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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Audio Book Review: Redfall: Freedom Fighters: American Prepper Series, Book 2 by Jay J. Falconer

There is continued action and forward plot movement in this second book that provides solid entertainment.
Redfall: Freedom Fighters: American Prepper Series, Book 2
Written by: Jay J. Falconer
Narrated by: Gary Tiedemann
Length: 6 hrs and 35 mins
Series: American Prepper, Book 2
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:03-29-16
Genre: Sci Fi
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
When the red rain stops, will civilization survive?
As militant groups arm themselves and take to the streets, survivalist Simon Redfall and his band of freedom fighters scramble to uncover more facts about the swarm of red storms suffocating the planet.
The more they dig, the deeper the conspiracy grows. Yet, it all seems to point back to one man and his weather control technology, Jeffrey Hansen. A former military intelligence officer who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.
When more of the puzzle comes together, Simon realizes the threat to humanity is even greater than anyone could have ever imagined. Something sinister is about to crawl out of the shadows and reveal itself.
No one is safe.
No one can stop it.
No one saw it coming.
Rated R for violence, language, sexual situations, and bloodshed.
©2016 Jay J. Falconer (P)2016 Jay J. Falconer

This installment picks up where the first book ended and I do recommend reading book one first. The story follows seven important characters or groups.

Simon is helping Tally and the other teens at Pandora take precautions for safer survival. The kids have pulled together materials to a make a Faraday cage for their computer room. While they are working on this, a young man walks up claiming to be from sent by Tally’s brother, Wyatt. He has sent a message that Jericho has been attacked by an unknown military force. Tally freaks out and wants to rush to her brother’s side even though the message is to stay away. Before they can execute a plan to check out the truth of the boy’s story, a military team shows up at Pandora.

A Nighthawk team is on their way to retrieve misdirected weapons when they receive orders to find Simon Redfall and get him to meet with General Nate Rawlings, and Director of National Intelligence, Nancy Wiggins. The government leaders need Simon’s help to find Jeffrey Hanson, the owner of Rain Tech, who may have something to do with the red rain.

Simon coerces the reluctant and adversarial Nighthawk team to accompany them to Jericho in exchange for Simon’s cooperation. When they arrive at Wyatt’s farm tensions quickly escalate. Then the rain stops as another unusual weather event brings a new form of chaos.

Meanwhile General Rawlings was on his way to a meeting with Wiggins when he takes a detour. He wakes up from a car crash facing a noxious group of Pennsylvanian hillbillies; the Carmichael brothers who are Wyatt’s rivals. Back in Washington, D.C., Wiggins is wondering where the General is when a strange electrical strike wreaks havoc on her meeting.

The head of Indigo Technologies takes a dive while spying on Nighthawk’s playboy leader. Indigo's "clean-up" guy, Zeke, is brought to the Indigo command center, where the cadre of lawyers and accountants introduce him to the inner workings of the mega company that seems to control much more than just security.

Jeffrey Hanson has made a ransom offer to buy his way out of the dilemma he swam into. He awakes to find himself abandoned in the bowls of a rusty cargo ship in an unknown port.

The story moves along at a quick pace with the variety of scenes, most with intense action; physical and emotional. As the warning notes, there is violence and brutality consistent (sadly) with lawless gangs.

A couple of the pieces of the conspiracy are beginning to be connected. I was wrapped up in anticipation of finding how all of it fits…just when this book ends. Now I have to wait for the next book to continue, and hopefully, resolve the puzzle.

Audio Notes: Once again Gary Tiedemann does a good job portraying the various characters. He provides the continual intensity and emotion that maintains the focus on the story. One issue I have with this book is Tally’s panicking and hysteria. I don’t know if her behavior would be quite so annoying in print as it was in the audio. I suppose this might be realistic for a teen girl scared for her brother but I found it stupid, inconsistent with her logical personality, and very annoying in the listening mode.

I received this audio book from the author for an honest review. It qualifies for my Audio Challenge.

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  1. Great review. I'm not much in reading Sci Fi, but this sounds like something that I would enjoy reading. I have added this to my list to get and I will start with the first one first. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this story.


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