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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Audio Book Review: Quest of the Dreamwalker: The Corthan Legacy, Book 1 by Stacy Bennett

This epic fantasy is well-written, a page-turner and wonderfully preformed!
Quest of the Dreamwalker: The Corthan Legacy, Book 1
Written by: Stacy Bennett
Narrated by: Zachary Johnson

Written by: Stacy Bennett
Narrated by: Zachary Johnson
Length: 14 hrs and 49 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:05-05-17
Publisher: Miramae Press
Genre: Epic Fantasy
My Rating: 5.0 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
Cara has been a prisoner all her life, shackled by a broken soul and fear of her father's temper. When a mercenary captain is taken prisoner, he sparks something in her she doesn't recognize - rebellion. Determined to save the captain's life, she flees with him intent on leaving her past behind. It isn't love that drives her father's zealous pursuit, but a hidden magical birthright she never knew about. Now she must solve the puzzle of her past before her father kills everyone she loves in his bid to reclaim her.
©2016 Stacy Bennett (P)2017 Miramae Press

Cara has been “used” by Father all her life as she dutifully obeys the only human she has ever spoken to. Cara has never been allowed beyond the stables where she cares for her beloved bears. The people who come to the Keep are captives who become no more than dust in Father’s ceremonial room. Cara has strange dreams of a beautiful woodland where she finds shelter when Father “feeds” on her soul.

A new set of captives is delivered to the fortress where they are greeted with a bountiful, feast – for one night anyway. Cara is forbidden to share in the bounty and forbidden to talk to the “guests”. But this time she sneaks into the great hall to steal some food and finds two men hidden behind a pillar. One is a big, young man with striking red-gold hair and beard. The other is a dark haired, rough man, a bit more mature and with an imposing look of strength. Cara is startled when the young man speaks one word: “Please”.

Cara is drawn to the dungeons where the red headed man, Archer, speaks kindly to her and asks about his friend, Captain Khoury. Father threatens that these men will be his next sacrifices. For the first time in her life Cara dares to rebel by releasing the two men who have been kind to her. There are dangers before the men break out of the keep which is just the start of the trouble. They take Cara with them, but can they elude the evil sorcerer?

After escaping the first obstacle the captain, Archer and Cara seek shelter in Archer’s homeland. Cara is befriended by the Bear-Clan chieftain who senses the magic hidden within her. The village is attacked by giants and many new friends are lost. Cara, Archer, the chieftain and the captain escape, setting off again to find a way to fight the sorcerer. Along the journey Cara stumbles into a forbidden forest where no men are permitted. They are spared when a leader helps them by sending a social misfit, brave and resentful Falin, to help lead them out of the forest and to their next destination.

Each of the characters has a depth of history and pain which is shared in brief glimpses, with mysteries swirling for all of them. The strong-willed, independent Falin is an interesting contrast to the caring, dependent Cara. There are hints and twists, but most of the character backgrounds are not revealed until late in the story.

There are a few respites between the fast-paced action scenes. The escaping companions did not realize the powerful sorcerer would use an arsenal of tools- storms, giants, fire, a dragon and more- to get Cara back. Khoury might not readily acknowledge his love for Cara but he isn’t about to let her go easily. Khoury is a darkish knight (in truth a mercenary) but he is still a knight in my eyes. I loved the spellbinding story, the strong characters and the steady action. I guessed a few parts but there were still secrets at the end. This story comes to a conclusion but there is a clear path for the next book which I look forward to. I highly recommend this gripping page-turner to fantasy lovers!

Audio Notes: Zachary Johnson provides amazing narration that I thought was 'spot on'. It was clear he put in a lot of preparation so that the story flowed seamlessly from beginning to end. Zach provides wonderful accents for the characters and although he doesn’t present 'female' voices he clearly portrays the females by inflection, emotion and nuances that fit the characters. The combination of the story and the narration made this audio hard for me to turn off!

I received this audio title from the narrator through AudioBook Boom. It qualifies for my Audiobook Challenge. 
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Author Website for Stacy Bennett

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