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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Audible Book Review: The Chronology Protection Case by Paul Levinson

This short mystery dramatization packs an active dilemma of time paradox to the extreme!
The Chronology Protection Case
by Paul Levinson

LENGTH    38 mins
RELEASE DATE    01-01-05
PUBLISHER    Listen & Live Audio
Genre: Mystery, Dramatization
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
The radio play of "The Chronology Protection Case" was adapted by Mark Shanahan with Paul Levinson, based on the novelette by Paul Levinson which first appeared in the pages of Analog magazine in September 1995. The script of the radio adaptation was nominated for a prestigious Edgar Allan Poe Award as "Best Play of 2003" by the Mystery Writers of America.

The radio play was initially performed live before a studio audience at the Museum of TV & Radio in September of 2002. It was subsequently recorded at CDM Studios in New York City in 2003, featuring a cast of nine actors, with an original sound design and score. The CDM recording was produced by Charles de Montebello and Mark Shanahan.

"The Chronology Protection Case" radio play, a science fiction murder mystery, features Shanahan in the role of Dr. Phil D'Amato, the forensic detective who appears in Levinson's acclaimed novels, The Silk Code, The Consciousness Plague, and The Pixel Eye. When D'Amato is approached by the distraught wife of a missing scientist whose work is embroiled in secrecy, he is plunged into an adventure with a terrifying and powerful force of nature at the heart of a series of mysterious deaths.
©1995 Paul Levinson; (P)2005 Listen & Live Audio, Inc.

This is a dramatized story featuring forensic Detective, Dr. Phil D’Amato. Phil is called by Dr. Lauren Goldring, a physicist married to another physicist, Ian Goldring, who specializes in quantum physics. Ian was working on a device to send signals that would travel faster than light particles. But Ian has disappeared. As Phil begins searching for Dr. Goldring he discovers Ian with three gun shot wounds. Then Lauren turns up dead from an allergic reaction to sedative that Phil requested.

Phil works with Detective Lieutenant Jannie to pursue the case and he calls a Science and Research Journalist friend, Jack who dies next day. There were six people working on the special project and now four are already dead. The two survivors are not talking and all evidence of discussions and correspondence, even emails have been erased.

Now there is only one. Phil meets with Dr. Julie Fenwick, the only remaining survivor from the research project. Their discussion is remarkably intense as they try to figure out how to avoid becoming the next to die as time... or something or someone... protects itself.

There was no in depth character development but the plot line carried the story. Although the science of quantum physics would be difficult for most of us non-scientific types to follow, the impact of the time paradox was still understandable and created the basis of a unique mystery.

Audio Notes: This is a great audio dramatization that reminded me of radio dramas from the years before television – although the quality is much better. If you enjoy listening to fun stories, this is a quick mystery with an ironically twisted plot.

I received this download for review from the Author through AudioBook Jukebox.

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