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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Words of Encouragement February 12, 2012

This morning our Pastor gave a good message entitled "A Heart Problem."  He reminded us that Saul had started out following God's word but soon turned to his own power and desires. When Saul realized that the Lord was with David, Saul became afraid (and jealous) of him, and remained his enemy for the rest of his days.  1 Sam18: 28-29.

Saul had a chief shepherd, Doeg, who was an Edomite, an enemy tribe, but who had chosen to become a Jew. Doeg happened to see Ahimelech, the priest in Nob, give provisions and the sword of Goliath to David. Saul confronted the priest and then ordered his guards to kill Ahimelech and his household.  The guards refused knowing that the priest and household were innocent.  However Doeg not only slaughtered all 85 of Ahimelech's household, he proceeded to kill everyone, including women and infants, and innocent animals in the town of Nob. 1 Sam 22: 6-19.

Doeg, like Saul, had a heart problem that we must be careful to avoid.
1.  He desired power for himself.
2.  He had a lack of "awe of Heaven." Religion was a ritual and a duty, not an act of obedience and a submission.
3.  He did not internalize God's word.  All of his understanding was superficial and he did not allow God's word to reach or move his heart.

David was a man of God's heart who was attacked and pursued by Doeg, a man after Saul's heart. God did punish Doeg for his wickedness. Psalm 55:23. Doeg became leprous and died in his early thirty's - half the age of a man's life.

We must be careful who we allow to influence us. Don't lie down with pigs or dogs... don't allow other crabs to keep us down in a pot.
Pastor asked us to reflect: Who are you allowing to shape your heart?

 Here is a song that struck me as good for Valentine week:
My Offering
A Verse for Today:
Proverbs 4:23 New Living Translation
Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

I pray today that my heart might be tuned to God's Will and message.
I am praying for another online follower this week.

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