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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Book Review (First Book 2019): The Prayer of Jesus by Kevin Jackson

This is a fine book to learn, or remember, the power of The Lord's Prayer.
The Prayer of Jesus
by Kevin Jackson

File Size: 2047 KB
Print Length: 146 pages
Publisher: The Association of Christian Businesses (May 13, 2014)
Genre: Christian, Spiritual Growth
My Rating: 4.5 of 5.0

The Bible contains over three hundred references to prayer, and yet, eighty-five percent of believers are dissatisfied with their prayer lives. In The Prayer of Jesus, pastor, teacher, and author Kevin Jackson bridges the gap between the responsibility of prayer and the dissatisfaction we experience in prayer. He explains and applies the simple model for prayer which Jesus taught His original disciples. If you want to have a better, more consistent prayer life, then The Prayer of Jesus is the book for you.

I chose this book as my First Book of 2019 because I felt the need to strengthen my prayer life. As often is the case it is a good thing to go back to basics when you need a refresher.

Kevin Jackson doesn’t use a new prayer, but he uses the best prayer example: what most of us know as The Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:9-13. He separates the prayer into eight distinct petitions and then expands on the depth and import of each line. He shares other supporting scripture and attributes of God.

I liked how the study was set forth and I appreciated the questions at the end of each section. These give the reader the opportunity for self-examination and response to make sure the importance of the lesson has been absorbed. The end of each chapter also shares scripture references for added depth and then some example prayers using the petition.

After completing the study of the eight petitions, Mr. Jackson shares other prayer guidelines that can be used to add focus to daily prayers. Although I might not use the technique shared in this book for long stretches, I will implement it for a time to remind me of these petitions and the correct focus: getting to know God more deeply, not seeking things from Him. I think I might also find it helpful to include this prayer in my daily prayer time.

I was raised in a liturgical church where we said The Lord’s Prayer every Sunday. Perhaps that became a bit routine but for me it always had power to it. I have been in more evangelical, fundamental churches for the past 33 years or so and realize that I miss the power of saying The Lord’s Prayer and a few other choice prayers that I have in my childhood confirmation gift book, In God's Presence. I have started keeping that book with me. Now I just need to open it more often – maybe daily!

I appreciate this study by Kevin Jackson and recommend it to those who may not be regularly familiar with The Lord’s Prayer and also to those who need to be reminded of the purpose and power in prayer by looking at the Lord’s own example.

This is my First Book of 2019 title.
Source: 2014 Kindle TBR. This qualifies for TBR and Alphabet Challenge.

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