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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Book Review: Hope Under the Mistletoe by Jessica R. Patch

I am glad to have pulled this gem from my TBR shelf. I fully enjoyed this faith based Christmas story.
Hope Under Mistletoe (Seasons of Hope Book 1)
by Jessica R. Patch
Hope Under Mistletoe (Seasons of Hope #1)
File Size: 339 KB
Print Length: 94 pages
Publisher: Bales Publishing (February 24, 2015)
Genre: Christian, Inspirational, Romance
My Rating: 5.0 of 5.0

A rowdy bar owner. A widowed pastor’s wife. And Christmas hope that brings them together.

After widow Eden Snow’s church almost burns to the ground, she’s compelled to find a temporary place to hold services and Christmas cantata practices.

Has-been hockey player, Knox Everhart, has a reputation for being fast on the ice and with women. Except Eden. She’s always been a fascinating mystery to him, which is why he agrees to let her use the back room of his bar—with one rule: No converting his customers.

But when Eden brings the church to the bar, it offers something the bottle can’t. Hope. And he finds himself falling in love with a woman and a Savior he feels unworthy to pursue.

Eden Snow is still suffering the loss of her pastor husband, Nathan, who was killed in a car accident by a teenage drunken driver. Now there has been a terrible fire at the church. The church family needs a place to meet so Eden asks her husband’s best friend, Knox, if they can use a back room of his bar for song practices and services.

Knox is a former hockey player who has a well-known reputation for skating by with women. He never let anyone know of his feelings for his Nathan's wife, Eden. He has always admired her but knows that he could never be worthy of her. Now she is getting too close by spending time in his bar, aptly named The Penalty Box. Knox becomes ever more confused as he watches Eden and the new pastor share acceptance, love and hope with all those they come in contact with.

I really liked the primary characters. The author created a good contrast with Knox’s rough, ‘bad boy’ nature countered by Eden’s innocent and ‘good’ nature. They both struggle with their growing attraction. Knox doesn’t feel worthy and he is holding back a secret that could cause Eden to hate him. Eden has to resist her growing interest in Knox because she, even though she sees he is a good guy at heart, she knows 'good' isn't enough. She can't allow herself to get involved with a man who doesn’t share her faith and acceptance of Christ.

Ms. Patch develops a strong relationship with good dialogue and a believable sequence of steps. The faith message is clearly shared in a fitting way without being ‘in your face’. The writing is crisp and the short story reads easily. I would like to read more by this author. I recommend this to readers who like a nice romance that includes messages of hope, forgiveness and redemption.

This is a gem pulled from my TBR shelf - 2015! It qualifies for Mount TBR and #hohohorat.


  1. Great review. I really like the sounds of this book. I think I would enjoy it very much so I will have to see about getting it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feeling about this story with us.

  2. I'd not heard of her. That sounds very good! Lovely cover, too :)


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