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Friday, April 19, 2013

Saturday Snapshot (April 20, 2013) Magical Birthday Photos

A couple of weeks ago my daughter had a magic party to celebrate two April BDs:
Our grandson is 9 years old and our granddaughter turns a big, precocious 2!  I loved the balloon creatures that the magician made so I was trying to get them in the pictures.

This is the my daughter and the birthday girl with a pink poodle.
This was a shot from across the room.

 This is the middle child posing for me with her red dog.
A gorgeous girl whose BD is in December. 
I do fear she will have those middle child issues.

Here is the BD boy and girl with their cakes:
Rabbit in a hat and giant cupcake!
These cakes were made by their paternal grandmothe who makes wonderful cakes.

Here are some more balloon creations:
Flower, swan and frog.
I really wanted a flower but gave my  turn to one of the kids for a second creation.

The magician did a great show 
and in the background (across the room) DH and I watched Beauty and the Beast. :-)
[This is really fuzzy because I took it from the corner of  picture to leave out the sweet girl in front.]

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  1. Wow!! Those cakes are truly amazing!

  2. Awwwww, so cute. And the little ones look so attentive.

  3. You know from the picture, the balloon creation that the girl in the maroon shirt is holding up looks like a penis complete with balls X)

    Yeah, I am one of the givers on World Book Night so I would be out that everning :)

  4. That looks like a terrific birthday party. I wouldn't worry about your middle child -- she doesn't have to share her birthday like her siblings do. Here's Mine

  5. Love the pictures. I always did like the balloon creatures that some people are good at making. I'm not one of those people - mine never did turn out. I love the picture of the rabbit in the hat cat. Their paternal grandmother did a very good job on the cake and the giant cupcake.

  6. Lovely shots...and the kids look gorgeous and happy. Birthday parties are such fun!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. What a fun magical birthday that must have been! Your grandchildren are adorable. They are such a joy to have, aren't they?

  8. That looks like a fantastic party! Gorgeous cakes and creative balloons!

  9. Cakes, bunnies and ballons - what's not to like! Glad you all had such a good time. My Snapshot is at

  10. Adorable photos! The cakes are simply darling, and the balloon creations are wonderful. I have just learned of an artist who uses balloon sculptures as his inspiration.

  11. Such cute pictures and what wonderful memories! Here is my SATURDAY SNAPSHOT post.

  12. It looks like the kids had so much fun! And those cakes, I'd be so sad to cut them - so pretty! Here’s my Saturday snapshot post. ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte

  13. Looks to be a great party- balloon creatures and fabulous cakes.

  14. Aaw, the joys of kiddie birthday parties♫ Looks successful! My SS:


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