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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Book #Review: The Sword in the Stars (Book 1) by Wayne Thomas Batson

I loved this remarkable epic fantasy with a redemption message.
The Sword in the Stars (Book1)
in The Dark Sea Annals Series
by Wayne Thomas Batson
  • File Size: 1440 KB
  • Print Length: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Living Ink Books, an imprint of AMG Publishers (June 29, 2011)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B005DM32L4
Genre: Fantasy, Christian
My Rating: 5.0 of 5.0

Book Description
Publication Date: August 9, 2010 | Series: The Dark Sea Annals

Centuries have passed since the Silence, and the few remaining faithful cling to the ancient prophecies of the First One.  They wait for the Caller and watch the skies for the Sword in the Stars, even as the world they've always  known unravels around  them.

 Murderous Gorracks have secretly penetrated the kingdom's borders. Their attacks grow more brazen...more horrific, threatening to touch off a war on a scale  that hasn't been seen in seven ages.

   In  the capital city of Anglinore, noble King Aravel ponders  the advice of  this twin brother Morlan:  declare all out war on the Gorrack nation.  While Anglinore's High Shepherd, the wise Sebastian Grenlaff urges caution and listens to troubling voices on the wind.

   Queen Mariel, due to deliver a child any day, suspects the unthinkable about her husband's brother Morlan.  She sets off alone to Morlan's castle in Dunharrow, hoping against hope that she can keep old wounds from erupting in war.

    Alastair Coldharrow,  tortured by an addiction to the outlawed Witchdrale and haunted by a violent past, wagers his life on the hope that the foretold Halfainin, the Pathwalker, would come.  When at  last, the Sword appears in the Stars, Alastair begins a fruitless search for the Halfainin that leaves him disillusioned, broken, and lost.  Used to caring only for himself, Alastair will enter a maelstrom of conflict as loyalties are tested, dark schemes are hatched, and  the many realms of Myriad brace  themselves for war.

   Will Alastair realize what he has before its too late...for everyone?

This is a wonderfully entertaining allegory (like Narnia) of the story of Good versus Evil; worshipers of the First One versus worshipers of  a Dark Lord. The story includes prophesies leading men to seek for a deliverer who will defeat the evil one. And what would such an epic tale be without a troubled man seeking redemption?

Alastair is more than a soldier – he is a top skilled assassin. Alastair used to lead troops  eliminating whole villages and towns under the orders of dark Morlan.  Morlan falls deeper and deeper into the hands of darkness as he craves power to become king and take over all the things his twin brother has, especially the throne and the woman Morlan loved before she married King Aravel.

One day on a vicious raid Alastair killed a man who used to be another warrior like him. Even as the man lay dying his wife looked at Alastair and offered to forgive by accepting the words and love of the First One.  Alastair spares the life of the woman and child although he cuts the book in two. Later he finds her and accepts the mended book.  He leaves the ranks of Morlan’s army and goes into hiding while he searches for signs of the Halfainin who the book proclaims will destroy the evil leader and bring peace. As Alastair struggles to overcome his alcoholic addiction he believes that the Halfainin will be the only one who can bring redemption from his past misdeeds.

Alastair believes he is ‘the caller,’ the one to find the Halfainin. This story starts when Alastair sees the sign of the coming of the Halfainin and he follows the sword to seek the deliverer. He tests young people to try to find the one with the right qualities.  He is disappointed in his search but before he can return home he rescues a young woman who thrusts her baby into his hands. Alastair slays most of her pursuers who appear to be Gorrack troops but turn out to be warriors in disguise.

Alastair seeks help from a friend, Abbagael, to take care of the child. She has had a crush on Alastair for a long time although he doesn’t feel worthy of her regard. Their travels bring them to magical places and friends. They also are led to battle and to service under the rightful King Aravel.  Alastair goes by an assumed name as he is an infamous criminal with a price on his head.

Morlan has become impatient waiting for his brother to fail so he contrives a way to instigate war. Eventually he plans to wear down King Avarel until he can be overtaken by the army that Morlan is hiding. Neither King Aravel, his Queen or the other leaders suspect that Morlan has been behind so much evil.

Alastair has facts to share with the King and the allied leaders. Alastair has gained fame and favor for his wise war strategies and his bravery, but what will happen if he reveals his past to Abbagael and the King’s leaders?

I liked Alastair’s beleaguered character right from the beginning of the story. The author’s storytelling pulled me right into the magical tale and I didn’t want to put this down. I was anxious to discover who the Halfainin would be, how romance would develop for Alastair and Abbagael and  see when and how Morlan would be exposed.  I really enjoyed the tidbits of wisdom or folklore that begin each chapter.  The story is full of action and there is humor, excitement, fear, sadness, greed and love---oh so many human emotions.  The story concludes with some victories but clearly treachery and more conflict are to come.  If you enjoy magical tales of good versus evil forces I highly recommend this book for great entertainment.

Examples of wisdom shared at the Chapter headings:
Chapter 25 The Bone Chapel:
     When one believes that by controlling the deaths of others he will gain control of his own life, he has left the path of reason. Location 2702
Chapter 30 Stormy Seas:
     Standing on shore and staring at the water won’t get you to the other side of the sea. Location 3310.
I received this from NetGalley for review.;

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