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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Interview with Sean Danker, Author of Admiral, Plus Giveaway!

MBS is pleased to welcome Sean Danker, author of Admiral, for interview today.
I enjoyed this sci fi mystery adventure. Please see my REVIEW for more information about the book. 

Q1. Why sci fi mystery? What do you enjoy most about writing, and reading, in the genre?

SEAN: I've always been into mysteries, and SF appeals to me because it's home to straightforward, exciting things like creature features, but it can also be used to explore larger and more complex issues.

Q2. What inspired you to write this particular story?

SEAN: I really wanted to do something in space - there's been a lot of SF in my life, so it was kind of a given that at some point I'd write a space opera. With Admiral, I got to combine the things that characterize my writing in other genres with the things I really like in science fiction.

Q3. What is the biggest obstacle you have to overcome when you want to write?
SEAN: Deciding which projects to pursue has been a struggle for me. Sometimes the book I want to write isn't necessarily the most commercially viable book to write. I have to find a balance.

Q4. Can you please share one thing you found surprising or unusual when researching or writing Admiral?
SEAN: I originally wrote Admiral as a standalone novel telling a very contained story; I was worried when I was asked to turn it into a series, but the story actually lent itself very well to sequels and an overarching story - that surprised me, but I'm really pleased with the way it's turned out.

Q5. Do your work career/hobbies/interests influence your writing?
SEAN: My hobbies and interests certainly do, but I try to keep fiction and my professional life separate.

Q6. What are some of the best tips you’ve received on writing and what one tip would you pass on to new authors?
SEAN: The best tip I've ever gotten is to persevere - whether in the writing itself or the publication process. Not giving up is important in any career. A thick skin and a willingness to cooperate are good to have too.

Q7. What do you normally read and what are you reading now?
SEAN: My reading's pretty eclectic, but at the moment I'm reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Q8. Are the interesting portraits on your blog your own art work? Renderings of your views of your characters?
SEAN: There might be some of my work on the site somewhere, but the vast majority of what goes into the blog posts is done by other artists.

Thank you for sharing with your readers.

Sean Danker has been writing since he was fifteen. He read entirely too much Asimov in college, and now we’re all paying the price for it. His hobbies include biting off more than he can chew, feeling sorry for himself on Twitter, and telling people to lighten up. He is currently serving in the military on a base in North Dakota. Find the author online at
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  1. interesting it was written as a standalone

  2. I read that Sean Danker hates everything, especially author bios. thats kind of funny

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