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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Book Review and Tour Giveaway: The Ethical Coach Leader by Dwight Johnson

This book presents important life lessons in an engaging story and provides a useful tool to apply in making ethical decisions.
The Ethical Coach Leader
by Dwight Johnson

Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: Next Century Publishing (April 5, 2016)
ISBN-13: 978-1681020709
Genre: Philosophy, Personal Growth
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

Ethics are a growing concern in all sectors of American culture. From businesses to all levels of schooling, as well as nonprofit companies, the values that guide business and teaching criteria are under scrutiny. But, does it take a scholarly textbook to understand how to create an ethical culture? No, Dwight Johnson has delved into the problems and presents practical solutions in his easy to read book, The Ethical Coach Leader: Developing Honor and Integrity.

A fiction book that has universal application, Johnson creates an intriguing story about a college coach who finds out that his star athlete failed a steroid test, putting the coach in the cross hairs of an ethical dilemma. During a couple of restless nights of sleep, Coach is visited by five ghosts: the Ghost of Example, the Ghost of Education, the Ghost of Experience, the Ghost of E-information, and the Ghost of Environment. Each has different advice for Coach on how to resolve his ethical dilemma. With the dreams haunting his every waking moment, Coach also seeks advice from two of his former mentors. The lessons Coach learns can be applied to any industry, business, school or individual life.

The Ethical Coach Leader challenges cultural mindsets and introduces new ideas on how to apply desperately needed teachings in ethics, integrity, honor and good character. This is a must read book for anyone who has influence on others or is in a leadership role. (Dwight Johnson)

Mr. Johnson’s goal in this book is to encourage ethics as a lifestyle that extends to everyday encounters, including but not limited to all aspects of school, sports, business and politics. Mr. Johnson provides an engaging fictional tale with a variation of the Ghosts from A Christmas Carol. Instead of three ghosts, there are five direct ghosts who visit Coach and a sixth who stays in the wings and observes. The story presents a real-to-life situation as Coach has to deal with a popular, star athlete who is testing positive for use of steroids. The "E" Ghosts (Example, Education, Experience, E-information and Environment) argue for their individual strengths but Coach discovers a model that incorporates all of these aspects in the process of making an ethical decision.

I greatly appreciate the analysis and the model for decision making. I believe in ethics and integrity but never had such a clear cut tool to use.  Sadly, we have too many leaders in sports, politics, and business who put worldly success above ethics and integrity. The larger problem is that society has accepted lower standards so, really, how do we retrain society to expect better?  Mr. Johnson has a wonderful goal to train Ethical Coach Leaders and to hopefully spread the principles of ethics from one generation to the next.

This is a very quick read and the lessons are wonderful. The tools presented in this book can help anyone sort through the different priorities that have to be considered when facing an ethical dilemma. I recommend this to anyone who cares about ethics or may be in a difficult situation where they need help making an ethical decision. That should cover just about everyone!

I received this title through iRead Book Tours for an honest review.

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Author's Bio:

Dwight Johnson resides in Colorado Springs where he works at the United States Air Force Academy. He is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel who was a Squadron Commander three times and a Division Chief twice. He also served as the Department Head of Services at the Air Force Institute of Technology, where he taught Customer Service and Total Quality Service.

​In 2012, Dwight was awarded the General Billy J Boles Mentorship Award for the Air Force Academy for mentoring cadets.

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(USA & Canada); Ends 4/7/16

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  1. THanks, Martha. Your concise review and comments on the value of the book in impacting leaders has influenced me in Why I want to enter this giveaway. ANd thanks for hosting it!

  2. I enjoy books that make me think.

  3. Thanks for the review, Martha! It's been a while since it was written, but I couldn't pass by without commenting. The book itself makes me perceive the world differently from what I thought just yesterday.

    Rory - writer, editor,
    college essays for sale and articles from Rory:
    "New Way to Live"
    "Pray and Hope".


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