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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Audible Book Review: Rising Tides: Destroyermen, Book 5 by Taylor Anderson

I love this exciting series that is full of real characters, great story lines and enhanced by wonderful narration.
Rising Tides: Destroyermen, Book 5
    LENGTH    17 hrs and 32 mins
RELEASE DATE    02-01-11
 PUBLISHER    Tantor Audio
Genre: Alternate World Fantasy
My Rating: 5.0 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary

Stuck in an alternate universe during World War II, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy of the U.S.S. Walker has found an unlikely but invaluable ally in Commodore Jenks of the New Britain Imperial Navy. And now they are united in their desire to hunt down the traitor who abducted two women both men would die to protect: Reddy's love, nurse Sandra Tucker, and young Princess Rebecca of the New British Empire. But first they have a new battle to win.

However, this battle will not be fought with broadsides and broadswords, but with cunning and intrigue. For when Reddy and Jenks report the situation to the New Britain Company, they are met with scorn and disbelief. It soon becomes obvious that the ruthless Company is attempting to overthrow the Imperial Throne - and that someone involved knows where Sandra and Rebecca are. From the halls of power to the ballrooms of the nobility, Reddy must navigate through a tempest of politics, deception, and betrayal if he is ever going to save the hostages and live to fight another day.
©2010 Taylor Anderson (P)2011 Tantor

This is a great addition to this series in which American and Japanese ships from WWII have gone through a warp to a parallel world filled with strange creatures and a cannibalistic enemy, the Grik.  I like facing the adventures in this strange world with these wonderful, quirky characters. The story had me laughing out loud when the Americans were introduced to the British Governor. At another part I was near tears as struggles to complete a mission turned to tragedy.

There is interesting detail of munitions, replacing supplies of weapons and transport, ships and aircraft, as well as battle strategy that I find fascinating. There is also plenty of action to keep the listener interested.  Taylor does a great job of making the characters full and real. One or two of the events are in the nature of miracles, but, hey - I believe in miracles! And not all of it has happy endings as this is full of war and struggling in hostile environments.

Audio Notes: Dufris does a fabulous job building on the real characters by giving them believable accents full of nuances and emotion. His narration is remarkable and definitely enhances the reading enjoyment for me. I am excited to listen/read on to book 6!

This is a summary of the action lines followed in this book 5:
  • Captain Matthew Reddy, Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces, is back on the restored destroyerman, Walker, and is chasing after the half of dozen of his people who were kidnapped.  Walker follows his new friend, Commander Jenks, to the New Britain Empire Respite Island in the Philippines. There the Americans and New Britain leaders come under attack by the Holy Dominion.
  •  General Pete Aldrich is pursuing the ongoing Navy war. He is leading a group of marines, including Lemurians, against the Grik on ‘Rangoon.’  His troops are getting some very helpful support from the newly built airplanes known as the “Nancys.”
  •  Those kidnapped, including Matt’s not-so- secret love, Sandra, New Britain child Princess Rebecca, her friend, Lawrence and crazy sailor, Silva, as well as a few others, have escaped in life boats. Now they are trying to survive on dangerous Yap island. They have to find a way to get their small boat to the other side of the island  as the vicious chic-sac begin to swarm for their egg laying season. Along the way to get back to civilization they pick up a crazy talking bird.  “Eat?” he shrieks!
  • Ensign Irwin Laumur is with a group at Talud Island trying to salvage a S19 submarine, while  the island volcano rumbles and threatens to blow. They ultimately have no choice but to take refuge in the previously abandoned sub. They scramble away when the eruption occurs only to be plunged under the resulting waves.
  • Lieutenant Commander Russ Chapelle is directing the efforts at Chill-chaap trying to salvage a large freighter, the Santa Catalina, with it’s precious cargo of military equipment. They must face giant gecko-gators which turn out to be surprisingly social and responsive.
This download is from my own Audible Library. I have Book 6, Firestorm, ready next!

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