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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

#NetGalley Book Review: Aftershocks: Christians Entering a New Era of Global Crisis by Jeff Kinley

We may be facing aftershocks as we get closer to ‘the end’.
Christians Entering a New Era of Global Crisis
by Jeff Kinley


Publisher ‏ : ‎ Harvest House Publishers (April 13, 2021)
File size ‏ : ‎ 2307 KB (208pgs in print)
Genre: Christian Prophecy, Social Issues & Christianity, Theological Eschatology
My Rating: 4.5 of 5.0

In a time of global upheaval and uncertainty, uncover God’s prophetic plan for the ages—and your place in it.
Living in this era of pandemics, economic chaos, natural disasters, and political strife, you may feel tempted to question whether God is in control. Yet when you look to the Bible, you’ll find these events actually signal that His promises will soon be fulfilled.
In Aftershocks, bestselling author Jeff Kinley reveals how current societal and global trends foreshadow the nearness of the end times—and how the prophecies about what is to come should renew your passion to lovingly proclaim Christ to a suffering world. This book will supply you with critical intel concerning how your life will likely change in the years ahead provide you with biblical wisdom that enables you to respond to current events with confidence and grace reveal how recent cultural convulsions on this restless planet play into heaven’s plan for earth Aftershocks unveils the raw reality of these last days while inspiring you to live with hope—a hope that vaccinates you against the ignorance, naivety, and anxiety that plague our world today.

This title by Kinley is right up to date. He makes interesting points, supported by biblical scripture, noting that events are happening that leave aftershocks but that show we are not at the end - yet. Kinley addresses the past few years of political and societal trends, and particularly the year of lockdown due to Covid, and analyzes them in light of end time prophecies. He reveals the trend toward globalism and discusses the yet to come global world order. Kinley recognizes that the spirit of “global citizen” is gaining momentum while nationalism and patriotism are being frowned upon, demeaned ... or worse.

There is a chapter on Signs setting out Seven solid principles for deciphering biblical signs. In another chapter, Growing Apostasy, Kinley describes the subtle and covert attacks on scripture. He notes that we are living in a “society immersed in idolatry, sexual immorality, homosexuality, violence, slander , hatred of God, destruction of the family, unreasonable and unsupportable belief systems, unloving relationships, unforgiving hearts, and the unashamed public celebration of all manner of deviant sin.” (Location 1490.)

Kinley tells ‘Aftershock’ Christians that we have a “threefold mandate”: pray for the peace of Jerusalem; bless Israel (“support her survival and defense”); and make disciples of Jesus, from among Jews as well as other non-believers. He tells us we are living in the times of the signs and shares what changes he thinks Christians will face in the near future. The descriptions might be frightening to some, but not to those who know the end and know who is in control!

I appreciate how Kinley is willing to dismiss prophesies that are not consistent with scripture and encourages readers to exercise discernment. Christians may not want to see things progress as they appear to be, but we need to understand how the world will change to fulfill the end times as revealed by scripture. This book helps us to understand the aftershocks of historical events and prepare for the changes to come. I recommend this to any person who seeks more information on the progress toward end times.

Source: 2020 NetGalley. This qualifies for 2021TBR, 2021NetGalley, and 2021Alphabet goals.

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