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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sharing Beyond Books #225 October 31, 2015

Hello again and Welcome to Sharing Beyond Books, SBB!
Sorry I missed posting SBB on 10/17 and this past week but I was down with cold bug. I will still get four in for October but won't have a fifth week for a question from my list. :-)

Thanks to everyone who commented last week.
Nine (9) of us like colorful socks to wear, mostly around winter time. A few more commenters like slipper socks even though they wear black or white for regular day. Four people mostly do not wear or like to wear socks.

The regular Winner from SBB #224 comments is: #16 Nikki who can make a GC choice if international or book choice from the Updated ARC/Review titles or (not yet updated) Love titles - all linked near the end of the post. I'm hoping to update the book choices this week. Please let me know your choice by completing the (new) WINNER FORM.

WEEK #225 (One Question.)

Rosebud asks: Do you read books that match your moods or opposite...sad books when your sad or sad books when your happy and so on??
I can't say that I buy by mood. First - I am rarely sad. But if I was, I sure wouldn't want to read something sad. And if I was angry (also rare), I wouldn't pick angry. Actually I rarely pick sad or angry books to read anyway. I prefer happy or action - no matter my mood! 
Okay - pick a mood. :-).
Image found at MyCrazyLife

Thanks to those who are sending in Questions. DON'T BE SHY! Surely everyone has a Q or two you'd like to ask. Input suggestions in this Suggested Question Form. At the end of each month I draw from the suggestions I used during the month and that person will get a book choice or GC. I thank everyone for submitting questions. Thanks for sending in questions! The supply of questions is dwindling so share some if you think of any -- even if they are duplicates I'll weed through or try to modify to use.
Question Contributors in October were: Marjorie, Poetryinleaves, Becky and Rosebud. picked 1 so the winner this month is Marjorie. 

Your turn to share:
Rosebud asks: Do you read books that match your moods or opposite...sad books when your sad or sad books when your happy and so on??

SBB Comment Winners can choose a selection from the Valentine and "Love" books or the February 2015 Newly Updated ARC/Review List. (My daughter pulled several of the Christmas titles to give with gift bags we made up for the nursing homes. One of these days I will get together a new box of Christmas titles.)

SBB Rules:
a) Must be a follower.
b) Share a comment on the question above.
Open internationally and an international winner may get a smaller book or a $5.00 GC if I decide the mailing is too much.
I will pick a Comment winner from all comments made through Saturday November 7, 2015 at 5 PM central.

Audio Book Review: Clear by Fire: A Search and Destroy Thriller by Joshua Hood

This is a solid, engaging military thriller.
Clear by Fire: A Search and Destroy Thriller
Written by: Joshua Hood
Narrated by: John Pruden
Length: 9 hrs and 30 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:08-18-15
Publisher: Blackstone Audio
Genre: Military Thriller
My Rating: 4.0 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
Inspired by the experiences of a decorated combat veteran and former member of the 82nd Airborne Division, Clear by Fire is a blistering new military thriller about an American hero who, in order to clear his name, must take down a highly classified band of soldiers that has gone murderously rogue.
Mason Kane was a loyal American soldier and a proud member of the elite, off-the-books Anvil Program - a group of black ops soldiers who wage war from the shadows. But all that changed when his commander, as a part of a twisted scheme to force America's continued involvement in the Middle East, ordered an innocent Afghan family murdered.
Refusing the order, Mason finds himself on the run, hunted by his former comrades and labeled a terrorist by the country he served faithfully. Relying only on his survival skills and the help of female Special Operations operative Renee Hart, Kane must embark on his gravest mission yet: unraveling the conspiracy that reaches all way to the president's inner circle and stopping the world's most dangerous soldiers from completing their treacherous plan.
Set in the shadows of the war on terror, this realistic, action-packed adventure puts a twist on the traditional military thriller and starts a brand-new series that fans of Brad Thor and Brad Taylor will love.
©2015 Joshua Hood (P)2015 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

Mason Kane served as a dedicated specialist soldier with a black ops group known as the Anvil Program. When his commander, Barnes, decides to pursue his own agenda, which is to escalate the American presence in the Middle East, and murders an innocent family, Mason objects. He soon finds himself under attack as his team members try to eliminate him from telling the truth. Now he is on the run dodging authorities and trying to clear his name before he has to live banished as a terrorist. Mason seeks help from friends in the Middle East whom some would label as enemies.

Meanwhile back in the states, Special Operations operative Renee Hart is discovering the edge of a conspiracy that will send her back to the Middle East. She is one kick-butt soldier and her team is glad to have her back. She ends up trying to interrogate Mason to find out what he knows. Slowly the facts and pieces are revealed and another government agency steps in to engage their services. Manson and Renee have to deal with loss and injury as they try to head off Barnes and his troop who are on a killing path.

Hood presents a detailed view of war, including direct battles and behind the action military mind issues. There is plenty of action but Hood develops the characters as well. I enjoyed the primary characters, Mason and Renee. They are awesome soldiers and I appreciated their determination to do right even as they have to fight battles in a vicious, twisted war. I am impressed with this debut novel and trust he will provide more action entertainment in the future.  I recommend this to readers who enjoy solid military thrillers.

