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Friday, May 17, 2013

Saturday Snapshot (May 18, 2013) Wood, Fruits and Hummer

Here are a few 'new' items around our house.

Remember the wood that was being cut a few weeks back? Here is the final wood pile.

We have several small (but valiant) blueberry bushes.
You can see a small cluster of greenish berries there from two weeks ago.
DH says I should check them tomorrow morning. :-)

This is our first strawberry that my DH gave me to enjoy this morning.

And here is the first shot of a hummingbird this season.
We put the feeder up the beginning of the week and had to refill it this morning.
They aren't used to us yet this year so I was lucky to get this one to fly in for a sip while I was sitting, not so patiently, with my camera.

Thanks to all who stop by and visit. I hope to get by Saturday morning to return the visits.

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  1. How neat! I would love to have some blueberries and strawberries growing in my yard.

  2. How fantastic to have a humming bird at your feeder. I love the log pile.

  3. Great pics. I especially love the chopped wood. So artistic.

  4. Enjoyed seeing the progress of your blueberries. I had some strawberries that were ripe and ready to pick too. I miss having the hummingbird feeders, growing up my mother had two of them. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  5. Great firsts! And that impressive wood pile makes me think of cozy days ahead!


  6. Wow, that is one BIG pile of wood! Love the hummingbird photo.

  7. Great pictures! I need to put our hummingbird feeder out -- thanks for the reminder ;-) Fresh berries are the best -- I love blueberries right off the bush!

    Here is my SATURDAY SNAPSHOT post.

  8. Fresh picked strawberries are just the best!

  9. A hummingbird and strawberry - you can't get much better than that! My Snapshot is at

  10. Oh! Since we heat with wood, that woodpile is a thing of beauty to me!

  11. What a great start to summer. Delicious and visually appealing.

  12. Home grown berries are always so wonderful. We put in some blueberries last year but haven't had any crop as yet. Hummingbirds are so fabulous, I saw a few on my visit to Texas two years ago, it was captivating.

  13. We are trying out blueberries for the first time....have two plants growing in big pots. Hope they produce! My SS:


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