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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday Post January 7, 2018/It's Monday! What are You Reading? Plus Mailbox Monday January 8, 2018

I am linking with Sunday Post at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading now at The Book Date.

What Are You Reading, is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week. It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

We were sorry to leave our son, d-i-l, granddaughter and the twins. On the other hand, we were glad to leave the colder weather. We came home to a cold house but got warmed up. At least the temperatures here are above freezing.

I enjoyed all of my listening and reading last week. I finished two Audibles, and one ebook. I posted three reviews, two challenges and most of the usual memes.

I visited 19 blogs early in the week.
Shout Out this week to An Imperfect Christian Mom. She has a nice goal post for 2018.
Thank you to all the nice people who visit me.

These were last week's posts:
  • ATBR- Audible Book Review: A State of Treason by David Thomas Roberts; Action, Alternate History, Political Thriller; my rating 4.25.
  • ATBR- Audible Book Review: Saving Grace by Lee Smith; Family Drama, Fiction; my rating 2.5.

Finished Reading:
1. Audible/MP3 (TBR)

Year One
By: Nora Roberts
Narrator: Julia Whelan
Duration: 12 hrs and 20 mins
This is entertaining.
It was from my 2017 Audible credits.

Click on book title for full description.

2. eBook/Kindle (NGTBR)

What If God Wrote Your To-Do List?:
52 Ways to Make the Most of Every Day
by Jay Payleitner 
I picked this up at NetGalley for 
my first book of the year.
I liked the suggestions of the author.
What is God Asking You "To-Do" Today?
When you talk to God about His plans for you, do you tend to focus on the far-off future? Big-picture thinking is great, but don't miss out on what the Lord has in store for you today.
These 52 easy tasks will help you embrace opportunities to grow closer to God, reach out to others, and take better care of yourself. This is a to-do list for your soul.
Read a Psalm, talk to a neighbor, or right a wrong. These are just a few examples of the simple activities that will enrich your everyday life.
God is calling you to make the most of each day and live life to the fullest!

3. Audible/MP3 (TBR)

One Year After
By: William R. Forstchen
Narrated by: Bronson Pinchot
Series: After (Forstchen), Book 2
Length: 9 hrs and 51 mins
This was just so realistic. Great entertainment!
I pulled this in from my Audible TBR.
Publisher's Summary
The thrilling follow-up to the New York Times best-selling novel One Second After.
Months before publication, One Second After was cited on the floor of Congress as a book all Americans should have, a book discussed in the corridors of the Pentagon as a truly realistic look at the dangers of EMPs. An EMP is a weapon with the power to destroy the entire United States in a single act of terrorism in a single second; Indeed, it is a weapon that the Wall Street Journal warns could shatter America. One Second After was a dire warning of what might be our future... and our end.
One Year After returns to the small town of Black Mountain and the man who struggled to rebuild it in the wake of devastation: John Matherson. It is a thrilling follow-up and should delight fans in every way.
©2015 Blackstone Audio, Inc. (P)2015 Blackstone Audiobooks.

Currently Reading:
1. eBook/Kindle (NG)

Precisely at Midnight (Kinsman Book 2)
by Joyce and Alexandra Swann
This caught me from the first chapter.
This is one of my NetGalley/Alphabet/
TBR titles for 2018.
Click on book title for full description.

2. Audible/MP3 (TBR)

Storm Front: The Dresden Files, Book 1
By Jim Butcher
Narrated By James Marsters
Series: The Dresden Files, Book 1
I am a couple chapters in and finding this engaging too. This is an Audible TBR.
Publisher's Summary
My name is Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. Conjure by it at your own risk. I'm a wizard. I work out of an office in midtown Chicago. As far as I know, I'm the only openly practicing professional wizard in the country. You can find me in the yellow pages, under Wizards. Believe it or not, I'm the only one there.
With rent past due and a decent meal becoming an issue of some importance, Harry needs work, and soon. A call from a distraught wife, and another from Lt Murphy of the Chicago PD Special Investigation Unit makes Harry believe things are looking up, but they are about to get worse, much worse. Someone is harnessing immense supernatural forces to commit a series of grisly murders. Someone has violated the first law of magic: Thou Shalt Not Kill. Tracking that someone takes Harry into the dangerous underbelly of Chicago, from mobsters.
©2000 Jim Butcher; (P)2002 Buzzy Multimedia

3. Print TBR (Publisher)

Seek and Destroy (America Rising)
by William C. Dietz
I enjoyed book 1 and have just started book 2.
From the New York Times bestselling author of the Legion of the Damned® novels and the Mutant Files series comes the second novel in a postapocalyptic military science fiction series about America struggling to overcome a natural disaster but starting a second civil war…
As people fight to survive the aftereffects of more than a dozen meteor strikes, a group of wealthy individuals conspires to rebuild the United States as a corporate entity called the New Confederacy, where the bottom line is law. As a second civil war rages, with families fighting against families on opposite sides, Union president Samuel T. Sloan battles to keep the country whole.
To help in the fight for unity, Union Army captain Robin “Mac” Macintyre and her crew of Stryker vehicles are sent after the ruthless “warlord of warlords,” an ex–Green Beret who rules a large swath of the West. But defeating him will be even more difficult than she thought. The warlord is receiving military assistance from Mac’s sister—and rival—Confederate major Victoria Macintyre. And when the siblings come together in the war-torn streets of New Orleans, only one of them will walk away.

