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Friday, October 25, 2013

Audible Book Review: Firestorm: Destroyermen, Book 6, by Taylor Anderson

Book six continues the action and challenges facing the WWII Americans stranded in an alternate Earth where they battle new enemies.
Firestorm: Destroyermen, Book 6

    by Taylor Anderson
    Narrated by William Dufris
        Series: Destroyermen, Book 6
    LENGTH    18 hrs and 2 mins
    RELEASE DATE    10-10-11
    PUBLISHER    Tantor Audio
Genre: Alternate History
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy and the crew of the USS Walker find themselves caught between the nation they swore to defend and the allies they promised to protect. For even as the Allies and the Empire of New Britain Isles stand united against the attacks of both the savage Grik and the tenacious Japanese, the "Holy Dominion" - a warped mixture of human cultures whose lust for power overshadows even the Grik - is threatening to destroy them both with a devastating weapon neither can withstand.
©2010 Taylor Anderson. (P)2011 Tantor

I continue to enjoy this series, now in book six, which is full of action and human stories. I appreciate how the author tucks in social and political discussions or comments through the actions of the characters. As one example, the proper British Commander, Jenks, now Captain Reddy’s friend and traveling with him, questions attacking the Dominion ships without a warning shot. Captain Reddy points out that he doesn’t think such a step is needed when the enemy has already shown themselves without honor in their surprise attack against civilians at the New British Isles.

As they prepare for battle, one of the commanders comments:
“Plan for the best but prepare for the worst. Every battle is won or lost in the planning; in the mind before the first sword is ever fought.” They had to learn that they could not leave quarter to an enemy that would accept no surrender. “Any we don’t kill today, we will have to kill tomorrow.” There are other interesting comments on war including the theme of ‘killing murderers is not murder, but war with a certain justice in it.’

It is engaging to watch (read/listen) as Mr. Anderson shows the Grik, or at least some of them, becoming more than the savages they were in the first book. Some are now learning and changing their attitudes and there are even ‘civilian’ Grik who have become aides to the leaders of the Grand Alliance!

Although this might not be quite as exciting as the last book this is still engaging and left me anxious to follow the challenges of the characters into book seven!

Audio Notes: I can't think of much new to add to my previous comments on Dufris' excellent narration of this series.  I am continually amazed at the numerous voices and characters he successfully portrays.  His narration makes the listening a great enjoyment for me.

Here is a summary of some of the activities in this installment:

  • Captain Reddy and the crew on USS Walker are traveling on to the ‘Colonies’ (headed towards what in our world would be southern California) to give warning against suspected attack by the Dominion. Unfortunately the enemy arrives before warning can help. The American and Imperial British ships begin to hammered the surprised Dominion ships but then receive their own surprise when attacked by flock of dragons dropping stones!
  •  The marine troops under General Pete Alden, including Lemurians and some airplane support, are facing Grik at ‘Indiaa’ Salan in the ongoing Navy war. Frigate Skippers, Greg Garrett (Ship Donaghey), Russ Chapelle, Lemurian Captain Bakia and others, are serving as a blockade against the Griks to prevent communication with their homeland. The Griks are stretching and growing in their war tactics with the help of Hige Halik and Japanese General Niwa. The Grik manage a surprise trick to lure the Alliance close enough to damage the ships so they end up on the beach in a terrible, nearly overwhelming battle.
  •  Several ships, with head of nurses, Lieutenant Sandra Tucker, New Britain Princess Rebecca, and salty sailor Silva, are traveling to New Ireland to assist in the battle there. Sandra had hoped to get to see Captain Reddy but he has already headed out to the colonies. 
  •  Major Chack Sab-at (a highly respected Lemurian leader and warrior) and Major Blair (Imperial British) are busy at New Ireland and New Wales fighting the murdering Dominion. They receive some help from the local civilians who recognize that their interests were abandoned by their authorities but meanwhile there is concern about a spy in their midst.
  •  There is a rescue of emaciated men who were being mistreated as prisoners of war on the Japanese prison ship Mizuki Maru which has now been transported to the alternate Earth. One of the men of the group is Orrin Reddy, a pilot and a cousin of Matt Reddy. Orrin joins with Silva to help in the battle at New Wales.
  •  The Grik show up with another surprising weapon, Zeppelins. Only the salvaged PBY aircraft are able to defend against them and prevent disaster to the Alliance leaders and the ship yards at Baalkpan. 
  •  High Priest Adar, Admiral Keje and Rohlac meet to discuss overall plans for ongoing engagement of the enemy and protection of the people. Some of the men returning from other battles and the rescued prisoners look for new assignments deciding where they should serve next.

This is from my Audible Library. I have book seven, Iron Gray Sea, downloaded and waiting for after a few review audio books. :-)

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