 18, 2012 (All gone)

New book Group #27 April 13, 2012 (All gone)

New book Group #26 March 2, 2012--- (All gone)

New Group #25 January 12, 2012---(All gone)

New Group #24 Pick Books November 25, 2011---(All gone)

New Group #23 Pick Books October 14, 2011
I tried to pick some books that would be good for October -
Halloween or dark minded.
Ghost Writer (Shivers #3) by M.D. Spenser

New Group #22 Pick Books September 2, 2011---(All gone)

New Group #21 of Pick Books July 29, 2011
Mallory's Oracle (Kathleen Mallory Novels) by Carol O'Connell

May, 2011 New Group of Pick books Group #20
Luciano's Luck by Jack Higgins - Audio Cassettes

3/25/11 I did get to set up a new group of books: Group #19
Primary Colors - audio tapes
*Note of Peril (black strip on cover)

2/19/11 Book Group #18- Pairs!---(All gone).

I have finally updated the intro and Entry paragraphs here:

If you saw the pictures posted of my bookshelves and boxes you know I do have lots of books! And that doesn't include the other eight or so boxes at my office!! And more books as I find deals too good to pass up! I am sharing my book bounty by these Friday Pick Giveaways.

I started Friday Pick in November 27, 2009 and in three years I have posted 33 groups of 16 (528) books to find new homes! (November 2012)

I periodically update the lists - deleting those won. You can still go to the Friday Pick list link to see older posts and the older lists book pictures if you want! I am happy to say that so far about 516 books have found new homes! YAY. I have to update my print out to check the exact number sent out - a few were never claimed.

Note rules here regarding international entries.
Because postage to overseas can be prohibitive I am willing to give a $5.00 book certificate to international winners - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, ARe, TWRP, ClassAct Books, eTreasures, Desert Breeze, tell me where and I'll set it up. So for my overseas visitors your comment may indicate a smaller book and I'll check postage or note your choice of gift card.

I learned that The Book Depository does not ship to everywhere. The postage for some of the books to far away places runs between $5.00 and $6.00 and up. Since I would award $5.00 for The Book Depository to an international winner, as an alternative you may choose a smaller book and we will hope the postage will not exceed $6.00. If the postage is more, or if you want to pick a larger book and you are willing to pay any extra postage beyond the $6.00 I will work with you on that. This may not make a difference to many but if it helps one or two of you to give one of my books a home that will make me happy too. :o)

Leave a comment and tell me WHICH BOOK you would like to get from the Friday Pick lists.
CUT OFF TIME IS THURSDAY NIGHTS AT 10:00 PM CENTRAL so I do not have to stay up past midnight to do the winner post!
I will randomly pick two winners to announce Friday mornings with the next Pick post.
Automatic wins are those who requested the book four times and I did not note other people asking for that book during those weeks.
WINNERS PLEASE CHECK THE WIN POST ON FRIDAYS AND fill in the Winner's Acceptance Form or email me at [I will confirm receipt of the addresses- well I realize I haven't always done this. But if you filled out the form and don't get the book within two weeks nudge me with an email please!] If I have the winners e-mail I will send a reminder in a week or so....

Thanks for helping these books find new homes!!

Repeating this helpful blog tip: You can right click on a link and you will be given the choice to open the link in a new window or tab so you do not navigate away from the screen you are on!! I use this all the time!

1/14/11 New List #17--- (All gone)

12/3/10 Book Set: #16
Sleight of Hand by Robin Hathaway
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown  (postage too much - replaced with GC)

List #15---(All gone)

List #14---(All gone)

Here is set #13 of Used books! ---(All gone)

Group #12---(All gone)

Group #11
Cat's Eyewitness by Rita Mae Brown
Alien Chronicles - The Crimson Claw by Deborah Chester

List #1
Circle of Stars by Anna Lee Waldo

Pick #2---(All gone)

Pick #3---(All gone)

Pick #4
Talking God by Tony Kellerman

Pick #5
See Jane Lead by Lois P. Frankel
Cold Hit by Linda Fairstein - Audio Tapes

Pick #6---(All gone)

Pick #7
Prey by Michael Crichton - Audio Tape
Princess Charming by Jane Heller (slightly creased)

Pick #8
(sc) = slightly creased on binding otherwise all in good shape
The Jury by Steve Martini - Audio Tapes
No Safe Place by Richard North Patterson - Audio Tapes

Pick #9
On Treacherous Ground by Earl Murray
Guardian by Dee Henderson - Audio Tapes
Time to Hunt by Stephen Hunter - Audio Tapes

Pick #10---(All Gone)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Winner of Magnificent Devices

Giveaway Ending May 24, 2013

Winner: Annie

Annie please fill in the Winner's Acceptance Form or email me at mesreads AT to confirm the win and send your mailing info.  Please reply within 72 hours!  

