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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

MBS 2019 Reading Goals: Yes – Challenges: Maybe

I’m not sure about posting or officially entering specific challenges for 2019 mostly because I don’t have the time to fully participate. BUT I do have reading goals. I will continue to track TBRs, Audiobooks and NetGalley specifically, even if not part of an online challenge.

I set my 2019 Goodreads Goal at 150. This is less than the last two years so it should be easy enough- I am seeking to minimize stress for the year in all ways possible. This will require about 3 books per week which is very comfortable for reading and review posting.
  • I love audiobooks so reading 75 audiobooks a year is easy even if that is half of the scheduled books. By choosing 75 instead of 100 I am allowing for some longer books – like the first for the year: 27 hrs The Name of the Wind. 
  • I plan to read at least 100 TBR titles and I plan to do better than last year (less than 24) reading my own ebook TBRs. The goal will be at least 24 or 2 per month.
  • I plan to read 40 NetGalley titles.
  • I plan to read a book for each season of the year and one for each month - TBR titles if I can.
  • I hope to read at least 12 author review titles, whether audio, NetGalley or ebook. I do like to do some tour reviews during the year. I already have 5 author titles lined up so I may do more than 12.
  • I hope to read at least 12 nonfiction titles.

I may still work with the Alphabet Challenge because it helps me pick titles from my huge TBR shelves. If I use this as a guide I plan to only work on 1 title per letter so I have more freedom on other titles.

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  1. That's a great set of reading goals. I like the idea of lowering the number for sure. You can always increase it when you hit that first goal :)


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