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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sunday Words of Encouragement July 25, 2021

We attended church online again this morning. Our Pastor is continuing the series Undisputed with scripture from Romans 11 and 12.

Pastor reads news articles and notes world strife: South Africa, Haiti, Cuba and closer to home. Why are there countries in turmoil? Why are people being shot in their communities? We don’t always know all of the pieces. We don’t understand but we know someone who does if we know the One in Control.
Romans 11:22- Romans 12:1-2.
Apostle Paul often had difficulties and could be consider justified in asking “Why?” But he surrendered his questioning to a trusting in His God.

v22 God is severe and kind. He is severe to those who sin but kind to those who accept His love and the gift of Christ.
Some of Israel have hard hearts but this will only last until the fullness of Gentiles is reached.
God still loves His chosen people. God made a covenant with people. If you trust in Jesus, your sin is taken away.

v32 God has imprisoned everyone in disobedience (lost) so He may have mercy on all.
All we have to do is give all of ourselves to God.

The Tension: Will we stop chasing what the world is offering us for a life transformed by God and used by Him?

If we try to protect our own life, to protect our family, to protect our possessions, we have fallen into a worldly trap. The only important thing is to allow God to be in control and to live in a transformed life of worship.

We don’t have to live in worry or darkness. Paul shows us the choice we have. We were created to worship God. We will worship someone or something in our lives. Which altar do we worship?

I think this song fits today’s message. “Trust You Completely”
Verses for Today:
Romans 11:32-36
32 For God has bound everyone over to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all.
33 Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!
How unsearchable his judgments,
and his paths beyond tracing out!
34 “Who has known the mind of the Lord?
Or who has been his counselor?”
35 “Who has ever given to God,
that God should repay them?”
36 For from him and through him and for him are all things.
To him be the glory forever! Amen.

Lord, Thank you that I can Trust you to be in control, even when - especially when - I don't understand.

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  1. I liked The Tales of Beedle the Bard on audio and loved that is was free. Hope your week is amazing.


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