Book Review and ARC Giveaway: Heart of Iron by Bec McMaster

This has strong characters, engaging conflict and fun steampunk elements.
Heart of Iron London Steampunk Book 2
by Bec McMaster
  • Mass Market Paperback: 448 pages
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (May 7, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1402270305
  • ISBN-13: 978-1402270307
Genre: Steampunk, Paranormal Romance
My Rating:  4.5 of 5.0

Book Description
Release date: May 7, 2013
"Deftly blends elements of Steampunk and vampire romance with brilliantly successful results...darkly atmospheric and delectably sexy."—Booklist Starred Review for Kiss of Steel

In the mist-shrouded streets of London's dreaded Whitechapel district, werewolves, vampires, and a clockwork army are one step away from battle...

No One to Trust

Dangerous. Unpredictable. That's how people know the hulking Will Carver. And those who don't like pretty words just call him The Beat. No matter how hard Will works to suppress his werewulfen side, certain things drive him beyond all control. And saucy Miss Lena Todd tops the list.

Lena makes the perfect spy against the ruling Echelon blue bloods. No one suspects that under the appearance of flirtatious debutante lies a heart of iron. Not even the ruthless Will Carver, the one man she can't wrap around her finger and the one man whose kiss she can never forget. He's supposed to be protecting her, but he might just be her biggest threat yet...

Lena is a young woman caught between worlds. Her scientist father died leaving the family in debt. They moved from the aristocratic side of London to Whitechapel Rookery where the working class struggles. While Honoria works her chemical experiments, Lena builds clockwork mechanical toys. Lena did not want to remain in the lower classes so she is living with her Guardian on the edges of the Echelon, the ruling vampire blue bloods. Her position is precarious without a blood protector and more and more she feels she doesn’t belong in either society world.

Will is a werewulfen in a city that has basically banned all of his kind. The only other werewulfen are caged slaves or side-shows. He is unpredictable, even among his friends, and it has taken him years to learn to keep his nature in control – sometimes barely. He is fascinated by the beautiful and intelligent Lena who once had a bit of a crush on him. But he knows that he can have no relations or future with a human.

Lena has become a courier of messages for a rebel group, the Humanists, humans and mechanists (those with metal enhancements) who are seeking release from the oppression by the Echelon and the government-owned blood draining factories. Although she originally thought the communications were mostly innocent it appears that they are being used by a violent faction of the subversive group. Her continued co-operation and participation in their efforts is now being coerced by blackmailed threats to injure her family.

Will serves as Lena’s bodyguard but she even manages to slip away from him and keep secrets. What he does know is that she is in danger. He will fight through mechanical monsters, and jeopardize his own freedom by risking the liaison position with the foreign werewulfen; a position that he has been appointed to by the Prince.

As the days tick down to a precarious peace conference, Lena becomes deathly ill. Will is devastated as danger presses in.

I really enjoyed the mechanical elements and especially the intensity of the danger in the plot. The characters are strong, well developed and there is also intensity in the forbidden attraction between Lena and Will.  Be forewarned that the sexual interaction is on the hot side but I skimmed through that and still enjoyed the story.  This is a good story for those who like intrigue, steampunk and conflicted romance.

I received this book from Sourcebooks for an honest review.

ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY for the ARC Review Copy:

For 3 Extra Bonus entries Visit the author's website and tell me something you find of interest.