Audio Notes: I enjoyed the narration by John Pruden. He kept the pace of the action and used different voices to fit the characters. The quality was good and made for fast listening.

I received this audio from the publisher through Audiobook Jukebox. This is part of my Audiobook Challenge.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Book Review: Awaken His Eyes: The Awakened Book One by Jason Tesar

I found this story engaging but was disappointed with the ending.
Awaken His Eyes: The Awakened Book One
by Jason Tesar
File Size: 2321 KB
Print Length: 288 pages
Publisher: 4shadow, LLC; 2 edition (January 19, 2014)
Genre: Fantasy
My Rating: 4.0 of 5.0

Mankind's greatest hero will be awakened!
Book 1 of 9 in the bestselling Awakened series
The History: Thousands of years ago, a renegade faction of angels abandoned the spiritual realm and began their inhabitation of earth. Worshiped as gods for their wisdom and power, they corrupted our realm and altered the course of human civilization. Amidst the chaos of a dying world, a prophet foretold the awakening of a human who would bring an end to this evil. But the cataclysmic destruction of our planet forced a rebirth of humanity. The prophecy faded from the memory of our kind and went unfulfilled—until now!

The Awakened: The physical dimension is fractured. What remain are numerous worlds moving simultaneously through time, sharing a common history, connected by a guarded portal.

On a parallel Earth, in the city of Bastul, Colonel Adair Lorus disappears while investigating the death of an informant, triggering a series of events which will tear his family apart and set in motion the resolution of an ancient conflict. His son, Kael, sentenced to death after rising up against the cruel leadership of his new stepfather, is rescued from prison and trained in the arts of war by a mystical order of clerics. Excelling in every aspect of his training, Kael inwardly struggles to give himself fully to the methods of his new family, or the god they worship. Maeryn, bitter over the disappearance of her husband and supposed execution of her son, fears for her life at the hands of her newly-appointed spouse. Finding comfort and purpose in her unborn child, she determines to undermine his authority by reaching out to an underground social movement known as the Resistance. After being forced from his home, Kael’s former mentor, Saba, uncovers a clue to Adair’s disappearance. Sensing a connection to his own forgotten past, Saba begins an investigation that leads to the discovery of a secret military organization operating within the Orudan Empire.

In Book One of his Amazon bestselling debut series, Jason Tesar launches an epic saga that journeys from earth’s mythological past to its post-apocalyptic future, blending the genres of fantasy, science fiction, action adventure, and military thriller.

As I was marshaling my thoughts for this review I happened to read (or re-read) the blurb. Although the blurb gives a “history” for background, that same history is not clearly portrayed by the book. There are several characters to follow and I found each thread interesting. They all start at one family setting but I was curious how, if or when, they would come back together.

The local Governor of the city of Bastul, Colonel Adair Lorus, sets off to investigate the murder of a resourceful friend. He steps into a situation that he never expected and was unprepared for. As he tries to escape he disappears only to reappear at the very end of the book when he tumbles into an even stranger world.

Adair’s wife, Maeryn, and young son, Kael, are left at the fortress which is commandeered by an unknown, arrogant and cruel new governor. Kael is sentenced to death after he attacks the governor for beating a young slave boy. Before being killed Kael is spirited away to a dismal mass prison where he and others are rescued and taken to a monastery. There they are given training and education, preparing them to be warriors for the ‘one god’. Kael excels in his lessons through the years but he can’t commit his full loyalty as he senses deception.

Meanwhile Maeryn suffers through the loss of her husband and son. When she finds she is pregnant she is determined to protect the child. As the years pass she begins to secretly help the Resistance movement against the empirical and governor leaders.

Kael’s aged but wise tutor, Saba, is banished from the City. He tries to find the origin of the arrowhead that Adair left behind. After a number of years he is kidnapped and brought to a hidden compound. He meets an old friend, who is now his enemy. Apparently Saba has lost years of memory and his enemy is intent on digging out secrets of Saba’s old betrayal.

The story is written with simplicity so it read reasonably quickly. I enjoyed the interesting characters and the movement and activity in the story. Although it is engaging I was troubled that it doesn’t tie together so that I could understand what was happening and where the author was taking the story. This made for a disappointingly loose ending. It seems as though the reader has to read on in the series to find the connections. There is a time travel element that is just touched on at the end of this book. Although I enjoyed the story I am not so invested that I would soon get the next book. I would recommend the story to those who enjoy fantasy with the expectation of continuing in the series.

This is part of my 2015 TBR Pile Challenge; it was a free Kindle pick from 2011.

Martha's Bookshelf***Friday Pick Giveaway October 30, 2015

Happy Friday.
It is hard to believe it is the last weekend of October! Be safe for Halloween.
I posted a new set of books but have to take the picture sometime during the day.

US Entrants: Leave a comment and tell me WHICH BOOK you would like to get from the Friday Pick lists.
INTERNATIONAL: Leave a comment indicating "Gift Card" (see further comments near the end of the post.)

CUT OFF TIME IS THURSDAY NIGHTS AT 9:00 PM CENTRAL so I do not have to stay up too late to do the winner post! I will randomly pick two winners to announce Friday mornings with the next Pick post.

