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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sharing Beyond Books #33 Comment Giveaway January 28, 2012

Welcome to a late evening SBB.  I've had a crazy week and busy day even today. I have to travel five hours tomorrow to attend closings on Monday.

Thank you to all those who commented last week.
The majority wear some mix of pjs and tshirts. I had to laugh at Carol L's comment - 'maybe she should have switched to PJs before getting 7 kids!'  LOL  Abby mentioned she likes her socks which I have to agree with especially during the cold weather.

There was a tie for chapter preference: eight had no preference and eight favored short chapters. Three like mixed length, depending on the genre; one liked long, and one liked mid-length.


The Winner from SBB #32 comments is: #15 Carol L. There are still 9 'love' books to pick from, 3 Christmas choices and 1 Summer titles below. Carol L please choose a book from the remaining Love Books List for Giveaway or remaining Christmas Giveaway Books, the one summer book below OR pick from the ARC box and let me know your choice, your address and a choice of bookmarks by completing the WINNER FORM.

WEEK #33 Questions

Q1. This week winnie asks:  What do you think about love triangles in romances??
A:  I'm not big on infidelity so to that extent I don't like love triangles. Sorry - even the Guenevere and Lancelot affair is wrong in my mind, not romantic. But a triangle can create good conflict if set up as a difficult decision between two possible partners, a misunderstanding or where one doesn't realize how another feels and there is confusion, but not actual betrayal.

Guess who.
I didn't think of this love triangle right away but found it in images.

Q2. Here is my question: Name any two picky habits. Limit it to two but if you want to repeat this question say so in the comment so I'll know to add it again. *BG*
A:  These are two that I am very aware of: a) I really want the toilet paper to pull in front and I will change it at places like church.  b) I like to fill the dishwasher MY way... so it's just as easy to let me do it. :-)
Thanks to those who are sending in Questions. DON'T BE SHY! Surely everyone has a Q or two you'd like to ask.  Input suggestions in this Suggested Question FormAt the end of each month I will draw from the suggestions I used the month before and that person will get a book choice or GC. I thank everyone for submitting questions but some of you others might want to get in a question or two as we have a few people submitting most of the questions so far.  Either way - it works for me. :-)  The question list is getting low so feel free to send in a Q or 2 or 4! Remember they don't all have to be book related. I'm going to be asking some other questions soon! 
Questions in January have been provided by: mamabunny13; Abby, Mad Moose Mama and winnie. The winner of a book pick is #3 Mad Moose Mama.  Congratulations! Please fill in the Winner form with your book pick.
Your turn to share:

1. This week winnie asks: What do you think about love triangles in romances??

2. Name any two picky habits. Limit it to two but if you want to repeat this question say so in the comment so I'll know to add it again.

SBB Comment Winners can choose a selection from the remaining  Valentine and "Love" books or the remaining Christmas Giveaway Books - there are still about 12 books available plus 2 left in the Summer titles to choose from. Also I have added the Review and ARC Box now.

My copy is a paperback from 2006
with a different cover.

A Summer Affair (Calhoun Chronicles) 
A Summer Affair (Calhoun Chronicles)
I love Susan Wigg's historicals!

SBB Rules: a) Must be a follower; 
b) Share a comment on any (or all) of the two/three questions above.
Open internationally and an international winner may get a smaller book or a $5.00 GC if I decide the mailing is too much.
I will pick a Comment winner from all comments made by Friday, February 3, 2012 at 10PM central.


  1. 1. I agree with you on the love triangles - I'm not fond of those that include infidelity, yet the ones who simply create tension because the woman (and let's face it, it's usually the woman) can't quite make up her mind, I do like.

    2. Ha, I might not change loo rolls in public restrooms, but at home I want to pull it from the front as well. What is it with putting the roll up the other way round anyway?
    As to my own picky habits - I always end up folding the towels, because obviously I'm the only person around who knows just HOW they are supposed to be folded (don't even ask).
    Uhm, can't think of any other picky habit now, though I'm sure I've acquired a fare share over the years. Isn't it a blessing how forgetfulness sets in when you need it the most *wink*.

  2. 1. Sometimes with love triangles, it seems rather obvious who the girl should be with. When this is the case I just want to make her see sense & quickly. I think it's mean to string two guys along. Reading this back, I'm really not a big fan of love triangles am I?

    2. If you use the last of something how hard is it to write it down on the shopping list???? I can't get my family to do this & it drives me crazy.
    Don't use my favourite coffee mug. What if you break it? What if I want to use it? What if...?? Basically, just because!!


