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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Words of Encouragement January 8, 2012

Today we celebrated Epiphany:...a Christian festival commemorating the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles in the persons of the Magi.  Our Pastor's message was: The Unimaginable.  That certainly is an oxymoron because we can not imagine.

How could man imagine a King, a Savior, would be born in a stable as a baby? 
How could the Wise Men know what awaited them when they followed a distant star to bring gifts?

How can we imagine that God loves us so much and gives us grace when we are so undeserving?

As our pastor stated: "You never know what to expect on your journey with God as it will be beyond imagination."
"... Think the unimaginable..." as God's plans are "...beyond your wildest dreams."

Recognize that "what is impossible with man is possible with God." Luke 18:27.

The Video I had chosen for today is not available for embedding.
I hope you will take a moment to visit this beautiful song!
Now That I Held Him in My Arms, by Michael Card.
This describes Simeon's reaction to the infant baby Jesus when he is brought to the Temple.

A Verse for Today:
Luke 1:37 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
37 For nothing will be impossible with God.

We prayed this morning for faith to recognize that God still does the impossible today in His will, His timing and His way.
I am looking forward to our prayer service tonight.


  1. We have experienced the impossible this week, as something negatively unimaginable happened, but God turned it right around within 24 hours. He is the God of the unimaginable and impossible and I give Him thanks. Thank you for your words today!

    1. Thanks for your comment Nise' - it gave me chills. :-)


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