* This contest is open US AND CANADA ONLY.
* This contest will close 10 PM (Central) on June 7, 2012.
The winner will be randomly selected from all entries.
Winners will have 72 hours to respond by email or the winners form linked in the announcement.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Book Review: Secretly Smitten Anthology

Four delightful stories that tie mystery and love together beautifully.
Secretly Smitten Anthology
Colleen Coble (Author, Contributor), Kristin Billerbeck (Contributor), Denise Hunter (Contributor), Diann Hunt (Contributor) 
  • File Size: 939 KB
  • Print Length: 383 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 140168713X
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson (January 8, 2013)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Genre: Inspirational Romance
My Overall Rating: 4.5 of 5.0
Individual ratings listed with the stories.

Book Description
Publication Date: January 8, 2013

Summer, fall, winter, spring—Smitten, Vermont, is the place for love . . . and mystery!

There’s a secret in Grandma Rose’s attic—a forgotten set of dog tags belonging to her first love. But David Hutchins was killed in action and never returned to Smitten. How did the dog tags end up in the attic?

The mystery intrigues Rose’s three granddaughters—Tess, Clare, and Zoe—and they decide to investigate, though their mother, Anna, warns against meddling. But as the seasons turn and the mystery unravels, the three young women and their mother encounter some intriguing mystery men of their own. Has a sixty-year-old puzzle sparked something new for this close-knit family of women?

Join popular romance novelists—and real-life BFFs—Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, and Denise Hunter for four delightful intertwined tales of mystery and sweet intrigue.

Dog tags of a man who supposedly died in Korea are found in the attic. The dog tags belonged to David who was the first love and fiancé of Rose. Rose’s granddaughters, Tess, Clare and Zoe, decide to investigate even though their mother Anna warns against it. Each story tells a new love story while moving the investigation forward another step, exposing long hidden secrets and betrayal.

Love Between the Lines by Colleen Coble. Rating  4.25
Tess has a few extra pounds and doesn’t expect there will ever be a man who would choose her. She is attracted to Ryan, the owner of the local dairy, ice creamery. But Tess is nothing like Ryan’s first wife and sister-in-law who are beautiful fashion mavens. Unknown to Tess, Ryan is attracted to Tess too. She is down to earth, real and natural which he finds refreshing after his first wive’s compulsive perfectionism.

Ryan owns the home that used to belong to David’s family. Tess offers to help Ryan clean his attic which will allow her to search for clues about David but also brings Tess and Ryan time together. Ryan’s daughter, Sophia, is fond of Tess too. She loves how Tess, who owns the local book store, is willing to dress up and make voices when reading stories to the children.

I enjoy Ms. Coble’s clear, real-to-life characters, settings and plots. The romance grows slowly and sweetly, with the added warmth of a young child. The dialogue is very real and natural.

Make Me a Match by Kristin Billerbeck. Rating 4.25
Zoe is the younger, vibrant sister who loves helping the seniors in Smitten. She’s decided to sink everything she has into a new business: Cupid’s Arrow Matchmaking Services. Zoe believes the business fits in with Smitten’s efforts to become a tourist attraction as a romantic get away.

As Zoe prepares her new storefront for an opening singles event a handsome man walks into the ladder she is using. She doesn’t need trouble before she even starts but it seems trouble may have found her in the form of the new town manager, William.

William is a trouble shooting, rule-making and enforcing manager.  He’s been brought in to help get the town selected for a new rail station which would really help the town economy. William likes Zoe but he sees code violations in her building that make it unsafe. He wants to help Zoe but if he doesn’t take a hard stand he’ll be risking his own job.

The conflict between these two is fun as impulsive Zoe immediately takes a defensive stand in opposition to William’s concerns. There is good humor as the family keep trying to match-make the pair.  I enjoyed the faith based references of trust that the author slips into the story.

Knit One, Love Two by Diann Hunt. Rating 4.5
The girl’s mother, Anna, lost trust in men and love after their father left her and the girls behind to start a new family with another woman. Anna managed to help make ends meet with her knitting shop, The Sit ‘n Knit. She loves the colors and textures of the materials and loves helping other women in the community with their projects. She is reluctant to trust the interest of Michael, who is the handsome son of Emma, a customer who is suffering from cancer. Besides, Michael is a retired, career officer who he has been a loner for a long time and is struggling with an estranged son.

A skiing injury lands Michael cabin bound and Anna offers help. When Anna decides to raise a herd of sheep to supply wool for spinning Michael is there to help her.  Slowly a friendship edged with desire builds.

