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Friday, May 27, 2016

Audible Book Review: The Jewel of Dantenos: The FREE Lee Starfinder Adventure by Brian D. Anderson

This short introduction to the series has good action and intrigue.
The Jewel of Dantenos: The FREE Lee Starfinder Adventure: from the World of the Godling Chronicles, Book 0.5
Written by: Brian D. Anderson
Narrated by: Derek Perkins
Length: 1 hr and 52 mins
Series: The Godling Chronicles, Book 0.5
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:09-05-14
Publisher: Podium Publishing
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
My Rating: 4.25 and 5.0

Publisher's Summary
From the world of The Godling Chronicles.
Filled with confidence and no small measure of arrogance, young Lee Starfinder, along with Millet Gristall, set off on their very first adventure. Lee quickly discovers that life beyond Hazrah can be far deadlier than he could have ever imagined. And soon he must learn that muscle and steel cannot replace loyalty, bravery, and friendship.
©2014 Brian D. Anderson (P)2014 Podium Publishing

Lee Starfinder is an arrogant young man who knows his strength and fighting skills exceed others. He has a special background, as a Godling, that makes him view himself as superior. Lee suffers through the companionship of his servant/assistant, Mill Gristall. They are traveling on Lee’s first adventure when they are distracted on the path by a young woman who appears to be in distress. They move beyond their normal cautious routines to help her only to be led into a trap.

Lee and Mill are captured by a pirate gang who are set on uncovering the rumored Jewel of Dantenos. The leader is convinced he has a reliable map to the treasure. However, they have found a dark, deadly presence in the caves which is killing his men. Lee makes a deal that if he can kill the dark “demon” he and Mill will go free.

Lee has no idea what he is facing when the darkness first attacks. Then it begins to communicate with him. Still, Lee may have taken on more than he can handle. He may find that there are times even Godlings need help from others to succeed.

This was a fast and interesting story. I liked the mysterious tone, the action and the puzzle that leads to survival. Lee isn't the most likeable character at first but he grows on you. Mill on the other hand is a wonderfully warm and strong character. This gives just a little taste of the series, but enough to draw me in so I am interested in the first full book.

Audio Notes: Derek Perkins does a good job of narrating this. He gives each character a distinct voice and he conveys good intensity. I did have to get used to the fact that the voice made Lee seem older than he is. Still, the narration enhanced my enjoyment.

I slipped this free story from my own TBR Audible Library; downloaded in 2014. This qualifies for my Audio Challenge, Mount TBR Challenge and J for Alphabet Challenge.

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  1. Great review. I have this story too. The Godling Chronicles sounds like an interesting series to me.


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