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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sharing Beyond Books #105 Comment Giveaway June 22, 2013

Hello again on Saturday night and Welcome to SBB, Sharing Beyond Books.

Can you believe it is Saturday night again and Summer has started?!  <>

Thank you to all who shared last week.

What a fun variety of 'odd' titles we have read. I think many weren't so much odd as different. Some were informative, like antiques, gardening, training puppies.  On the truly odd side I think Llehn's book on astral projection fits.
All but two or three of us do like puzzles. It seems most like word puzzles and a few don't like jigsaw. Holly likes the Tetris and jeweled type games and nrlymrtl likes the really big - 10,000 - piece jigsaw puzzles!

The Winner from SBB #104 comments is: #18 rubynreba who can make a GC choice if international or book choice from the ARC/Review titles, Christmas titles or Love titles - all linked near the end of the post.  Please let me know your choice by completing the WINNER FORM.

WEEK #105 Questions

Q1. Becky asks: How many books in a month do you tend to read??
A: I seem to comfortably read four a week so 16 to 18 a month. I have read over 20 but some had to be short and audios help to increase the number. I find it hard to review more than four a week anyway. :-).  

Image found at Hitchallenge.

Q2. My non-bookish Question this week: What game(s) do you remember from childhood??
A: The two games that pop into my mind are the board game The Mouse Trap which our family had great fun with and Twister which we enjoyed as teens!
 Oh my goodness - a life size mouse trap game!
Image found at The Smithsonian Mag.

Image found at Wikipedia

Thanks to those who are sending in Questions. DON'T BE SHY! Surely everyone has a Q or two you'd like to ask. Input suggestions in this Suggested Question Form. At the end of each month I draw from the suggestions I used during the month and that person will get a book choice or GC. I thank everyone for submitting questions. Thanks for sending in questions! We can always use fresh questions. I do have a group of questions from the same submitters so if you have a question don't be afraid to ask!

Your turn to share:

Q1.  Q1. Becky asks: How many books in a month do you tend to read??

Q2. My non-bookish Question this week: What game(s) do you remember from childhood??

SBB Comment Winners can choose a selection from the Valentine and "Love" books , the Christmas Giveaway Books, or the Newly June 2012 Updated ARC/Review List.

SBB Rules:
a) Must be a follower.
b) Share a comment on any (or all) of the two/three questions above.
Open internationally and an international winner may get a smaller book or a $5.00 GC if I decide the mailing is too much.

I will pick a Comment winner from all comments made by Friday, June 28, 2013 at 10 PM central.


  1. I tend to read about 12 books a month.

    I remember day-long marathon games of Monopoly with my siblings. And when I was a teen, the marathon games were Risk.

  2. This is a very nice giveaway to do on each Saturday. I follow you on twitter in case you are wondering.

    Q1. Becky asks: How many books in a month do you tend to read??

    I tend to read about 6-10 books in a month with most of them being historical romance. I'm a picky person when it comes to my historical romance books for some reason.

    Q2. My non-bookish Question this week: What game(s) do you remember from childhood??

    The games I remember from my childhood would be the Chinese jump rope, playing mommy and daddy, and tag. I don't know if these counts but hopefully they do.

  3. Q1: Depending on my work load determines how many books a get read in a month. If I am working some long hours I am lucky to get at least 4 read in a month but otherwise I can get at least somewhere between 8 to 12 read in a month.
    Q2: I remember playing playing Checkers, Backgammon, Old Maid, Connect Four, Sorry, Yahtzee, Risk, Horseshoes, Badminton, Clue, Operation, and Chinese Checkers. I also remember playing a lot of card games with my brothers and sometimes my mother too, like Uno, Go Fish, War, and Crazy eights to name a few. I remember we played a lot of games when I was growing up.

  4. I'm a slow reader; probably between 4-8 a month.

    Cards; hopscotch, tag.

    thumbelinda03 at yahoo dot com

  5. 1. Depending on their length I'd say between 8 and 10 each month, though I've been know to read more too (but that usually included smaller volumes and no 1.000+ pages tomes).

    2. Parcheesi! Funny, I haven't thought about this game in a long time (translation: I'm old).

  6. 1. If I'm lucky one per month.

    2. Monopoly :D

  7. Congrats to the winner.
    I read a lot since my 7 kids have left the nest :) I average around 22-24 books a month f they are paperbacks.

    When I grew up in the 50's we played outside most of the time. But when we did play inside I remember Monopoly being the game in our family.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  8. 1. I read about ten to twenty books per month...usually more in the summer, since I read at the beach and pool. :)

    2. I loved playing Monopoly with my siblings.

  9. I usually read 1-3 eyeball books a month and then 4-8 audiobooks a month. In the winter, I read more because there are less outside farm chores, replaced by lots of menial tasks that require an audiobook to bearable.

    We played Yatzee a lot as a family.

  10. 1. My reading really depends on the month. Sometimes only 5, other times 15.
    2. Games I remember from my childhood are Hungry, Hungry Hippo, Hi-Ho Cherrio, Ups and Downs (a much cooler version of Chutes and Ladders), and Go Fish.

  11. 1. 12 books a month, it felt like more but I tend to read a lot that have 350-400 pages.

    2. Hopscotch! My neighbor against the street taught me.

  12. 1) I usually read two a week so around 8 a month.

    2) My family never had a lot of games. I remember things like hopscotch (something most kids I know don't know the rules to) and then the Nintendo games.

  13. 1. Depends on my college schedule. but on an average during college days I am able to read only 2 books a month while during holidays if we don't have holiday plans the number rises to 5-6 books a month. I am at times a slow reader.

    2. Carrom, snake and ladder, Ludo, super mario on video games and hopscotch, Skipping rope competitions among friends. Only these are striking my mind right now.

  14. 1: About 10, it depends on how busy my schedule is. When its very busy, I tend no watch T.V. more than read.

    2: The games I remember playing most with my parents are Trouble and Sorry. :)

  15. 1. It depends on the time of year - summers are so busy with my son's baseball that I don't read more than 1 or 2 a week. Winter I read a lot more especially mysteries.

    2. We used to play parcheezi and sorry with my grandparents growing up.

  16. 1. I read 4-6 books a month.

    2. We played a lot of card games.

  17. 1.I read around 3 books each week so anywhere around 12-15 books each month I guess. Its better in the holidays :)

    2.I loved playing board games like Monopoly and LIFE. I also loved playing card games like UNO :)

  18. I really enjoy this post each week. :)

    Q1. How many books in a month do you tend to read?? Sadly, I only read about 4-8 a month, depending on the length, audio, etc. I work part-time but am getting full-time hours now, so not nearly as much time to read as before.

    Q2. What game(s) do you remember from childhood?? We loved playing Don't Wake Daddy! And Mousetrap. :)

  19. a few a month


  20. 1. It depends upon the size of the book. I've been reading some epics of late. Usually a book a week.

    2. We used to play a lot of board games like monopoly and scrabble, and card games too, like Happy Families.

  21. Thanks so much! I am picking Between Sundays and have filled out the winner's form.

    I've been busier this summer and usually only get one a week done. In the winter I read more.

    I remember playing Cootie, Old Maid and other card games.
    Outside I loved to play croquet, hide and seek, and red light green light. We also played a lot of soft ball.

  22. 1. 3 to 5 book a month

    2. Monopoly

  23. 1. 5 or 6 a month.
    2. Candyland.

  24. Q1. Anywhere from 5-10. This month I've read at least 5. It all depends on how busy things get.

    Q2. Monopoly, card games, checkers, Pac-Man!


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