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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Review of Time Plains Drifter by Cheryl Pierson

Title:    Time Plains Drifter
Author:  Cheryl Pierson
Genre:  Time Travel, Paranormal, Historical Western
Publisher:  Class Act Books
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ISBN:  978-1-935048-35-0;  1-935048-35-X
Pages: 92,743 words

Heat Rating: Sensual
Author Website: Cheryl Pierson

Rating:  4.25 of 5.0
Reviewed by:  MarthaE

Blurb:  Trapped in Indian Territory of 1895 by a quirk of Nature, High School teacher Jenni Dalton must find a way to get her seven students back to 2010.

Handsome U.S. Marshal Rafe d'Angelico seems like the answer to her prayers: he is, after all, an angel. In a race against time and evil, Rafe has one chance to save Jenni's life and her soul from the Dark One—but can their love survive?

Review:  I really enjoyed this time travel with an unusual twist on angels versus demons!

I liked Jenni who is able to adapt quickly to the past after her initial shock.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that she has the wonderful U.S. Marshal Rafe to comfort and assist her!

Rafe is a wonderful character!  He has gone through a lot and isn’t quite sure how to handle this angel status! It is clear that the angels have to protect one of the “time travelers” from the demons but neither side knows at first who the target is!

The story moves continually with action and emotion!  It opens with a train robbery and betrayal and moves along with unexpected time travel and fear, then a battle for a soul and the joy of new found love. I had not read another story with angels quite like these.  It is a good feature of fantasy that the author can create time travel and angel “lives” and struggles as her imagination leads!

It wasn’t until I thought back to write the review that I actually noticed that there were a few loose ends.  Interestingly enough only one of the seven students freaks out when he realizes they have been sent back in time! All the others seem to take it in stride and some embrace the chance to be off on there own.  The placement of the two student couples is not fully tied up.

Truthfully – that just didn’t bother my enjoyment of the focus of the story which is on Jenni and Rafe and the fight with the demon, Milo.  I liked the tension of the chase and battle and the sweetness of the romance. I would like to read a sequel with Rafe’s brother, Christian and Jenni’s sister Victoria!

This is my Tuesday R&R review at SaSR.

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  1. THANK YOU, MARTHA!!!! I appreciate this so much. Glad you enjoyed the book! Thanks for your support.


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