Thank you to all who entered the October 23 Pick. There were TWO automatic wins again this week. Automatic wins are those who requested the book four times without other people asking for that book during those weeks. There were two titles blocked again this week. One was won and the other is by the same competing claimers. :-/
AUTO: Betty gets Primitive
Elizabeth gets Dancing on Snowflakes

to picked Winners from October 23 Pick:
Mystica gets a GC
Alyn gets The Accidental Human (through a block)

All winners please fill in the Winner's Acceptance Form or email me to confirm your win, send your snail mail address information and let me know if you would like bookmarks - sensual, sexy or sweet bookmarks. {The form is new because Google changed their forms and the old one wasn't letting me print out the responses.}

Happy Hallow's Eve!
New Book Group #61 October 30, 2015
After I noticed the trend I went on a hunt for “bride” titles. I even pulled a couple from some of my long time collections(*). (But they are not getting read on my shelves.)
I will take a picture on Friday to add to the post.
Leigh Greenwood –  The Reluctant Bride and The Independent Bride
Jane Feather(*) – The Hostage Bride and The Accidental Bride
The de Burgh Bride by Deborah Simmons
The Forever Bride by Evelyn Rogers
Short Straw Bride by Dallas Schultz
The Bride Thief by Susan Spencer Paul
Bride by Stella Cameron (Seam creasing) (*)
An Unwilling Bride by Jo Beverley (*)
Bride Enchanted by Edith Layton
The Maiden Bride by Linda Needham (hardback)
Bride of Lochbarr by Margaret Moore (*)
The Ideal Bride by Stephanie Laurens (*)
Honor’s Bride by Galye Wilson
A Necessary Bride by Debra Mullins
Border Bride by Deborah Hale

New Book Group #60 September 18, 2015
A set of "haunting" tales and a few mysteries for October!

Shannon Drake – When Darkness Falls (Alliance Vampires #2)  and Realm of Shadows (Alliance Vampires#4) 
Charlaine Harris – Club Dead and Grave Sight
A Darker Dream (Love Spell romance) by Amanda Ashley
Bloody Good by Georgia Evans
Cat of Nine Tales by Deborah Macgillivray
Fated (Dark Protectors Book 1) by Rebecca Zanetti
Grave Sins by Jenna Maclaine
Primitive by Mark Nykanen (ARC copy)
The Accidental Human (Accidentally Paranormal Novel Book 3) by Dakota Cassidy
The Demon in Me by Michelle Rowen
The Shadowing by Joan Overfield
The Renegade Hunter by Lynsay Sands
Silent Night, Haunted Night (A Nicki Styx Mystery) by Terri Garey
Tombs of Endearment (Pepper Martin Mysteries, No. 3) by Casey Daniels
Trilogy Of Mysteries Audio Book Shadow Prey, There Was A Little Girl, Smokescreen Audio Cassettes (NOT CDs)

New Book Group #59 July 31, 2015
A few more summer titles, historicals and mysteries!

Broken Vows, Mended Hearts by Lynn Stone, Gail Ranstrom and Anne O'Brien
3,2,1 Married! by Sharon Sala, Marie Ferrarella and Beverly Barton
Only by Your Touch by Catherine Anderson
Cruise to a Wedding by Betty Neels
Little Girl Lost by Shirlee McCoy
Beloved Enemy by Terri Reed
You Don't Know Jack by Erin McCarthy

New Book Group #58 June 26, 2015
-- A few summer titles, a few mysteries, a few historicals...

Hot Pursuit - Karen Rose, Annie Solomon and Carla Cassidy
Love Me Tomorrow by Rosanne Bittner (spine creasing)
Sevant, The Awakening by L.L. Foster

New Book Group #57 May 1, 2015

A Little Bit Wild by Victoria Dahl
The Ruthless Greek's Virgin Princess by Trish Morey
Rally Fever by Crea Jones

New Book Group #56 March 20, 2015
(I'll try to get the rest linked another day.)

The Sweetheart Dance by Patti Ann Colt
Raintree Haunted by Linda Winstead Jones (spine creases)

New Book Group #55 February 5, 2015
(I'll try to get the rest linked another day.)
If I Had You by Deborah Bedford
The Man Who Ate the 747 by Ben Sherwood

New Book Group #54 December 26, 2014

Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card - Tape Cassettes

BOX 4 2015 (reboxed from Boxes 47-53)

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
The Hidden Truth of Cytech's Randall Forty byVickie Kennedy
First to Fight Anthology
Jezebel by Katherine Sutcliff
The Commander by Kate Bridges
The Cinderella Plan by Margaret Daley
The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook by Steve Doocy
A Garden of Friends by Penny Pierce Rose
Richard Paul Evans PAIR: The Looking Glass and The Carousel
Undateable by Ellen Rakieten & Anne Coyle
Sleeping with Ward Cleaver by Jenny Gardiner

BOX 3 2015 (reboxed from Boxes 39- 47)

