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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Interview with Kissa Starling, author of Kismet!

Please help me welcome Kissa Starling who has taken time from the holiday season o share in this interview!

M: Your website tells us how you started writing very young. How long did it take you to get published?

Kissa: I was very interested in writing at a young age but didn’t think of writing romance until a few years ago. I entered a Christmas contest I came upon on the internet and was so sure I would win. I didn’t but they did send me a lot of feedback and said they liked my writing. A few months after that I signed my first contract. That was before I adhered to the philosophy about putting all of ones eggs in one basket. I signed four contracts with that publisher and they closed down. It took me about a year to recoup from that. I’ve learned to vary my interests now and things are going great!

M: Oh OUCH – That was a hard lesson!
How many books do you have now??

Kissa: (Had to look at my website for that) I currently have nine single titles out, eight stories in anthologies, and four releases scheduled so far for 2010. Cracker Cowgirl will be released in January from Red Rose Publishing, Vegas Vixens 4Ever will be released in February from Love You Divine Publishing (all proceeds go to charity), Rick’s Story will be released around the beginning of the summer and Lil’ Pet Brat will be released in May by Cleis Press.

I have many other stories on the way…

M: That is good news for us readers!!
What genres do you write? Are there any you would like to write in or don’t see yourself writing in ever?

Kissa: I write in a variety of genres. Of course that all has to do with how you describe genres. I usually do it by readers. I have one set of readers who only read my lesbian works, another that only read my Lifestyle Series, some who read anything labeled erotic romance and then others who prefer the sweet, behind closed doors, kind of romance. I enjoy them all. I read, and write, by my moods, so I have to say I have delved into every area I’m interested in so far. That doesn’t mean I won’t branch out even more in the future. I doubt I will ever write m/m stories because I have no experience with those and don’t usually read them either. That said, some authors are such great story tellers that I read them and the gender of the couple doesn’t matter at all.

M: Well siad! How important to know your readers!!
Can you describe your writing in three words?

Kissa: Multi-modal experience.

M: Interesting choice of words but I think it fits!!
Kismet is such a lovely, sweet story. What was your inspiration for this book?

Kissa: A lot of my stories begin with a thread of truth. I heard a story about an older man remarrying and his family wasn’t happy about it. Not long after a few authors at Red Rose Publishing decided to do a series of books that focused on love after forty. Nancy O’Berry headed the project and we had so much fun working together. I love making characters as southern as possible and Harold gave me that chance. Things kind of barreled from there.

M: I may just have to look for more of that series – this one was so heartwarming!
What is something unique about you that you would like to tell the blogger audience?

Kissa: I’m a kid at heart. My husband still records all of the Christmas specials for me every year. I love to play in the once-a-year snow we get here in Georgia. Oh yes, and I still color every chance I get!

M: Ha – an artist in more than one media!

To learn more about Kissa please visit her website:

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  1. Hi Martha and Kissa:
    Enjoyed the interview. Love the concept of the book.

    Once-a-year snow in Georgia? YOu must live up in northern Georgia. This is my sixth year in Savannah and I haven't seen snow here yet. And I better not or I'm heading farther south.

  2. I used to live in Savannah. I believe you're right about not ever seeing snow there- too much green beer. haha In northen Georgia it snows almost all winter because it's in the mountains but I'm in the middle close to Atlanta. Thanks for dropping by Carol!


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