  3. 1. I don't read a lot of romances, so I really don't know what I think about love triangles in them. I have read some YAs with love triangles, and most of the time, they really don't work too well.
    2. a. My books are in a very specific order that only makes sense to me and, my family knows this, so they try to mess with me by rearranging them. b. When I get in the car, the seat has to all the way down, the seatbelt all the way up, and the visor must be pushed into its little holder thing.

  4. Congrats to all the winners and thank you for mine. :)
    As for love triangles I think it depends on whose writing and what I'm in the mood to read. I personally don't believe in them, someone is always going to get hurt one way or another.
    Two picky habits for me, one would be the opposite of yours concerning the toilet paper. I have to have it facing from the underside. lol And the other is I cannot go to bed, no matte how tired I am if there are any glasses or dishes in the sink. lol I'm really not compulsive or obsessive it's just that one quirk. :)
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  5. I don't care for love triangles very much. However Stephanie Plum's relationships with Ranger and Morelli is quite interesting since she is not committed to either one of them. (I am only on #14)

  6. Martha, you must be a mind reader because my two biggest picky habits are the same as yours! I guess great minds think alike :D I can't tell you how many times I've had to re-load the dishwasher or change the direction of the toilet tissue in my house!
    mamabunny13 at gmail dot com

  7. a) I hate love triangles, the reader typically already knows how the book will end anyway! I hate it when one character is led on and on and on.
    b) I'm definitely OCD. I have a certain way of packing my backpack for school that I have to do and I have a specific method for writing papers that I never deviate from.

  8. I love love triangles in books. It makes the book more interesting. There are different types of love and some times it takes a little bit of time for the person to know the difference. For example, the love triangle in Twilight, Bella loved both Edward and Jacob but the love she felt for Jacob was more of a brotherly or friendship type of love. The love she felt for Edward was different. It was true love. They had a bond and connection that went beyond anything she felt for Jacob. She couldn't live without him.

  9. The picture of the toilet paper going the "right way" has me thinking of the cover of a romance, Nancy's Theory of Style, one you might enjoy!

  10. 1. I'm not a fan of love triangles. I think it rarely happens in real life, and seems a bit like a book cope out.

    2a. I have a thing about staples. 4 staples in 5 sheets of paper drives me crazy. It's also something I see every day at work. I am compelled to take them all out and replace them with one single staple.

    2b. Garbage on the counter. My husband does this all the time, and it bothers me so much. Especially since he has to pass the garbage to get to the counter. Boo!

  11. 1. It long as the hero/heroine end up with one person and there's no cheating, I'm fine with it.
    2. Bent pages in books; hangers facing the wrong direction

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  12. The love triangle plot is not my favorite, but I have enjoyed a few romances with that premise. One picky habit includes having the shower gel and shampoo bottles facing a certain way and another is sorting the condiments in the fridge.

  13. I don't mind love triangles but would prefer a book without them vs with them

    I live in a total male dominated household - when I'm doing their laundry I can't stand it when they throw their shirts inside out into the laundry bin - aaaggghhh. Also if something is empty throw it out - don't leave an empty container for me!

  14. 1. I do love love triangles. They always add that drama to a love story. Who to choose?

    2. a) My brother never stirs his coffee after adding creamo. Drives me nuts! I have to stir his coffee for him when I see him do this.

    b)Leaving throw blankets in a messy pile on the couch. I like to see them folded after use.

    My pick this week : Making Waves


  15. 1. This week winnie asks: What do you think about love triangles in romances??
    In my opinion they became dull and aren't interesting anymore. The first love triangle I've heard about was from Twilight and it was nice... And suddenly I was flooded with similaries! Now I've enough of them!

    2. Name any two picky habits.
    1) Helping my mum. I do my errands slower than she but still I can't help it but insist on replacing her in all her houseworks xD
    2) Sorting books according to cover's color


  16. 1. I also really don't like infidelity, so any love triangles that include cheating of any kind is not the type of romance I like to read. However, if it's a love triangle between love interests before anyone in it makes a commitment to one partner, I do generally like because it can create some good tension and conflict (unless the author doesn't handle the love triangle well, in which case it can just seem ridiculous).

    2. I like the toilet paper to pull in front as well so I would often change it to that way around the house. Another habit of mine would be always lining up remotes the same way on the arm of the couch.

  17. 1. I love them if they have 2 genuine people trying to win the love of the 1, and that each of the 2 has different things that attracts the 1, and that it's worked carefully into the story. They can be a lot of fun to read!!!

    2. I have a picky way of doing the dishes, and where they go in the dishwasher, which is annoying when someone puts something in the wrong place. I have them where they're supposed to be so it's easier to unload and put them away! And I can't think of another :)


Your comments are always appreciated!


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