Shetland Summer by Janet Lynnford
Breakfast in Bed by Sandra Brown - Audio Cassette Tapes (link is for mass media version)
Cattle Rancher, Secret Son by Margaret Way
Whisper on the Wind by Joan Smith
Remember Me by Mary Higgins Clark
A Lady of Consequence by Mary Nichols
Sweet Talking Man by Betina Krain

BOX 2 2015 (reboxed from Boxes 24- 38)

Thinner by Stephen King
Foundation (Foundation Novels) by Isaac Asimov
Magic: The Gathering Distant Planes, An Anthology
The Willful Widow by Valerie King (spine wear)
Dancing on Snowflakes by Jane Bonander
An Honorable Man by Rosemary Rogers (spine creases)
A Courtesans Guide to Getting Your Man by Susan Donovan and Celeste Bradley -- NOTE This book has dog bite damage; it is missing half back cover and the edges of pages in the back third of the book... it does not effect the text but I will understand if no one wants this one
Tara Taylor Quinn: Father: Unknown and McGillus v.Wright
The Trailsman: Texas Lead Slingers by Jon Sharpe
Anthology: Something Borrowed, Something Blue - this book has spine creases and minor water damage...I thought I had read it and liked it but now I realize it was another anthology I read with Elaine Barbier.

BOX #1 2015 (reboxed from Boxes 1- 23)

Circle of Stars by Anna Lee Waldo
Alien Chronicles - The Crimson Claw by Deborah Chester
Ghost Writer (Shivers #3) by M.D. Spenser
Death Angel by Linda Howard

If you saw the pictures posted of my bookshelves and boxes you know I do have lots of books! And that doesn't include the other eight or so boxes at my office!! And more books as I find deals too good to pass up! I am sharing my book bounty by these Friday Pick Giveaways.

I started Friday Pick on November 27, 2009 and in five+ years I have posted 54 groups of 16 (864) books to find new homes! (as of February 6, 2015).

I am happy to say that so far about 883+ books have found new homes! YAY. I have to update my print out to check the exact number sent out - a few were never claimed. I periodically update the lists - deleting those won. You can still go to the Friday Pick list link to see older posts and the older lists book pictures if you want!

Note rules here regarding international entries.
Because postage to overseas can be prohibitive I am willing to give a $5.00 book certificate to international winners - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, ARe, TWRP, ClassAct Books, eTreasures, Desert Breeze, tell me where and I'll set it up. So for my overseas visitors your comment may indicate a smaller book and I'll check postage or note your choice of gift card.

I learned that The Book Depository does not ship to everywhere. The postage for some of the books to far away places runs between $7.00 and $10.00 and up. Since I would award $5.00 for The Book Depository to an international winner, as an alternative you may choose a smaller book and we will hope the postage will not exceed $6.00. If the postage is more, or if you want to pick a larger book and you are willing to pay any extra postage beyond the $6.00 I will work with you on that. This may not make a difference to many but if it helps one or two of you to give one of my books a home that will make me happy too. :o)

Repeating this helpful blog tip: You can right click on a link and you will be given the choice to open the link in a new window or tab so you do not navigate away from the screen you are on!! I use this all the time!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

2015 Audiobook Challenge -- Third Quarter Update

2015 Audiobook Challenge

Hot Listens/2015 Audiobook Challenge
Sign up and rules are found HERE.

The goal is to find a new love for audios or to outdo yourself by listening to more audios in 2015 than you did in 2014. I listened to 63 audios in 2014 so my goal will be:
  • Marathoner (Look Ma No Hands) 50+

****MBS 2015 AUDIOBOOK CHALLENGE UPDATE Through September 30, 2015. I met the Marathoner level but had not yet passed my 2014 total althoug I have passed 63 as of the date of preparing this posting 10/28. 
Update 10/31 - all links have been fixed and one duplicate removed. I am not sure what happened on the links because my working WORD document has them correctly but for some reason the first half went to a search format that resulted in 404 errors. Odd. 

