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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Book Review and Giveaway: A Talent for Trouble by Jen Turano

This is light, fun, sweet romance.
A Talent for Trouble (Ladies of Distinction Book #3)
by Jen Turano
File Size: 1360 KB
Print Length: 354 pages
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers (October 1, 2013)
Genre: Historical Romance, Inspirational
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

For years, Miss Felicia Murdock's every thought and action have been in pursuit of becoming a minister's wife. When the minister she'd set her sights on has other ideas, she decides something in her life needs to change--and soon--before she wastes any more time pretending to be someone she's not. If that means spreading her wings and embracing a more lively way of life, who's to say nay?
Grayson Sumner, Lord Sefton, has had more than enough of spreading his wings and only hopes to settle into the life of a respectable New York gentleman. Prompted by some friends to lift the spirits of the disappointed-in-love Miss Murdock, he is surprised to encounter an adventurous young lady with an unfortunate knack for stumbling into troublesome situations.
Just as Grayson decides he's had quite enough of her antics, his past comes back to haunt him and his presence in Felicia's life endangers her. As they work together to extricate themselves from this latest complication, will Grayson and Felicia decide they want to spend the rest of their lives keeping one another out of trouble?

Felicia had convinced herself that she was to marry the local preacher. She conducted herself as 'piously' as she could for four years trying to gain his affections. When the preacher married someone else, Felicia had to rediscover who she truly was. According to her family and friends Felicia is a good person with an impulsive nature… and a talent for trouble.

Felicia’s friends coerce Grayson, Lord Sefton, to begin to escort her so that other men of society will see she is available. Grayson had a rebellious, wild youth that sent him off to China. After tragedy struck he returned home and learned to control himself to protect his young daughter.

Felicia was delivering food and clothing to some seedy parts of town when her pony refused to move. Next thing Felicia is helping an elderly man who stumbled on the sidewalk. She helped him into a nearby pub where no respectable young lady should go. Felicia strides into one inappropriate situation after another. Fortunately, Grayson seems to be following her and is able to extricate her from most of the troubles. But Grayson has a past that has followed him from China and Felicia has managed to insinuate herself in the midst of his troubles.

Grayson is attracted to the lively young woman but feels his past makes him unacceptable for someone as good as Felicia. Can these two find forgiveness and grace to accept their past and find a future with love?

This is light, easy and enjoyable reading. Once you get past the first couple of pages and Felicia’s true personality is released, she is a hoot! Grayson thinks he has done awful things, and perhaps he did. But underneath he is a good man and it takes Felicia’s acceptance and shared grief with his sister for Grayson to begin to believe there may be redemption. The faith messages are lightly woven in.

The ladies’ book club members enjoyed this author before and we agreed it is nice to pick up a reliable, easy read once in a while. We recommend this to readers who enjoy light, clean romance.

This was Ladies Book Club read for March. It qualifies for 2017 Mount TBR.

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  1. interesting author's represented by the Natasha Kern Literary Agency

  2. It sounds like an enjoyable story!

  3. I liked the review, sounds like a good read.

  4. "A Talent for Trouble" sounds like an interesting read. Love the cover, you can see the look of trouble in Felicia's eyes.

  5. Is the character on the cover as sassy as she looks? LOL.

  6. I read that Jen spends her time outside of Denver with her husband and neurotic Cattle Dog, enjoying herself as an empty-nester

    tiramisu392 (at)

  7. this author has nine books - I don't know why I haven't read her books yet!

  8. I've read other reviews that mention how fun Jen Turano's books are!

  9. Sounds like a real fun read.


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