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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Audio Book Review: Back in the Saddle: A Novel (Double S Ranch Series, Book #1) by Ruth Logan Herne

I totally enjoyed this inspirational, contemporary western romance.
Back in the Saddle: A Novel (Double S Ranch Series, Book #1)
by Ruth Logan Herne
Back in the Saddle: A Novel (Double S Ranch Series, Book #1)Narrator Anna Salinas
Runtime 9.25 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Recorded Books
Downloads ZIP M4B MP3
Release Date February 15, 2017
Genre: Christian, Contemporary, Romance, Western
My Rating: 4.5 of 5.0 Story and Narration.

Here comes a captivating western romance and family-centered drama with a heart of gold, featuring plenty of cowboys and family drama, from prolific author and networker Ruth Logan Herne. Colt Stafford's winner-take-all personality clashed with his father's similar temperament and led Colt to pursue his own success far from the Double S ranch. The opportunity came in private equities once he earned his way to a desk on Wall Street. But timing is everything and Colt's financial demise coincided with his father's illness. God's perfect timing doesn't always seem all that perfect, but Colt needed a job, the Double S needed Colt and Sam sent his prodigal son a ticket. and Colt came home. He rediscovers his love for ranching, for Washington and for the great outdoors. His father's change of heart seems surreal, and by the time Colt realizes he belongs with his family, he's lost his heart to a Latina cop whose gone undercover to protect her child and her mother. Through the accidents of timing, God has brought multiple facets together at the Double S, just in time for healing, hope and home.

Colt was raised on a ranch by his father, Sam, who had a strong take control attitude. As a young man they began to clash so Colt headed off to the city to make his own brand of success. He was doing great at private equities until a situation lost him his career and savings. He headed home to try to help with his father’s illness. Colt is surprised when he arrives to find Sam’s attitude has softened.

Colt’s first meeting with Angelina is at the end of a gun. It is rather strange behavior for a housekeeper but Colt is quick to learn that Angelina has secrets. At least Angelina’s tough love and trust God philosophy is helping Sam to seek a relationship with God and with his estranged son.

Colt and Angelina are doing the clashing now with Angelina inclined to think Colt is a city slicker who will be heading back to the bright lights as soon as he can. Colt thinks Angelina is bossy and antagonistic and he is determined to uncover the secret she is hiding.

I really enjoyed this from beginning to end. Ms. Herne shares thoughts from the characters which makes them very real. She also unabashedly shares Godly themes - resistance (prodigal) to redemption to reliance - which I greatly appreciated. There is good chemistry between Colt and Angelina and the secondary characters (including Sam, Angelina’s adorable son, Noah, and her dedicated mother) add more depth and richness. There are family issues and a touch of suspense and danger.

There is strong description and easy flow to the writing. I have read Ruth Logan stories years ago and always like them. I have to add more of her to my reading. I recommend this to readers who enjoy heartwarming family interaction, sweet romance and Christian themes.

Audio Notes: Anna Salinas does a fine job with the narration as her voice fit the tone of the story. She doesn’t give strong voice changes but enough to distinguish plus she manages the pacing well to reflect appropriately the aside thoughts. The narration added to my enjoyment of the story.

Source: 2017 Sale Purchase. This qualifies for Audiobook Challenge.

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  1. This sounds like a book I'd enjoy. Thanks for sharing!


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