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Friday, April 26, 2013

Audio Book #Review: Hunter by Robert Bidinotto

If you like thrillers don't miss this engaging and thought provoking story.
Hunter: A Thriller 
by Robert Bidinotto
Genre: Thriller
My Rating: 4.75 of 5.0
Highly Recommended

Publisher's Summary
A Wall Street Journal Top 10 national best seller
Number one Kindle best seller in "Mysteries & Thrillers"
Who is hunter?
Who is Prey?
Who will survive?

Award-winning true-crime author Robert Bidinotto makes his stunning fiction debut with a best-selling thriller that has earned more than 200 "5-star" rave reviews from readers.

Two people, passionately in love.
But each hides a deadly secret.
He is a crusading vigilante, on a violent quest for justice.
She is tracking this unknown assassin, sworn to stop him.
Neither realizes the truth about the other.
And neither knows that a terrifying predator is hunting them both....

From its first moments, Hunter takes you on a nonstop thrill ride: from the top floor of the CIA, to the marbled corridors of Capitol Hill...from the posh hotels of downtown Washington, to the city's mean, violent streets. It introduces a colorful new hero for our time - and a dazzling heroine every bit his equal.

A spy mystery...a crime thriller...a passionate romance: Hunter is a genre-bending novel unlike any you've read. Deviously plotted, filled with vivid characters, and propelled at a breakneck pace, it's a tale as memorable for its provocative ideas as for a rousing climax that has readers cheering.

If you enjoy the thrillers of Lee Child, Stephen Hunter, Brad Thor, and Vince Flynn, you'll love Hunter.

©2011 Robert Bidinotto (P)2012 Robert Bidinotto

Dylan Hunter is a complex, mysterious man. He is a hard hitting reporter who goes after injustice in his articles. He exposes criminals and the prosecutors, judges and psychiatrists who help them go free or get out of prison when they should have stayed behind bars.  He doesn’t let people close as he has a past and secrets to protect. Then he meets Annie Woods at a funeral. She has secrets too and trust issues resulting from her cheating ex-husband. Not to mention her wariness due to all the crime she sees in her work with the CIA.

Dylan convinces Annie to go out with him. He is open and warm and has a valid explanation why there is no record of him prior to two years back.  Their friendship quickly moves to a love affair and then develops more deeply. But neither one knows the past or truth about the other and Annie’s past is soon to collide with Dylan’s present in a way that is hazardous to all involved.

Annie introduces Dylan to a group of hurting crime survivors – people who have lost a loved one to brutal criminals.  Dylan writes about the horrible and tragic deaths and then the vicious perpetrators begin to show up dead with copies of his articles placed at each crime scene. There are no leads to the vigilante killer and, needless to say, the police aren’t too broken hearted about the deaths. A special task force is set up to investigate and Annie is connected to the task force due to a murder of a government traitor before he could be brought to justice.

This story kicks off with intrigue and it continues at a steady, high pace. I liked how Mr. Bidinotto presented the stake outs and the murders with methodical detail that built the tension for each scene.  The characters are well developed and it was hard not to like Dylan even though his actions are outside of the law. The ideological arguments are interesting: that misguided sympathy and well-minded idealists are enabling the criminals and making the judicial and penal system completely ineffective in fighting true criminals. This is really a great thriller that keeps your attention from beginning to end as you wait for the collision of secrets to hit Annie and Dylan.

Audio Notes:
I enjoyed the narration by Conor Hall.  He does a fairly good job with the different voices although the females were a bit rough. This didn't distract from the overall effect though. Mr. Hall does a good job of conveying the sense of tension and danger and carries the intensity throughout the reading.

I received this Audible download, for an honest review, from Robert Bidinotto through Audiobook Jukebox.

This is set in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland for my 2013 Where Are You Reading Challenge. This is also a New Author for me.

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