I enjoyed the vulnerability of these characters as they learn to release their fears and begin to trust. The warm, mature romance is very lovely. I also liked Anna’s firm faith and willingness to seek guidance from the Lord.

Love Blooms by Denise Hunter. Rating 4.5
Clare is the middle child and a lady with a green thumb. She is the one who keeps to routine; steady and practical.  She has recently lost her boyfriend who decided that she was just too predictable and ‘boring.’ It is a surprise when she hires a drifter to help at the nursery that she manages.

Ethan lost a buddy in war and has lived from town to town following where he feels God directs him to help. He was desperate for work when he arrived in Smitten and now is looking for God’s meaning in bringing him to this charming town. He is attracted to Clare but he doesn’t want to start something since his visit is only temporary.

Ethan and Clare both have fear, control and trust issues to overcome. It is wonderful to watch them shift their views so that they can come together. This story also does a great wrap up for the mystery and the healing for the betrayal that occurred in Rose’s past.  I had tears in my eyes by the time this ended.

The book concludes with some great Reading Group Guide questions that dig a little deeper into emotions and reactions. This would make a great group read as well as a lovely read for anyone who likes inspirational romance.

I received this anthology from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley for an honest review.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Attention Audio Fans, YA, Classic Readers: Check Out SYNC - #syncya!

SYNC Summer 2013 Titles Revealed!
Twelve weeks of free audiobook downloads, combining a popular contemporary YA title and a classic paired by theme, start May 30, courtesy of audiobook publishers, AudioFile, and OverDrive.

Check out the great Summer line up starting with:
May 30 – June 5, 2013
Of Poseidon by Anna Banks, read by Rebecca Gibel (AudioGO)
The Tempest by William Shakespeare, read by a Full Cast (AudioGO)

And here is one in June I am looking forward to:
June 13 – June 19, 2013
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, read by Will Patton (Scholastic Audiobooks)
Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, read by Robert Ramirez (Recorded Books)

Well - Really I am looking forward to all of them. I hope you'll join me and share the news!

SYNC News to Share
We would love to have you spread the news on your social networks!
  • Twitter – Our hashtag is #syncya.
  • Blog – Images, copy, and SoundCloud embeddable clips available for your blog here.
  • Facebook – Like us here and share!

TEXT syncya to 25827 for alerts on the SYNC title releases.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mailbox Monday May 27, 2013

Welcome to Mailbox Monday.
For MAY: the Mailbox Monday Tour host is Abi at 4 the Love of Books
Mailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week and explore great book blogs.  This Meme started with Marcia at A Girl and Her Books (fka The Printed Page) but is now hosted at Mailbox Monday and through various blog hosts.

Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists. 

[Oops - Failed to update the opening sentences.] 
I received three review titles this past week and picked up three at NetGalley.
Are your mailbox and TBR piles blooming?


What a Wicked Earl Wants
by Vicky Dreiling

The Duchess Hunt
by Jennifer Haymore

Jack Templar and the Monster Hunter Academy 
by Jeff Gunhus
For July Book Blast Tour

These three were Net Galley Pickups:

Anonymous Sources
By Mary Louise Kelly

A thriller pitting a driven reporter against spies in Washington, D.C.

The Bane (The Eden Trilogy) (Volume 1)
by Keary Taylor

Dubbed: "The Terminator meets the Walking Dead"


by Lindsey Piper
Criminal warriors pair up
in this "edgy" short prequel
to a new series.


None this week.


None this week.


I downloaded a handful of free Kindle Titles linked through Free Par-tayInspired Reads, Pixel of Ink and Kindle Review.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? May 27, 2013

This meme starts at Book Journey!

What Are You Reading, is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week. It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

I had a tense work week but reading was okay. I finished four books and posted four  reviews, three with Giveaways. I also posted the weekly Mailbox Monday meme, Friday Pick Giveaway, Saturday Snapshot, Sharing Beyond Books Comment Giveaway and Sunday Words.

I visited Saturday Snapshot posts late in the week. This week I have to try to visit Monday meme posts.
Thanks as always to all the nice people who visit me.