  1. Audible Book Review: 25 Perfect Days by Mark Tullius; Sci Fi, Dystopian; my rating 3.75. (This one might be better in text.)
  2. Audible Book Review: FREE: The Jester (A Riyria Chronicles Tale) Written by Michael J. Sullivan; Fantasy;  my rating 4.5.
  3. Audio Book Review: The Eighth Day by Michael O'Neal; Thriller, Action Adventure, YA; my rating 4.0. 
  4. AudioBook Review: Time and Again: Book 1 in the History Mystery Series by Deborah Heal; Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Time Travel; my rating 4.0.
  5. Book Review: Immortality by Kevin Bohacz; Sci Fi, Apocalyptic; my rating 4.25.
  6. Audio Book Review: Enchanted by Alethea Kontis; Fantasy, Highlander; my rating 4.25.
  8. Audio Book Review: Betrayal in Death: In Death, Book 12 by J. D. Robb Crime Thriller; my rating 4.75.
  9. Audio Book Review: Heart of Stone: Irish Angel Series by Jill Marie Landis; Historical Romance, Christian; my rating 4.0.
  10. AudioBook Review: Cleansed by Fire: A Father Frank Mystery by James R. Callan; Mystery, Christian; my rating 4.0.
  11. Audible Book Review: Contingency: Sage Hannigan Time Warper, Book 1 by Peggy MartinezFantasy; my rating 3.75. 
  12. Audible Book Review: Dead Reckoning: Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mystery #11 by Charlaine Harris; Fantasy, Paranormal; my rating 4.0.
  13. Audible Book Review: The Beast Master by Andre Norton; Sci Fi, Fantasy; my rating 4.0.
  14. MARCH
  15. Audible Book Review: Finding Mr. Right by Emily Carmichael ; Fantasy, Paranormal; my rating 4.0.
  16. Audio Book Review: The Keeper's Calling: The Keeper's Saga, Book 1 by Kelly Nelson; Time Travel, YA Romance; my rating 4.0.
  17. Audible Book Review: Legendarium by Kevin G. Summers, Michael Bunker; Fantasy, Humor; my rating 4.0.
  18. Audio Book Review: Quitter by Jon Acuff; Nonfiction; my rating 4.0.
  19. APRIL
  20. Audible Book Review: The Maze Runner: Maze Runner, Book 1 by James Dashner; Teens, Thriller; my rating 4.0.
  21. Audio Book Review: All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terril; Teen, Sci Fi Thriller; my rating 4.0.
  22. Audible Book Review: Dog Tags by David Rosenfelt; legal Mystery, dogs; my rating 4.5.
  23. Audio Book Review: Blood for Ink: The Scarlet Plumiere Series, Book 1 by L. L. Muir; Historical Romance; my rating 4.5.
  24. Audible Book Review: Trident's First Gleaming: A Special Operations Group Thriller by Stephen Templin; Military Thriller, my rating 4.0.
  25. Audible Book Review: The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen; Fairy Tale Thriller, my rating 3.5.
  26. Audible Book Review: StarFire: Vince Lombard, Book 1 by Mike Lee; Sci Fi Contemporary, Military; my rating 4.75.
  27. Audible Book Review: Gabriel: Zero Point: The FREE Prequel Novella: Evan Gabriel Trilogy by Steve Umstead; Sci Fi, Military ; my rating 4.25.
  28. MAY
  29. Audible Book Review: Mail Order Brides of the West: Trudy by Debra Holland; Historical Romance; my rating 4.75.
  30. Audio Book Review: When Death Loved an Angel by Cheree L Alsop; Fantasy, Sci Fi; my rating 4.5.
  31. Audible Book Review: Gabriel's Redemption: Evan Gabriel Trilogy, Book 1 by Steve Umstead; Sci Fi, Military; my rating 4.0.
  32. Audible Book Review: Virgin River by Robyn Carr; Contemporary Romance; my rating 4.0.
  33. Audible Book Review: The Tempting of Thomas Carrick: The Cynster Novels, Book 21 by Stephanie Laurens; Historical Romance; my rating 4.0.
  34. JUNE
  35. Audio Book Review and Giveaway: Dawn of Destiny (Epic Book 1) by Lee Stephen;Military Sci FI; my rating 4.75. Rafflecopter Giveaway ends 7/4/2015.
  36. Audio Book Review: Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things: The Wedding Planner Mysteries, Book 1, by Rachelle J. Christensen; Cozy Mystery; my rating 4.25.
  37. Audible Book Review: Eighth Grave After Dark by Darynda Jones ; Fantasy, Paranormal; my rating 4.25.
  38. Audible Book Review: Extremes: A Retrieval Artist Novel by Kristine Kathryn Rusch; Sci Fi Mystery; my rating 4.75.
  39. Audible Book Review: Top Dog: The Story of Marine Hero Lucca by Maria Goodavage; Personal Memoir; my rating 4.5.
  40. Audio Book Review: The Lost Starship by Vaughn Heppner; Sci Fi Adventure; my rating 4.5.
  41. Audible Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weir; Sci Fi; my rating 4.5.
  42. Audible Book Review: Seduction in Death: In Death, Book 13 by J. D. Robb; Crime Thriller; my rating 4.25.
  43. Audible Book Review: Sector 64: Ambush by Dean M. Cole; Sci Fi Suspense; my rating 4.0.
  44. Audible Book Review: Double Whammy: A Davis Way Crime Caper, Book 1 by Gretchen Archer; Modern Detective; my rating 4.25.
  45. Audible Book Review: Double Dip: A Davis Way Crime Caper, Book 2 by Gretchen Archer; Modern Detective; my rating 4.0.
  46. AUGUST
  47. Audible Book Review: Double Strike: A Davis Way Crime Caper, Book 3 by Gretchen Archer; Modern Detective; my rating 4.5.
  48. Audible Review: Steelheart: Reckoners, Book 1 by Brandon Sanderson; Sci Fi, Fantasy, Action; my rating 4.5.
  49. Audible Review: 14 by Peter Clines; Sci Fi; my rating 4.5.
  50. Audible Review: Petticoat Detective by Margaret Brownley; Historical Romance; my rating 4.0.
  51. Audible Review: The Remaining by D. J. Molles; Sci Fi, Fantasy; my rating 4.25.
  52. Audible Review: The Witch with No Name: The Hollows, Book 13 by Kim Harrison; Fantasy, Paranormal; my rating 4.5.
  53. Audible Review: Resurrecting Home: A Novel by A. American; Sci Fi, Post Apocalyptic; my rating 4.0.
  54. Audible Review: Waking the Bear: Broken Chains, Book 1 by Kerry Adrienne; Paranormal Romance; my rating 4.25.
  56. Audible Review: The Empire's Corps by Christopher G. Nuttall; Sci Fi, Futuristic; my rating 4.25.
  57. Audible Review: Come Home to Me: Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series, Book 1 by Peggy L. Henderson; Historical Romance, Time Travel; my rating 4.25.
  58. Audible Review: The Remaining: Aftermath by D. J. Molles; Sci Fi, Post Apocalyptic; my rating 4.25.
  59. Audible Review: The Remaining: Refugees, Book 3 by D. J. Molles; Sci Fi, Post Apocalyptic; my rating 4.5.
  60. Audible Review: The Remaining: Fractured, Book 4 by D. J. Molles; Sci Fi, Post Apocalyptic; my rating 4.5.
  61. Audio Review: The Sniper and the Wolf: A Sniper Elite Novel by Scott McEwen, Thomas Koloniar; Military Thriller; my rating 4.0.
  62. Audible Review: Deadlocked, Book 12 by Charlaine Harris; Paranormal; my rating 4.0.
  63. Audible Review: The Remaining: Allegiance by D. J. Molles; Sci Fi, Post Apocalyptic; my rating 4.25.
  64. Audible Review: The Remaining: Extinction by D. J. Molles; Sci Fi, Post Apocalyptic; my rating 4.5.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Audible Review: The Clay Lion by Amalie Jahn

