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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

October 2009 Reading List!

I realized I am behind again in posting my monthly Book List!
October 2009 Book 142-156
Links will take you to the reviews!

BTL = Between the Lines with Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction
CR = CataRomance (E= eBook) (ST = Single Titles)
MBS = Martha's Bookshelf
YGR = You Gotta Read

143. The Christmas Clock by Kat Martin Contemporary Romance 4.25 CRST
144. The Midnight Effect by Pamela Fryer (eBook) Paranormal Suspense 5.0 CRE
145. Miss Bisque and The Colonel by Carol North (eBook) Contemporary Romance 4.5 MBS
146. Sometimes Murphy Wins by Cassidy MacKay (eBook) Contemporary Romance/Paranormal 4.0 (Need to Read YGR)
147. All or Nothing by Ashley Ludwig (eBook) Historical Romance 4.25 (Need to Read YGR)
148. Love’s Reflection by Carol North (eBook) Sci Fi 4.75 MBS
149. Killer Dolls by Angelica Hart and Zi (eBook) Thriller 4.5 (Need to Read YGR)
150. A Circle of Souls by Preetham Grandhi Thriller 4.5 MBS (Review to be posted soon!)
151. The Show Must Go On by Kim Sheard (eBook) Contemporary Romance 4.5 (Need to Read YGR)
152. The Pupkinnapper by Linda Banche (eBook) Historical/Parnormal 4.0 MBS
153. By the Book by JoAnn Carter (eBook) Inspirational Contemporary Romance 4.25 BTL
154. Trapped by Connie Mann (eBook) Romantic Suspense 4.5 BTL
155. Showdown at Southfork (The Wayback Texas Series) by Celia Yeary (eBook) Contemporary Romance 4.25 (Need to Read YGR)
156. I Can See You by Karen Rose (Audio CD) Romantic Suspense 5.0 MBS

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