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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sourcebooks' Special eBook Offers for January - Time Sensitive!

CHECK OUT THESE SPECIALS for some great reads at great prices - from info sent in from Sourcebooks! Don't miss the first title link which is active TODAY!!

Gabrielle Kimm’s His Last Duchess is the Daily Deal on Amazon Kindle today. You can get it for only .99 cents here!
That’s my last duchess painted on the wall…
Seduced by the hot sun and blinding passions of Renaissance Italy, sixteen-year-old Lucrezia de’ Medici sees a gilded life stretching ahead. Her wealthy new husband handpicked her to be his bride, and his great castle in Ferrara will be her playground. But Alfonso d’Este, Duke of Ferrara quickly proves to be just as dangerous and mysterious as he is dark and handsome, and the stone walls of the castle seem to trap Lucrezia like a prison.

Only the duke’s lover Francesca seems able to tame his increasing fury, as his desperate need to produce an heir drives him deep into precarious obsession. With her head full of heartbroken dreams, Lucrezia flees from him down a dangerous path that may cost her everything.

Step into the elegant world of the Robert Browning poem “My Last Duchess,” as imagined by Gabrielle Kimm, where she brings to life the passions and people of sixteenth-century Tuscany and Ferrara. It is a chilling story of forbidden love and dark decadence that will haunt you.

“A saucy account of Lucrezia de’ Medici’s ill-fated marriage, inspired by Robert Browning’s poem “My Last Duchess.”
            - Kirkus

“Kimm neatly ties up all the loose ends while cleverly setting the stage for a spin-off. Poetry enthusiasts will be intrigued and historical fiction fans will appreciate the authentic Renaissance-era detailing.”

“This strong first novel is marked by well-developed, memorable protagonists and a pacing that quickens and builds readers' anxiety as the story progresses.”
            - Library Journal 

Good Afternoon,

I have some really great eBook deals to share with you for the month of January. We have some great romance titles and also some books to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions!

As always, please be patient if our online retailers don’t have every single title uploaded to their discounted price points, but the promotions are set to begin on the start dates listed below. These deals are available with all major e-Book retailers!

Feel free to share the info with your blog readers, on Facebook and Twitter, and however else you’d like to spread the word. Please be sure to check the dates—some of our titles have different start dates than others, but I wanted to let you know what will be happening during this month!

You can always receive the latest information about our eBook deals by checking our eBook deals page, which also lists our eBook retailer partners:

Happy New Year!

Sourcebooks January Deals and Discounts!

The Lady of the Storm by Kathryne Kennedy
Promotional Price: $1.99 (1/10/2012 – 2/6/2012)
Fantasy Romance

There’s a thin line between duty and desire…
Giles Beaumont is stuck in a role he never wanted, trying to safeguard a woman of incendiary powers who doesn’t think she needs a protector.

Cecily Sutton has no idea of the enormity of her true task and no inkling of the effect she’s having on Giles. But somewhere along their perilous journey together, they’ll have no choice but to uncover the deep, dark connection that binds them one to the other…

Lose yourself in renowned author Kathryne Kennedy’s gorgeous love story set in a lush world made of equal parts wonder and danger.

Kathryn Kennedy's thrilling conclusion to the Elven Lords Series, The Lord of Illusion, releases in February. Check out The Lady of the Storm first!

The Making of a Duchess by Shana Galen
Promotional Price: $1.99 (1/10/2012 – 2/6/2012)
Regency/Adventure Romance

A very dangerous attraction…
Julien Harcourt, duc de Valère, is more than willing to marry the lovely young lady his mother has chosen. Little does he know, she’s been sent to prove him a spy and a traitor…

And an even more dangerous secret…
Sarah Smith’s mission is to find out whether the Duc’s trips to the Continent are as innocent as he claims, but the way he looks at her is far from innocent…

Their risky game of cat and mouse propels them from the ballrooms of London to the prisons of Paris, and into a fragile love that may not survive their deceptions…

Shana Galen’s new book and highly-anticipated conclusion to the Sons of the Revolution Trilogy, The Rogue Pirate’s Bride, will be available in February!

Warrior by Cheryl Brooks
Promotional Price: $1.99 (1/24/2012 – 2/6/2012)
Sci Fi Romance

“He came to me in the dead of winter, his body burning with fever.”

Even near death, his sensuality is amazing...
Leo arrives on Tisana's doorstep a beaten slave from a near-extinct race with feline genes. As soon as Leo recovers his strength, he'll use his extraordinary sexual talents to bewitch Tisana and make a bolt for freedom...

She has only one chance to tame him...
Tisana, whose healing powers are legendary, already knows Leo's the one who can help her fulfill her destiny... she can't let him get away now. Forced together on a dangerous journey, Tisana must reveal all of her powers, and Leo must give all of himself to gain his freedom...

Cheryl Brooks’ new book Stud, Book 8 in the Cat Star Chronicles, releases in February! Visit her captivating world with Warrior!

A New Year, A New You!

Nonfiction eBooks for $1.99 (1/1/2012 – 1/31/2012)

SPECIAL OFFER: Start the New Year off right with 40 fantastic titles to help make this year the best yet!  For the month of January, Sourcebooks is offering a wide range of nonfiction titles for only $1.99.  With great selections from categories like Business, Diet & Health, Parenting, and Self Help, no matter what your resolution, we’ve got you covered! To see the full list of titles, please visit this page:

In conjunction with this great offer, we’re also giving away one title FREE each week in January:
·         20 Retirement Decisions You Need to Make Right Now (1/8/2012 – 1/14/2012)
·         How To Unspoil Your Child Fast (1/15/2012 – 1/21/2012)
·         Instant Self-Hypnosis (1/22/2012 – 1/28/2012)

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