This is a remarkable story of an emotional journey through loss. 
Written by: Amalie Jahn
Narrated by: Lorelei King
Length: 6 hrs and 48 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:09-18-15
Publisher: Creative Content
Genre: Sci Fi, Fantasy, YA
My Rating 5.0 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
Winner of the YA category in the 2015 Kindle Book Awards
What if you could go back in time to save the person you love the most? The rules are simple. If you want to travel back in time, you need to be at least 18 years old. You can travel only within your own lifespan for a maximum of six months. And, above all else, you must never, ever change the past. But that's exactly what Brooke Wallace plans to do.
As Brooke faces existence without her beloved brother, his life cut short by a rare disease, she can think of only one solution - travel back in time to prevent his death. Along the way she discovers the truth about loss, second chances, and the power to shape our own destinies.
©2013 Amalie Jahn (P)2015 Creative Content Ltd

Brooke Wallace is a senior in high school when her 14 year old brother, Branson, dies unexpectedly of a rare disease. Brooke is devastated and deeply depressed. But in Brooke’s world it is possible to travel back in time with strict rules. Each person over the age of 18 gets only one trip, they must travel within their own lifespan for no more than six months, and it is illegal to change the past. That last rule is not going to stop Brooke’s determination to travel back to save her brother.

Brooke decides she knows the cause of the disease and she plans to prevent the event that will trigger it. During Brooke’s journey she gets the joy of sharing days with her brother again but she must also share the pain of watching him get sick again.

I was quickly entranced by the characters and story. Each chapter pulled me to the next. I was initially concerned that I wouldn’t care for the YA setting. Instead that element was expertly used to reflect Brooke’s changing attitudes. I enjoyed that the family was a loving one rather than a dysfunctional unit full of shallow teenage angst. The intense emotions in this story were perfect to portray the maturing life lessons that include an investment that can result from loss.

I like time travel stories and Jahn made effective use of that concept to share an emotionally gripping story. I feel I cannot share any more detail of the story without edging into spoiler information. I am interested in the sequels in the series although I wish they were available in audio format. I found this thoroughly engaging and I highly recommend it.

Audio Notes: I immediately recognized Lorelei King’s voice and had to remind myself that this was not one of a couple of series that I love to hear her narrate. Lorelei does a beautiful job with the first person storytelling. The audio version is well worth the credit.

I was very fortunate to be offered this audio from the publisher through Audiobook Jukebox. It is part of my Audio Challenge.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Book Review: Love in the Details: A November Wedding Story (A Year of Weddings Novella) by Becky Wade

This is a lovely second-chance romance.
Love in the Details: A November Wedding Story
(A Year of Weddings Novella)
by Becky Wade
File Size: 1942 KB
Print Length: 93 pages
Publisher: Zondervan (October 27, 2015)
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Novella
My Rating: 4.5 of 5.0

Holly ended things to give him a better life, but she was the future he’d always dreamed of.
Eight years have passed since Holly last saw her high school sweetheart, Josh. Now the wedding of Josh’s best friend has brought him back to Martinsburg, Texas. His duties as best man and Holly's as the church's volunteer wedding coordinator link them together. As they work behind the scenes to plan a beautiful November wedding for their friends, they're forced to confront painful reminders of what might have been.
Holly broke up with Josh all those years ago in an attempt to ensure his future success. However, she never told him the true reason behind her actions and now must decide whether to keep her secret hidden. She's terrified of letting herself fall for him because she barely managed to piece her life back together after losing him the last time.
Not a day's gone by since Josh parted from Holly that he hasn't thought about her. The pain of the past eight years has been too much to bear and he doesn't want to make himself vulnerable to her again. But the more time he spends with her, the harder it is to deny the love he still has for her.
Will Josh and Holly risk their hearts on the hope that God's timing really can be best?

