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Thursday, January 25, 2018

#NetGalley Book Review: Precisely at Midnight (Kinsman Book 2) by Joyce and Alexandra Swann

This story shares fascinating information and wonderful Christian messages.
Precisely at Midnight (Kinsman Book 2)
by Joyce and Alexandra Swann
File Size: 1120 KB
Print Length: 175 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 197406042X
Publication Date: October 6, 2017
Genre: Christian, Inspirational, Holiday
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

When Carol Pensworth accepts her invitation to begin a new life, her first assignment is to redeem victims of human trafficking. But Carol quickly learns that with Kinsman, one invitation always leads to another, and then another, and then another....
You are experience the hope of redemption and the power of second chances in a holiday story that celebrates the value of every life.

Carol accepts an invitation from Kinsman, a Christian foundation that helps people who are willing to help themselves and change their lives. Carol lost her parents when she was only a teen and has worked hard to raise her younger brother. Now Kinsman has offered a chance for her to fulfill a few dreams of her own.

Carol is beginning a charming friendship with a widower connected with the Kinsman project. But even that friendship won’t stand in the way when Carol’s heart is touched by a special message shared at church. A young woman shares the trauma of girls trapped into prostitution, sold by family or kidnapped and caged to be used as sex slaves with no hope of release. Carol hasn’t told anyone about the cry for help she has been hearing. Now she knows that she is being called to help the women in this situation.

Kinsman helps Carol travel to a foreign country to meet with leaders of an organization that rescues young women. There Carol meets a young woman and is determined to change her live provided they escape the dangers around them.

I found this story lovely as well as informative. I really liked the personal way the authors shared the heart wrenching situation. The authors also share Biblical messages in very natural settings and dialogue. I was fully engaged, and this read very quickly.

Although this has a beautiful holiday cover and is listed under "Holiday", it can be read and enjoyed anytime of the year. I recommend this story to readers who might want to know about female trafficking and who enjoy Biblically based stories.

Source: NetGalley. This qualifies for 2018 TBR, NetGalley and Alphabet challenges.

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