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Sunday, December 30, 2018

MBS First Book Of The Year 2019: The Prayer of Jesus by Kevin Jackson


First Book Of The Year 2019. This is the sixth year First Book of the Year has been hosted by Shelia (Book Journey).

Over the prior five years I chose three books that fit with my Christian faith and I decided to stay with that goal this year. (One year was self-help and one was Vintage Sci Fi.)  I also chose a book from my TBR shelf (Kindle from 2014).

The Prayer of Jesus
by Kevin Jackson

The Bible contains over three hundred references to prayer, and yet, eighty-five percent of believers are dissatisfied with their prayer lives. In The Prayer of Jesus, pastor, teacher, and author Kevin Jackson bridges the gap between the responsibility of prayer and the dissatisfaction we experience in prayer. He explains and applies the simple model for prayer which Jesus taught His original disciples. If you want to have a better, more consistent prayer life, then The Prayer of Jesus is the book for you.

My photo for First Read:

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  1. Love your photo Martha and the book sounds helpful. Have a very Happy New Year and may your office building see good help soon!


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