Holly and Josh were high school sweethearts. He was the school geek but she still loved him. When Josh went away to college at MIT, Holly became convinced that she would only hold him back so she broke up with him. She hasn’t found a man to love since Josh, but she prays that God will bring the right man to her.

Josh was stricken when Holly broke up with him giving no reason. He dedicated himself to his studies and became a successful businessman based out of Paris. He is returning home for the first time in eight years to be the best man for his friend. He tried to prepare himself to see Holly and walk away from her. Instead he ends up working with her as the church wedding coordinator and a local guide to the community.

Holly tries to protect her heart from falling for Josh feeling that she isn’t worthy of his sophisticated lifestyle. She is afraid to hope he could learn to care for her again. Josh is cautious to trust knowing how badly he was hurt before. Is there a chance for them to overcome their past and find a second chance at love?

This story is lovely, short and sweet. I was smiling with an occasional wince at the painful moments and fears. Their reactions are natural with emotions that are very real to life. I enjoyed the gentle faith that helped to shape their characters and ultimately their relationship. The writing style is light and made for easy reading. I would be interested in reading more from Ms. Wade after enjoying this short taste of her work. If you are a reader who enjoys warmth, inspiration and second chances, I recommend you pick up this sweet book.

I received this through NetGalley for an honest review. It is part of my NetGalley Challenge.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Post October 25, 2015/It's Monday! What are You Reading? Plus Mailbox Monday October 26, 2015

I am linking with Sunday Post at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It's Monday! What Are You Reading now at The Book Date.
Thank you to Sheila for the years that she handled this meme.
Thank you to Kathryn for taking up the baton.

What Are You Reading, is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week. It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

I had another somewhat rough week last week as I worked through my cold for the first three days since we left Thursday for an RV trip with our kids and grandkids. Although we were set originally for nine we ended up with only six of us. DH and I are on antibiotics and slowly feeling better.

My reading and listening were very good with extra reading and listening time during the drive -- not so much with the kids though. I finished three audios and one ebook. I posted four reviews, one with giveaway, and the usual memes.

So sad no visiting last week between being sick and traveling/visiting with family.
Thanks as always to all the nice people who visit me.

These were last week's posts:

Finished Reading:
1. Audible/MP3

The Clay Lion
Written by: Amalie Jahn
Narrated by: Lorelei King
I really enjoyed this wonderful listen!
I received this audio from the publisher through Audiobook Jukebox.
Click on book title for full description.

2. eBook/Kindle

Awaken His Eyes: The Awakened Book One
by Jason Tesar
This is an engaging beginning to a series.
This is part of my TBR Challenge - 
a free Kindle pick from 2011.
Click on book title for full description.

3. Audio/MP3

Clear by Fire: A Search and Destroy Thriller
Written by: Joshua Hood
Narrated by: John Pruden
Rough military action in a good suspense.
I received this audio from the publisher through Audiobook Jukebox.
Click on book title for full description.

4. Audible

The New World: Prequel to the Chaos Walking Trilogy
Written by: Patrick Ness
Narrated by: Angela Dawe
This was a quick listen that 
is a title from my TBR Pile Challenge.
I'm not sure it really pulled me into the series.
Publisher's Summary
The New World is a prequel to the award-winning Chaos Walking trilogy, setting the stage for the world we discover in The Knife of Never Letting Go, The Ask and the Answer, and Monsters of Men. The story was written while the author served as writer in residence for the Booktrust an independent UK-wide charity dedicated to encouraging people of all ages and cultures to enjoy books.
The New World tells of Viola's journey to the New World, brilliantly capturing the hope and fear of settlers in search of a new life. Patrick Ness says that he wrote it "as a huge and deeply-felt thank you to readers. I've had so many questions about Viola and what her life was like before that I couldn't resist the opportunity to reveal just a little bit extra. I knew these things - they're vitally important to her as a character, even if they're not directly in the novels - so it felt like a secret trip I could take readers on. The challenge was to make it work on its own, too, so anyone could read it. That was really, really good fun, and I hope the final result is an exciting one."
The New World can be listened to before or after the trilogy – and some may choose to do both. The story works as a standalone piece, but listeners already familiar with The Knife of Never Letting Go will learn more about Viola’s life and the events leading to her arrival and first encounter with Todd, while newcomers to the trilogy will discover a white-knuckle ride of an introduction to the series. Whether you're a new or faithful listener, though, it's a welcome chance to immerse yourself in the world of Chaos Walking.
Listen to more Chaos Walking.
©2011 Patrick Ness (P)2011 Brilliance Audio, Inc.

