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Thursday, December 31, 2009

November 2009 Reading List!

November 2009  Books 156 - 172

Links will take you to the reviews!

BTL = Between the Lines with Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction
CR = CataRomance (eCR= eBook) (ST = Single Titles)
MBS = Martha's Bookshelf
YGR = You Gotta Read

156.    Mirror Mirror by Karen Wiesner (eBook) Contemporary Romance 4.5  Need to Read YGR
157.    Time Storm by Samantha Winston (eBook) Time Travel 3.5 eCR
158.    Fire Eyes by Cheryl Pierson (eBook) Historical Western 4.25 MBS
159.    A Matter of Class by Mary Balogh Historical Regency 5.0 CRST
160.    Winter Wheat by Barbara Wohlschlegel (eBook) Contemporary Romance 5.0 Gotta Read YGR
161.    Confederate Rose by Sarah  Macatee (eBook) Historical, Civil War 4.25  Need to read YGR
162.    Noelle’s Gift by Donica Covey (eBook) Paranormal 5.0 Gotta Read YGR
163.    Cupid’s Folly by Erin Sinclair (eBook) Fantasy 4.5 eCR
164.    Queene of Light by Jennifer Armintrout (eBook) (Blog with Bite) Fantasy 4.5 MBS
165.    End the Fed by Ron Paul (Audio CD) Financial 4.0 Need to read YGR
166.    Avenging Allaire by Margie Church (eBook) Suspense 4.5 MBS
167.    Kismet by Kissa Starling (eBook) Contemporary Romomance, Mature 4.5 MBS
168.    Christmas Sin by Ed Williams (eBook) 1970s Deep South;  4.25 Need to Read YGR
169.    Hope for the Animals by Jane Goodall (Audio CD) Informative, NonFiction 4.5 (MBS)
170.    Time Plains Drifter by Cheryl Pierson (eBook) Historical Time Travel 4.25 MBS
171.    Maggie, A Savannah Dog by Pat Andres Childrens Book 4.25 MBS
172.    Defining Twilight by Brian Leaf, M.A. Study Resource 4.5 MBS


  1. You had some great reads! Wow... looks like I need to explore your reviews!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Sheila - I was very fortunate to read some really wonderful books this year! I hope you will explore and have fun!


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