January 7, 2018 - I am reading the One Year Bible plan on my new smartphone so I am enjoying the devotion with the readings. I am still reading along with my husband and others from our church. You can check out the audio on the companion commentary online.

I completed 3 books and posted only 3 reviews. I still have 7 reviews to finish for the end of this year plus the new reads.  I still haven't had time to double up reviews. 
I am a little more up-to-date linking my reviews at Goodreads, Amazon and Audible.
My NetGalley shelf is now at 24 with five older 2017 and 19 picked up end of year. I still have one committed author title in queue and many through InstaFreebie.

We're working on two more fiction books soon to add to eTreasure's NetGalley page.

Welcome to Mailbox Monday.

Mailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week and explore great book blogs. This Meme started with Marcia at A Girl and Her Books (fka The Printed Page) and after a tour of hosts has returned to its permanent home at Mailbox Monday. Thanks to the ladies sharing hosting duties: Leslie of Under My Apple Tree, Serena of Savvy Verse & Wit and (yours truly). Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.
I received three new NetGalley titles this week.
I bought one Audible daily deal,
I didn't purchase any Kindle titles this week.
As usual, I picked up more free kindle titles as usual. (Note these are in my Amazon library, NOT on my Kindle until I download and transfer them.)
Are your mailbox and TBR piles blooming?

Review Titles
I received four NetGalley titles I requested year end as part of my 2018 Alphabet Challenge.

Science Geek Sam and his Secret Logbook
by Cees Dekker and Corien Oranje
Children's Book - includes creation theories and science.
Out of the Box
by Jemma Westing
Children's Book- creativity.
Nick Newton Is Not a Genius by [Ishida, S.E.M]
Nick Newton Is Not a Genius
by S.E.M Ishida
Silent Threat (Mission Recovery Book 1) by [Marton, Dana]Children's Christian Adventure
Silent Threat (Mission Recovery Book 1)
by Dana Marton
Romantic Suspense I spotted at another blog last week.


I picked up one Audible daily deal:
1/5/2018 Daily Deal $2.95
A Bachelor Establishment cover artA Bachelor Establishment
By: Jodi Taylor
Narrated by: Anna Bentinck
Length: 7 hrs and 25 mins
Release date: 09-15-15

I picked up some extra free Kindle titles to add 96 titles to my library this week! Titles found linked through Bookbub, Bookfun, Ereader News Today, Free Par-tay, Ignite Your Book, Inspired Reads, Pixel of Ink or Kindle ebooks.


  1. I have got into the way of those Audible daily deals and picked up a few too. I am not sure if I'll read the Year One book and series by NR, maybe or maybe not!

  2. I hope you enjoyed your first book of the year! It's great that you always make time for Bible reading.:-)

  3. That's certainly an intriguing title---I like the sound of it. I certainly see why you picked it as your first book of the year.

  4. I enjoy a romantic suspense once in a while so I'm going to look up Silent Threat. Have a good week, Martha!

  5. Lots of great books! I read the first Dresden Files but stopped there -- for no reason other than this: so many books, so little time.

  6. It's supposed to warm up here this week and I am really looking forward to it.

    Science Geek Sam looks adorable! Enjoy!

  7. Such a busy lady - ENJOY your books and your week.

  8. Glad you got home and are warm. It is now above freezing here but not by much. It's also snowing again. What If God Wrote Your To Do List looks interesting. Hope you enjoy your books and have a great week!

  9. I am curious about Year One. Enjoy your books and your week...and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  10. Nice assortment of books. I like the Harry Dresden series. I also enjoyed Year One. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  11. Enjoy your books. I may have to pick up What If God Wrote Your To-Do List? It sounds like one I could get a lot from.

  12. I've not added anything to my Kindle as I simply want to read what I have! I get all muddled when I have too many books as then I do not know what to read first.

  13. I'm listening to book nine in the Dresden Files, also read by James Marsters. I love how he reads the books. The kids are back in school but my husband has one more week off. Come see what I'm reading

  14. Hi, I used to read Nora Roberts alot and I enjoyed her books. I'm sure Year One is good. I like the sound of
    What If God Wrote Your To-Do List?, it's a nice idea. Enjoy your books!

  15. Thanks for the shout out. I appreciate it.

    What If God Wrote Your To-Do List? is one of your books that I need to add to my wish list. Precisely at Midnight also caught my eye.

    Hope you have a great week.

  16. Looks like you have some good reads ahead

  17. Oh wow, your books look great, Martha. Glad that you enjoyed them all. You seem to have hand a great Holiday as well. So happy for you. I hope this week is the same. Have a wonderful week. 😁❤️👍🏻

  18. I hope you enjoy all of your new books.

    Happy readings! ;)
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret


Your comments are always appreciated!


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