These were last week's posts:
  • Book Review and ARC Giveaway: Undone by Sara Humphreys, Paranormal Romance; my rating 4.25.
  • Book Review and Giveaway: New Wings by Donna Stanley, Inspirational Fiction; my rating 5.0. 
  • Book Review and ARC Giveaway: Barefoot in the Sun by Roxanne St. Claire, Contemporary Romance; my rating 4.25.
  • Audio Book Review: Inherit the Stars by James P. Hogan, Science Fiction; my rating 4.0.
Finished Reading:
1. Print

New Wings 
by Donna Stanley
I really enjoyed this inspirational fiction about angels.
The review with Giveaway are linked above.
Click on title for full Book Description.

2. Audio

The Empty Mirror
by James Lincoln Collier
This is a different tale. I will post a review this coming week.  Reviewing for AudioGo through AudioBook Jukebox.
Click on title for full Book Description.

3. eBook/Kindle

Celtic Tales, Told to the Children
by Louey Chisholm
  • File Size: 114 KB; Print Length: 120 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: B005G8RSLU
This is a collection of three old fashion, Celtic-based, fairy tales:
The Star-Eyed Deirdre, The Four Swans and Dermat and Grania. I listened to this during my drive this week. The tales are fun and magical but maybe not quite right for children. They include a child whose beauty brings unrest and civil war; a wicked stepmother who separates children and father with much sadness; and a disobedient, stubborn and scheming daughter who runs off with a superhero whose sons are set for revenge of their father's murder by his long time, jealous enemy.
I found it fun as a very quick listen.
I picked this as my Just For Fun, from the Kindle shelf read for May.

4. Print

Better Than Chocolate (Life in Icicle Falls) 
by Sheila Roberts
Reading this IS better than chocolate (especially when dieting!).
I will post a review with Giveaway this week.
Click on title for full Book Description.

Line Edits/Releases: 
We have several new eBooks and prints ready to go soon.

Currently reading:

1. eBook/Kindle (also Print)

What a Wicked Earl Wants (Sinful Scoundrels)
by Vicky Dreiling

 I received this during the week for an upcoming tour spot.
I am really enjoying it!
Reviewing with Author feature on June 1 for Forever/Hachette.
Book Description
Release date: May 28, 2013 | Series: Sinful Scoundrels

Andrew Carrington, Earl of Bellingham, believes in being a gentleman, whether it's fishing a soggy stranger out of the Thames or assisting a fetching lady into his bed. If the stranger becomes a friend and the lady a mistress, all the better. He certainly welcomes the opportunity to help Laura Davenport, a dazzling young widow with a rebellious stepson. Her gratitude, he hopes, will take an amorous form. But from the moment he sets foot in her drawing room, he gets far more than he bargained for ...
It was a moment of desperation. On the brink of losing her stepson, Laura turned to the notorious Lord Bellingham for help. Suddenly she, a vicar's daughter, is in the precarious position of resisting his tantalizing advances. How Bell earned his wicked reputation is clear; the surprise is how much more there is to him than the gossip sheets could possibly reveal. Now every moment with this dangerously desirable man puts Laura's good name at risk-and promises pleasure unlike any she has ever known ...

2. Audible

Hexed: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book 2 [Unabridged]
by Kevin Hearne (Author), Luke Daniels (Narrator)
This is a fun series with enjoyable narrating.
This is from my own Audible Library.
Publisher's Summary
Atticus O’Sullivan, last of the Druids, doesn’t care much for witches. Still, he’s about to make nice with the local coven by signing a mutually beneficial nonaggression treaty when suddenly the witch population in modern-day Tempe, Arizona, quadruples overnight. And the new girls are not just bad, they’re badasses with a dark history on the German side of World War II.
With a fallen angel feasting on local high school students, a horde of Bacchants blowing in from Vegas with their special brand of deadly decadence, and a dangerously sexy Celtic goddess of fire vying for his attention, Atticus is having trouble scheduling the witch hunt. But aided by his magical sword, his neighbor’s rocket-propelled grenade launcher, and his vampire attorney, Atticus is ready to sweep the town and show the witchy women they picked the wrong Druid to hex.
Listen to more Iron Druid Chronicles.
©2011 Kevin Hearne (P)2011 Brilliance Audio, Inc.

