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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Audio Book Review: Making Amends by Melinda Clayton

This is an engaging suspense drama with excellent narration.
Making Amends
Written by: Melinda Clayton
Narrated by: Michelle Babb
Length: 5 hrs and 49 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:03-16-16
Publisher: Thomas-Jacob Publishing, LLC
Genre: Suspense
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
On a beautiful fall evening, in the middle of a game of hide-and-seek, five-year-old Bobby Clark is kidnapped by his estranged father, a shiftless man with a history of domestic violence and drug abuse. Bobby's twin brother Ricky watches, terrified, from his hiding place behind the bougainvillea, while mother Tabby, who also struggles with addiction, lies inebriated on the living room floor.
Bobby isn't seen by his loved ones again until a fateful morning 25 years later, when video of his arrest dominates the morning news. He has been charged with the murder of his father, but before the trial can begin, he manages to escape.
As Tabby and Ricky absorb the news of Bobby's return and subsequent escape, Tabby is convinced he'll come home to the quiet Florida street from which he was taken so long ago. But when events begin to spiral out of control, she's left to wonder: is a child born to be evil, or shaped to be evil? And in the end, when it's time to make amends, does it really matter?
©2015 Melinda Clayton (P)2016 Melinda Clayton

Tabby was raised in the foster care system until she was booted to the streets when she reached 18. She was ripe to be caught in a downhill web of alcohol and drugs with the help of her dissolute, abusive husband, Vernon Clark. When Tabby learned she was pregnant…with twins no less…she managed to get clean for the pregnancy and delivery of two beautiful boys, Bobby and Ricky. Sadly, after they were born she fell back into bad habits. Tabby loved her boys but lived on the edge of consciousness.

Then, one morning when the boys were five years old their father swooped in and kidnapped Bobby. Tabby’s best friend, Von, shocked Tabby into sobriety for the sake of Ricky. But Tabby remained obsessed over the loss of her son. She got little help from the authorities to find him. Twenty-five years later the authorities finally found Bobby. He has made the news for being arrested for the murder of Vernon, his father.

Ricky works for a scandal sheet newspaper which specializes on getting the dirt on the periphery of the big news stories. Ricky knows his boss will be merciless in digging out the old family history on his mother and his brother’s kidnapping. Ricky would love to shield his mother but his co-workers tend to be relentless.

Tabby is anxious to get to Bobby and help him. She is sure that the killing was self-defense after years of abuse. Ricky will do what he can to help his mother and protect her although his own feelings about Bobby are mixed. Before Tabby and Ricky can arrive at the police station, Bobby has escaped. Now Ricky is even more conflicted not sure how his mother will cope with the pressure of the press and the renewed loss of her ‘first son’. Although she clearly loved Ricky somehow he was always “second place”.

I enjoyed the easy, natural flow of the writing style which is very straightforward. The story unfolds from alternating character perspectives by Tabby, Ricky and Von. Von is Tabby’s longtime friend and boss. As much as she wants to be there for Tabby, she has her hands full coping with and caring for her husband who is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

This is a fascinating and gripping portrayal of several issues including, addiction, loss of a child, and caring for an Alzheimer's patient. The book description hints at what may occur so parts are not completely surprising. However, the final resolution is a bit of a heart wrenching twist as Tabby decides she must make amends to her sons.

Drama’s are not my favorite genre and I wasn’t quite sure how I would react to the family drama aspect of this story. I was very glad to find that the combination of writing perspectives, psychological suspense and insightful narration made this an engrossing listen. I recommend this to readers who do like family drama with the added kick of suspense.

Audio Notes: Michelle Babb does a wonderful job with the narration of this story. She manages to
convey the personalities of the characters that adds to the interest and suspense. The narration enhanced my enjoyment of this gripping story.

I received this audio from the narrator through Audiobook Blast (now Audiobook Boom) for an honest review. It qualifies for my Audio Challenge and M in Alphabet Challenge.

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  1. Great review. I had thought about reading this story, but not sure if I am up to reading this type of family drama right now. I will keep it on my list to read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it.


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