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Monday, December 28, 2009

What are you reading on Mondays? December 28, 2009

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Again, I only finished a couple of books last week but I am halfway through three others. Plus I got six reviews written that needed to get sent in!

[Note re codes:  YGR is You Gotta Read Reviews; CR is CataRomance Reviews, BTL is Between the Line/WRDF - these are the three sites where I read and review.  There are links under Some Friends on the sidebar for each of these. MBS is this blog - Martha's BookShelf!]


PB:  Getting Lucky by Carolyn Brown. J.Kaye and I did a Twitter read along on this.  It started with a hero we weren't sure we would like. I thought the book got better as it went along. Review to be sent this week to CR.

Kindle2:  Released by Kimber Chin. This was a Great short story!! Kimber really gets you caught up with her stories! Review to be sent this week to YGR.

Audible: ---------

Audio CD:  ----------


Currently reading:

PB:  Don't Look Down by David Laing Dawson. I am a third into this and although the language is rough it is very well written! 
A thriller about four murderers, 18 to 81, in a forensic psychiatric ward.  Reviewing on MBS for author through Bostwick.

Hope to start by end of the week: Lucifer Rising by Barbara Fifield.
The reporter heroine Elsa learns the answer to this question: If Lucifer could incarnate, what vocation would he choose in order to steal the most souls away from God?  Reviewing on MBS for author through Bostwick.

Kindle2:   Call Me Kate, Meeting the Molly Maguires by Molly Roe.  I am at 50% on this and I really like the authentic history as well as the story!
Historical fiction about a 14 year old who infilitrates a secret Irish organization to rescue a friend. Set in coal region of Pennsylvania during the Civil War.  Reviewing on MBS for Tribute Books. 

Cotillion Christmas Spirits Anthology - four regency romances.  I loved the first story and the second was good too! Two more to go. Reviewing for CataRomance.

Next up - another Christmas story:  Three Minutes Before Christmas by Paige Ryter. 
Can a Christmas miracle save their love? Check the clock because they've only got Three Minutes Before Christmas until the magic is lost.  Reviewing on MBS for the author.

Audible: on hold.

Audio CD:  On hold as I am reading/listening to review eBooks on Kindle instead.


  1. I agree Kimber short story was pretty good...

    I still have not started on those Brown books yet...


  2. Nice books! I havent heard of them, but they do sound very good. :)

    Have fun reading!

  3. Looks like a lot of good ones, especially the HF about the Molly Maguires, an interesting time in history.

  4. Nice list of books you have. I hope you have a great reading week and a Happy New Year!

  5. Don't Look Down and Lucifer Rising really sound intriguing. :-) I look forward to all your reviews.

    Mine is here

  6. How satisfying to get those reviews all written. Have a great reading week!

  7. Wished I'd liked Carolyn Brown's last book as much as you did. I couldn't get passed his issue with women.

  8. You have been busy! Looks like some great reading!

  9. Thats a lot of reading going on :). Have a Happy New Years. How do you tell who the winners are on your contests? Thanks!


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