3. Print 

The Duchess Hunt (House of Trent)
by Jennifer Haymore

This is the second book for my June 1 spotlight event.
Book Description
Release date: June 25, 2013 | Series: House of Trent (Book 1)
Simon Hawkins, duke of Trent, is no stranger to scandal. Rumors and innuendo have darkened the House of Trent for decades, and it has fallen to Simon to restore his tattered family name. He lives by a strict code of honor, but when he is called home to investigate his mother's disappearance, the distinguished duke will tangle with temptation. For there waits the only woman he has ever loved-and the last woman he should desire . . .

Sarah Osborne has spent her life dreaming of Simon's touch. But dukes do not long for lady's maids-or so Sarah believes, until a stolen kiss sparks a passion that could be her ultimate undoing. As the couple begins a forbidden romance, a cunning enemy plots to destroy the duke and everything he loves. Now, caught in a blackmailer's web, Simon faces an agonizing choice: sacrifice his family's future or break Sarah's heart.

4. Print

The Sweet Spot (Sweet on a Cowboy)
by Laura Drake
This looks like an interesting story with pain and reunion.
Book Description
Release date: May 28, 2013 | Series: Sweet on a Cowboy (Book 1)
A Love as Big as Texas . . .
Charla Rae Denny was the perfect wife with a perfect life, content to keep the home fires burning while her husband, JB, competed as a champion bull rider. Then their son died in a tragic accident-and everything fell apart. Divorced and saddled with a hill of bills and a failing ranch, Charla must now cowboy up to put her life back together.

James "JB" Denny doesn't stay where he isn't welcome. So when Charla shut him out of her grieving heart-and their home-a year ago, he took comfort where he could find it. Now after seeing beautiful Charla again, he wants it all back. She can't work the ranch alone, and deep in his heart he knows he can be the man she needs. But after so much history and heartbreak, can JB convince Charla to take a risk and give their love a second chance?

I continue to listen to The Listener's Bible NIV read by Max McLean. [Reading and listening on MP3.] I am studying with the Tyndall One Year Bible this year, hoping to read daily along with my DH.

Line Edits: Several more releases being prepared for the next few weeks. I am still doing more Smashword conversions in between print formatting.

I have fewer books lined up for May so I can pick some more that I want. Eight I still have several print books so three will push into June. 

May Scheduled:

Sourcebooks: read - to be reviewed.

Hachette - Forever
      The Woman He Loved Before by Dorothy Koomson 

     Haven Creek (A Cavanaugh Island Novel) by Rochelle Alers
     The Sweet Spot (Sweet on a Cowboy) by Laura Drake
     It Had to Be You by Jill Shalvis 

    Complete for this month


     Hexed: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book 2 by Kevin Hearne (My own library)

Author Titles

From TBR Collection - TBD
Won Book - Done.

Free Kindle/Nook or Smashwords: Done

Sunday Words of Encouragement May 26, 2013

We had a lovely baptism service this morning with two adults, one teen and four younger children proclaiming their acceptance of Jesus.

Interestingly (because not planned by the men but no doubt led by God), both the Sunday School lesson and the Pastor’s Sermon focused on a similar message. The SS lesson was titled “When Your Life Turns on a Dime” and the Sermon was titled “Stones of Remembrance.”  Memorial Day was noted since we will be celebrating that tomorrow and remembering those who died in service in the Armed Forces. Such deaths bring sorrow and tragic change to the lives of those they leave behind. Also, forces of nature, such as the Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, brings sorrow and tragic change.

Disaster and tragedy will strike in our lives. God does not always deliver us from battle (Israelites against the Philistines in 1 Samuel Chapters 4 through 7) and He doesn’t always spare us from trouble (the stories of Joseph and Job). But God is ALWAYS there for us. The question is how do we react when the battle or storms surround us? God is not always interested in our comfort but He is interested in our Character.  People of faith trust God, they give thanks for lives spared, they reach out to help others. They know that the sovereign God has a plan we do not see but He is faithful and somehow He will work things out. He will always see them through.

There are several wonderful songs that speak to God seeing us through the storms:
It is Well, Praise Him in the Storm, The Anchor Holds and
Sometimes He Calms the Storm
Verses for Today:
Jeremiah 29:11-13 (New American Standard Bible)
11 For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. 12 Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.

