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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Interview Conclusion with Cheryl Pierson! Part 4: A Few Personal Questions!


MQ:  When you are reading for pleasure, what is the one thing that will make you put down the book and quit reading?

Cheryl:  Cliches.  Or lazy descriptions such as, “He looked just like Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I.”  GAK!!!  I can’t take that.  Oddly enough, head-hopping does not bother me at all.  I grew up reading all kinds of stuff and that was perfectly normal even in the 70’s and 80’s, and accepted even by some of the biggest writing names out there.  It doesn’t jar me –I think because I can switch people so quickly since I have so many of them living in my own head.

M:  HA – people in your own head – yes!
Q:  What is the most unique thing about you?

Cheryl:  Hmm.  Well, that’s a tough one.  Maybe the fact that I was a classically trained pianist and taught piano for years myself, but now I’m lucky to practice a total of an hour a week.

M:  Wow  - classically trained pianist!  So I wonder if you will ever include some of that experience in your books!
Q:  Tell us a little about your next book or WIP please!

My next book, Sweet Danger, is a contemporary romantic suspense that takes place in Oklahoma City.
When undercover cop Jesse Nightwalker enters Silverman’s Deli, he doesn't expect to find himself at the mercy of Tabor Hardin, a sadistic murderer he helped put in prison five years earlier.  Now, Hardin’s escaped, and he’s out for more blood—Jesse’s.
Lindy Oliver has had her eye on her handsome neighbor for several months.  Fate provides the opportunity for them to finally meet when they both choose the same deli for breakfast.  Becoming a hostage was not in Lindy’s plans when she sat down to share a pastry with Jesse, but neither was the hot kiss he gave her when bullets began to fly.  That kiss seals both their fates, binding them to one another with the certainty of a vow.
But Jesse’s got some hard-hitting secrets.  With both their lives at stake, Lindy has a plan that just might save them—if Hardin takes the bait.  Will they find unending love in the midst of Sweet Danger?

M:  Ooooh! Good blurb!
Q: Do you have any words of wisdom you would like to share with brand new or aspiring authors?

Cheryl:  Yes.  B e able to take criticism without letting it beat you down.  Although some people swear by their critique groups, I don’t believe in them.  Try to find a writing class where others are walking the same path you are.  It helps to have someone else who knows what you’re going through to talk with about it.  If your writing instructor gives you some criticism, try to listen to him or her without getting hurt or angry.  This is how you will get better at your own writing—to remember there is always room for improvement.  At the same time, make up your mind you are going to do it again and again, until it is the best it can be, and don’t give up.

M:  That is very good advise for new authors and anyone who is learn a new “trade”.  You can learn from constructive criticism if you will only learn to listen!!
THANK YOU Cheryl for joining Sumana, Deanna and me on this interview series!
Thanks too for offering one of your books as giveaways!  Best wishes for success on your new release, Time Plains Drifter, and also on Fire Eyes!

Cheryl:  Thanks again everyone for this awesome opportunity to give a bit of insight into Fire Eyes and Time Plains Drifter, and to tell you a bit about myself.  This has been a lot of fun!

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  1. Just tried to post this message but it vanished so am trying again.

    Congratulations, Martha, you're the winner of this week's give-away on my blog at Anne’s Place :-)

    Please go to my website contact page HERE and send me your shipping address, which I can forward to Ronda who will mail you the prize.

    Thanks for taking part. Enjoy!

  2. Martha,
    Once again let me thank you for interviewing me and reviewing my books. Special thanks also to Deanna and Sumana for their participation. This has been fun!

  3. Martha, the interview is wonderful...I ahve been out of blogging for a few days... but back now, it was great to do this tour...

  4. Hi, Cheryl & Martha! This has really been an interesting and informative interview. Cheryl, thank you for sharing so much about yourself and for offering some great writing insights.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  5. Sumana,
    Thanks so much for participating and helping me out with the review and interview! I appreciate that so much!

  6. Hi Virginia,
    Martha's got the interview questions down to a fine art doesn't she? GREAT questions. I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview, Virginia. I teach writing classes and workshops here in Oklahoma City, and love to "talk shop" with everyone. LOL Glad you enjoyed the interview. Thanks for coming by and commenting.


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