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Friday, May 10, 2013

Saturday Snapshot (May 11, 2013) Happy Mother's Day with Flowers

My DH was on the computer about a week ago and I told him NOT to get me flowers...but...
Here is what I have received for Mother's Day.

First, this is our healthy rose bush showing buds on April 27 and then blooms on May 5. 

My DH picked some of the roses for me and I took this picture May 8.

 In spite of my instructions to not buy me anything,
these roses and chocolates arrived Wednesday.
My DH really is a sweet guy!

Then yesterday when I got home from work there was a box
that I knew was from my son in Hawaii. :-)
Layer one:

Layer two:

 Layer three:

 Beautiful tropical flowers!

 So these are all available to grace my table on Sunday.

Just their thoughts would suit me but it is nice to receive these physical gifts.
I hope all you mothers have wonderful blessings too!

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  1. They sound like real treasures.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow, what a great idea from your son to send you gorgeous tropical flowers like that. And a generous hubby too. It's always lovely to get flowers.

  3. What beautiful flowers your son sent you for Mother's Day. Love the pictures of you rose bush, I miss having a rose bush. Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful flowers!

  4. What a gorgeous bouquet - it will bring a smile to your heart for days to come :-)

  5. An abundance of flowers never goes amiss. Happy Mother's Day. Here's Mine

  6. those are gorgeous and i'm glad they made you smile

  7. Gorgeous blooms! And what lovely gifts....thanks for sharing.


  8. Happy Mother's Day! You've got a keeper! ;-) The flowers are beautiful -- I love those tropical flowers!

    Here is my SATURDAY SNAPSHOT post.

  9. Beautiful! And very thoughtful. Happy Mother's Day to you. :)

  10. Pretty! We are so late this year - it actually snowed this morning!

  11. You have a different Mother's Day to us here in the UK, but it is wonderful when you children show they love you - my daughters just organised me a surprise day out for my birthday. My Snapshot is at

  12. Those are so sweet! What thoughtful gifts!

  13. What beautiful flowers, the tropical flowers especially are lovely!!

  14. Fabulous!
    I am delighted to see how well you are celebrated!
    HapPy Mother's Day my friend :))

  15. What a lucky lady you are! The roses are so perfect and lovely. And the Hawaiian bouquet is so colourful and thoughtful!

    Hope you had a good Mother's Day!


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