I am praying for all of the people who have lost loved ones in service and for those who have suffered through tornadoes and other tragedies.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sharing Beyond Books #101 Comment Giveaway May 25, 2013

Hello again on Saturday night and Welcome to SBB, Sharing Beyond Books. I see several new people commented last week so a particular Welcome to you!

I really relaxed today after a tense week preparing for closings and a trial. The week ended well and I am looking forward to a less busy week next week.  I hope all is well with each of you.

Thank you to all who shared last week.

The "closet" romance readers edge out the non-closets with 13 admitting to hiding covers and 10 not. There were also a handful of "not romance readers" and those who only read inspirational romance (Bookishqueen) or buy the tasteful covers (Nikki).

As to playing computer games there were 20 of us who acknowledged playing some games online, downloaded, on iPod or on different gaming systems (xbox, Wii etc.).  Mahjong was mentioned several times and Rose got my interest mentioning Nancy Drew games.
The Winner from SBB #100 comments is: #8 Becky who can make a GC choice if international or book choice from the ARC/Review titles, Christmas titles or Love titles - all linked near the end of the post.  Please let me know your choice by completing the WINNER FORM.

WEEK #101 Questions

Q1. I thought this was a good follow-up to the Cover question last week.
Mary P asks:  Do you prefer models on the covers or abstract graphics?
- Do you want to see the models faces or not?
A: It depends on the story as I like a cover to show me something of the story or something to catch my interest more than male and female. Romance covers can be somewhat boring being the same old, same old. I would certainly rather see a model's face than other exposed body parts! Ha! I don't mind the sexy chests of men but I do like more than that. For example, Sara Humphreys covers feature a hunky guy and a shifter animal which is consistent with the story. :-) 
 I thought the image below was interesting.

Image found at 50 Watts Freaky Fauna.

Q2. My non-bookish Question this week: Do you prefer shower or bath? 
A: I don't think I have ever been a bathtub fan even when it is a nice jacuzzi tub in a hotel. My daily routine is our small shower when I am not washing my hair and our bigger shower when I am washing my hair.
Now that shower/tub looks sort of fun - 
except it is outside so I wonder if I would be brave enough to not wear a bathing suit!
Image found at ZeldaduP Hubpages.

Thanks to those who are sending in Questions. DON'T BE SHY! Surely everyone has a Q or two you'd like to ask. Input suggestions in this Suggested Question Form. At the end of each month I draw from the suggestions I used during the month and that person will get a book choice or GC. I thank everyone for submitting questions. Thanks for sending in questions! We can always use fresh questions. I do have a group of questions from the same submitters so if you have a question don't be afraid to ask!
This is the last week for Qs in May so the contributors for May Qs were: Gwen, Elizabeth, Margaret and Mary P. picked #4 MARY P.

Your turn to share:

Q1.  Mary P asks: Do you prefer models on the covers or abstract graphics? - Do you want to see the models faces or not?

Q2. My non-bookish Question this week: Do you prefer shower or bath??

SBB Comment Winners can choose a selection from the Valentine and "Love" books , the Christmas Giveaway Books, or the Updated ARC/Review List .

SBB Rules:
a) Must be a follower.
b) Share a comment on any (or all) of the two/three questions above.
Open internationally and an international winner may get a smaller book or a $5.00 GC if I decide the mailing is too much.

I will pick a Comment winner from all comments made by Friday, May 31, 2013 at 10 PM central.

Audio Book Review: Inherit the Stars by James P. Hogan

This is a SCIENCE fiction story that mystery lovers could like.
Inherit the Stars, The Giants Series, book 1
by James P. Hogan

Read by John Pruden
Length 8.0 hrs • UNABRIDGE
2013 by Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Genre: Science Fiction
My Rating: 4.0 of 4.0

The man on the moon was dead. They called him Charlie. He had big eyes, abundant body hair, and fairly long nostrils. His skeletal body was found clad in a bright red spacesuit, hidden in a rocky grave. They didn’t know who he was, how he got there, or what had killed him. All they knew was that his corpse was fifty thousand years old—and that meant this man had somehow lived long before he ever could have existed.

