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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wow! Growing Followers - Watch for new Follower Giveaway at 200!

I thought we just celebrated 152 followers and now I am pushing 200! My goodness!!!  Thank you people for following.  I hope after this crazy month of giveaways calms down that you will stay to comment on the reviews and continue to meet new authors!!  I'll be doing another follower giveaway when the number reaches 200!

With a little luck I'll hit 200 followers as an early Christmas present or maybe birthday present!  Yes my BD is coming up on December 27!

Is everybody getting tired of giveaways?  I hope not! I still have several review book giveaways to be posted!

I am trying to think what I will due to celebrate my BD and the New Year!  I could do a gift card for my age!! That would make someone really happy except I'd have to tell my age!! LOL.  I'll be thinking on it and get it posted this weekend!! If you have suggestions feel free to make them!  Just know that I'm not up to buying an eReader just yet as much as I'd like to!!  I might have to stop doing the follower giveaways and save up for an eReader giveaway.... hmmmm???


  1. Wow! Growing and growing and growing!

  2. Let me know when you want to start Getting Lucky. Tonight?

  3. Tonight is good! I just opened TweetDeck and I've read the first few pages so I can comment on the opening! :)


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