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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Book Review and ARC Giveaway: Jake (A Wyoming Sky Novel) by R.C. Ryan

This romance, with mystery and family issues, is solid entertainment.
Jake (A Wyoming Sky Novel)
by R.C. Ryan

  • Mass Market Paperback: 448 pages
  • Publisher: Forever (February 26, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1455502448
  • ISBN-13: 978-1455502448
Genre: Western, Contemporary Romance
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

Book Description
Release date: February 26, 2013 | Series: A Wyoming Sky Novel

Wild at Heart . . .
Jake Conway is good with his hands. A veterinarian known for his gentle touch, he's also the most eligible bachelor in Wyoming. But like any wild animal, Jake longs to roam free . . . until a sultry redhead with a smile from here to heaven turns up in town.
When her estranged father dies, Meg Stanford inherits his rustic ranch-and all the painful memories that come with it. She's determined to settle the estate and face down the ghosts of her past. But a series of midnight break-ins have Meg running from the ranch-and into the arms of the sexy cowboy next door. As their passion grows hotter, the attacks grow bolder. Can Jake keep her safe, or will he lose the only woman he's ever loved?

Meg is a top notch, career-minded attorney from Washington, D.C.. She comes to her childhood home in Paintbrush, Wyoming for the burial of her estranged father and to handle his affairs. In addition to the rustic ranch that she loved as a child she finds a seven year old half brother, Cory. Cory lost his young mother and now he has lost his older, but devoted father. He is reluctant to get close to this strange woman who doesn’t even have proper ranch clothes.

Jake, a gorgeous, veterinarian cowboy, is the remaining bachelor of the three Conway sons who live at the ranch next to Meg’s.  He responds to a phone message to check on Cory’s beloved horse who has an unexplained injury.  Jake is able to soothe Cory along with the horse.

When Meg has to cope with night time break ins and vandalism Jake is soon stopping by to offer protection and support. Meg struggles with why someone would threaten her even as she slowly remembers why she loved the ranch and the father whom she thought abandoned her. Although they know their life-styles are different, concerns and passion draw Meg and Jake together.

The writing is very smooth and cozy.  I was quickly engaged by the likeable characters and the storyline. I was eager to know what was going on and even more eager for Jake to convince Meg that she should stay in Wyoming.  The romance moves along at a nice pace and is heated without getting overly graphic.

There is the fine threat of danger with the mystery that there is more to the background than anyone knows.  I did feel that some of the protective expertise expected of Meg’s professional team was lacking but it played into the story.

There is conflict and warmth provided by Meg’s young, impressionable brother. Then there is the added charm of  Jake’s lively household which consists of his granddad, dad, a housekeeper and a cook who have been with the family a long time, and two brothers with their new brides.

I liked how Ms. Ryan addressed the impact of loss on the characters: by marital separation for Meg, death for Cory and unexplained mystery for the Conway family. There are lessons of forgiveness and moving on to live one’s life fully that include a secondary, sweet romance. I recommend this book to those who enjoy a rich, warm romance that has a solid plot with life issues and a little bit of mystery packaged in good strong writing.

I received this book from Grand Central Publishing, Hachette, Forever division.
The story is set in Wyoming for my 2013 Where Are You Reading Challenge.


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  1. While on her web site I learned that she has written over 100 books and I put over seven of them on my TRL already. I didn't know she also wrote about Highlanders. Great chance to win Jake. Thank you.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  2. I learned she's written about 100 novels. I love her westerns

  3. Thanks for sharing! Wow... didn't know that Ruth has written 100 books! Congrats to her on her success!

  4. Who doesn't love a good cowboy story? I'll definitely be adding this one to my TBR.

  5. Thank you for the giveaway! There's nothin' like a cowboy!


  6. She has written approximately 100 books.

  7. I'm excited to read this book and the previous two in this series! I live in Utah and love to read books that have setting close to home where I can really relate to the settings. I'll for sure be putting these books on my must read list! :)

  8. I learned that Ruth has written approximately 100 novels. I also saw that Ruth's first six historical's, originally published by Pocket Books and their imprint Tapestry, are now available as ebooks!

  9. She's written contemporary and historical books.

  10. I didn't realize there were two other books to this series; I enjoyed (and reviewed) her Montana Legacy series; I haven't seen this one.

  11. Ruth is a charter member of Romance Writers of America, as well as a member of the Detroit Working Writers.

    tiramisu392 (at)

  12. I found that Ruth has a whole list of books she's written - I'm going to have to check to see if I've ready any of them - I think I must have!

  13. I learned that all of her books are a name of a guy. Cool concept.

    mestith at gmail dot com


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