© 1977 by James Patrick Hogan

This story is set in the not so distant future where space exploration is common place. Victor Hunt, a respected scientist and head of a Theoretical Studies program, is brought in to work on a new project. A ‘man’ has been found on the moon--where no man should be--indicating prior moon exploration by a human-like race. “Charlie” presents a puzzle for the scientists as they try to determine who he is, where he came from and how he came to die on the moon.

The prologue is quite interesting, opening the story from Charlie’s perspective before his death. We don’t know who he is but it pulls the reader’s interest into the puzzle of the story. The story then moves a bit slowly and with some confusion in the audio as I tried to identify the characters and where the story was heading.

Different departments--language, metallurgy, environment, evolution and more--are set up to examine the discoveries of the body, the instruments, materials and journals.  The scientists argue theories with one scientist being completely intractable on his evolution based position/conclusion. Everyone else’s arguments are ‘unproven’ theories therefore not possible. The “Pure Earthist” arguments insist that, due to matching DNA factors, Charlie must somehow be from Earth. Hunt is more open minded to speculation beyond demonstrative proof and is able to encourage the different departments to work together until more pieces fall into place.

The clues eventually reveal an interesting “dystopian” world that was losing ground to ice caps. The planet was apparently split into two societies who would not work together. The lives of the people were completely controlled with government authority assigning the jobs between space exploration or war. Even with these findings, it is still difficult to reconcile Charlie’s origins to fit the evolutionary models that are being insisted on.

Another discovery reveals a “Noah’s Ark” type ship buried on Jupiter with a ship full of Earth-like botany and animals. The proprietor of the ship appears to be a giant. Speculation and further investigation ultimately tie this discovery to “Charlie.”

The story reads/listens much like a documentary with the emphasis on Science theory and  “established” evolutionary insistence.  Although it is overall a bit dry, I enjoyed the data and persistent steps followed to resolve the puzzle. I wasn’t thrilled with the insistence on evolution with spontaneous mutations as, to me, that is all theory too. I liked that Hunt was willing to theorize and think outside the box.

I would be interested in reading more about Charlie’s giant companion. I think this story would be enjoyed by those who like the process of puzzling out a mystery as well as those who like ‘Science’ fiction.

Audio Notes: Unfortunately I found the narration to be stilted and dry. Considering the documentary leaning of the story I think a more enthusiastic reading might have helped to liven up the book. The accents could have been stressed more to enhance the reading. I did grow accustomed to the narration but I wasn’t overly impressed.

I received this title from Blackstone Audio through AudioBook Jukebox for an honest review.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Saturday Snapshot (May 25, 2013) More Wildlife in the Backyard

It was hard to decide which pictures to share this week. There were deer in our own back yard; our fresh vegetables in our pot; a very large black snake and sun-tipped trees. I'll share the critters today and save the others for another day.

I was taking pictures of the garden when I heard crackling in the woods to the right.
I suspected it had to be deer and then saw the white tail swatting flies.
The first picture you cannot see the deer hidden to the left of the big trunk.
I zoomed in and after about three photos she looked straight at me - picture 2. 

There was another to the left of the first and she looked up at me too.
I don't see any horns but the ears are bigger. 
Could be the mother or a young buck maybe.

Tuesday morning my DH was looking out from our bedroom balcony and called to me to get the camera.
Looking down from our balcony there was a visitor between the two tree trunks, just to the right of the tool shed, near the black object on the ground. You would have to pull in this picture to see it. 
Zoomed in you see the black snake - probably a five or six footer.
One reason I am cautious around the wood piles!

Thanks to all who stop by and visit. I love seeing your photos too even if I don't visit till Friday night!

A big Thank You to Alyce at Alyce of At Home With Books. who has hosted this meme for a number of years. She is taking a summer hiatus at her blog and the new host will be Melissa at West Metro Mommy. Thank you to Melissa for picking up the responsibility. 

To participate in the Saturday Snapshot meme post a photo that you (or a friend or family member) have taken then leave a direct link to your post in the Mister Linky being hosted this summer by West Metro Mommy. Photos can be old or new, and be of any subject as long as they are clean and appropriate for all eyes to see. How much detail you give in the caption is entirely up to you. Please don’t post random photos that you find online.


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