Currently reading:
1. eBook/Kindle

Priceless (A Rylee Adamson Novel, Book 1)
by Shannon Mayer
I am almost finished this and have enjoyed it a lot.
This was a title I purchased for $.99 in January 2014.
"My name is Rylee and I am a Tracker."
When children go missing, and the Humans have no leads, I'm the one they call. I am their last hope in bringing home the lost ones. I salvage what they cannot.
I'm on the FBI's wanted list.
I have a werewolf for a pet, a Witch of a best friend, and have no need for anyone else in my life.
But when a salvage starts to spin out of control, help comes from a most unexpected direction.
One that is dangerously dark, brooding, and doesn't know a thing about the supernatural.
One whose kisses set me on fire.

2. Audible

Monster Hunter Alpha
Written by: Larry Correia
Narrated by: Oliver Wyman
I thought it fitting to add a Monster story
for the week of Halloween.
I am about half way and really enjoying the excitement.
This is from my Audible library as a selection in August 2014.
Publisher's Summary
Dirty Harry meets Twilight. Number 3 in the break-out series and a follow-up to Monster Hunter International and Monster Hunter Vendetta.
Earl Harbinger may be the leader of Monster Hunter International, but he's also got a secret. Nearly a century ago, Earl was cursed to be a werewolf. When Earl receives word that one of his oldest foes, a legendarily vicious werewolf that worked for the KGB, has mysteriously appeared in the remote woods of Michigan, he decides to take care of some unfinished business. But another force is working to bring about the creation of a whole new species of werewolf. When darkness falls, the final hunt begins, and the only thing standing in their way is a handful of locals, a lot of firepower, and Earl Harbinger's stubborn refusal to roll over and play dead.
Track down another Monster Hunter title.
©2011 Larry Correia (P)2011 Audible, Inc.

3. Print

You Know What I'm Sayin'?: Poetry * Drama
by Daniel García Ordaz
This is a poetry book I was gifted by the author in March at EPICon 2015.
I am really enjoying the tempos and the cultural experience.

El Zarape Press presents its first collection of poetry by the eclectic Daniel García Ordaz, The Poet Mariachi, "the voice of the Rio Grande Valley" (Texas), an emerging voice in Chicano literature. You Know What I'm Sayin'? is a celebration of the common experience of language and culture transfiguring time and place and juxtaposing the politics of urban hip-hop America with the lyricism of rural deep South Texas, a retelling of ancient history sung by a contemporary voice. With an introduction by Fulbright Scholar Dr. Debbie Cole, a linguistic anthropologist. Mainly English; some bilingual (English/Spanish), Tex-Mex and pieces. Hispanic/Latino themes as well as All-American experiences relevant and appropriate for 3rd grade to college-level.

4. eBook/Kindle

Whispers in the Reading Room
(The Chicago World's Fair Mystery Series Book 3)
by Shelley Gray
I am looking forward to starting this.
I received this through NetGalley.
Lydia’s job at the library is her world—until a mysterious patron catches her eye . . . and perhaps her heart.
Just months after the closure of the Chicago World’s Fair, librarian Lydia Bancroft finds herself fascinated by a mysterious dark-haired and dark-eyed patron. He has never given her his name; he actually never speaks to a single person. All she knows about him is that he loves books as much as she does.
Only when he rescues her in the lobby of the Hartman Hotel does she discover that his name is Sebastian Marks. She also discovers that he lives at the top of the prestigious hotel and that most everyone in Chicago is intrigued by him.
Lydia and Sebastian form a fragile friendship, but when she discovers that Mr. Marks isn’t merely a very wealthy gentleman, but also the proprietor of an infamous saloon and gambling club, she is shocked.
Lydia insists on visiting the club one fateful night and suddenly is a suspect to a murder. She must determine who she can trust, who is innocent, and if Sebastian Marks—the man so many people fear—is actually everything her heart believes him to be.

October 1, 2015- I am still up to date on Bible reading and greatly enjoying the readings-- It seems my eyes are open to more details and meaning. I am reading The One Year Bible again along with my husband and others from our church. I am also listening to the companion commentary online.

I posted four reviews last week which left one. Plus four new I am again at five reviews to do.
I will be reading a NetGalley selection this week which brings my shelf down to four.
I have read 8 of my 12 TBR Pile books so I just need to pick the last four and get them read in the next two months. :-) 

Welcome to Mailbox Monday.

Mailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week and explore great book blogs.  This Meme started with Marcia at A Girl and Her Books (fka The Printed Page) and after a tour of hosts has returned to its permanent home at Mailbox Monday. Thanks to the ladies sharing hosting duties: Leslie of Under My Apple Tree, Serena of Savvy Verse & Wit and Vicki of I'd Rather Be at the Beach. Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.

I didn't select any new review titles this week but I purchased one $.99 Kindle title.
And of course I added more free kindle titles to my library.

(I scanned NetGalley and some of my review requests and nothing is really jumping out at me although I am going to request some new Audio books through Audiobook Jukebox. Other than that I think it is time to work on the TBR piles!)

Are your mailbox and TBR piles blooming?

Review Titles



I was tempted by several $.99 titles this week but only purchased this.

The Tournament Trilogy
B. B. Griffith
It sounds a little like Hunger Games so I was curious.


Over the past week I only added 45 free Kindle titles to my library. Titles found linked through Bookbub, Bookfun, Ereader News Today, Free Par-tay, Ignite Your Book, Inspired Reads, Pixel of Ink or Kindle ebooks.


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