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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Q&A Interview with Sidney Ayers, Author of Demons Prefer Blondes

Sidney Ayers, Author of Demons Prefer Blondes,
visits for Q&A at Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf

By the way - I love your website brand “Sinfully Snarky Paranormal Romance”! And scanning your blog entries made me hungry for breakfast. :-)
SA: French Toast sandwiches are evil, huh? But not as evil as the fudge recipes I used to post.

Q1. This a favorite question I ask authors who write series: When you do a series do you have each book plotted out before you start the first one or do the subsequent books flow from the first book?
SA: Each book is stand alone, so I tend to plot each book separately. However, I do have an idea which characters I want to have their “Happily Ever Afters” with.

Q2. I note that you like to use humor in your writing. Do you incorporate that through visual imagery, dialogue or some other special way?
SA: A little of everything. Dialogue, action, and imagery all combined into a huge smorgasbord of snark.

Q3. You write in several genres. Do you have more than one Work in Progress in different genres? Does this ever get confusing?
SA: Right now I am concentrating on the Demons Unleashed series. I do have several WIPs in different genres that I intend to polish and finish up when I have time. I cannot balance projects well, so I do better when working on one at a time. That’s why I have so many unfinished manuscripts.

Q4. Does your voice change when you write in different genres?
SA: For my erotic fantasy, it didn’t really change. It’s still pretty sarcastic and snarky. The historical I was working on does have a different voice. Sarcasm doesn’t translate well in the Regency time. 

Q5. What kind of research have you done for your Demon series? Did you do anything "hands on" or unusual when researching these books?
SA: Sorry, but I’m a little too chicken to actually do anything “hands on” where demons are concerned. *giggles* For research,  I’ve scanned a few demonology books and websites. I also watched a few of those cheesy paranormal investigation shows. Horror movies, like Omen and The Exorcist are great inspiration too.

Q6. In Demons Prefer Blondes what is something your heroine would never be caught dead doing/saying?
SA: She wouldn’t be caught dead wearing pointy toe, high heeled shoes. She prefers the comfort of tennis shoes. She calls them torture devices in the book.

Q7. Do you have an ancillary character that you had the most fun with?
SA: Gerardo, all the way. He’s so very flamboyant and fun. Squeaky holds a special place in my heart too.

Q8.  Do your work career/hobbies/interests influence your writing?
SA:  I am a computer tech by trade. It doesn’t affect my writing, but helps me with saving money hiring a web designer. I also find ways to incorporate my craft hobbies into promo. I made bookmark charms from shrink dinks. Talk about channeling your inner child.

Q9. Do you read for pleasure and if so who are your favorite authors to read?
SA: I’ll  read anything that piques my interest. I am one of those people that will pick up a book just from a blurb alone. However, I did thoroughly enjoy Katie MacAlister’s Aisling Grey novels.

Q10. If you could have readers finish a sentence what would it be? 
SA:  If I could be any demon, I’d be the demon of…

Thank you so much for sharing a bit about your author life with us.
SA: You’re welcome. It’s been fun!


A Bad Day For A Demon
Rafe Deleon is a senior demon and he resents like hell his assignment to Earth to retrieve the Chest of the Damned before it falls into the wrong hands. But then he meets beautiful, intriguing succubus Lucy Gregory, and she’s just unleashed a whole load of trouble…

Really Sucks For A Succubus
Lucy’s chic suburban beauty salon has suddenly become the Underworld’s center of mass chaos and destruction. The only good thing in a day going rapidly down the tubes is the arrival of a gorgeous demon who’s adamant that he can help her…

But Lucy has quite a few deeply unpleasant—not to mention deadly and hateful—surprises ahead of her, and surely there’s never been a worse time to try out a new boyfriend…

Sidney Ayers writes light paranormal and erotic romance. Her manuscripts have won or placed in the MORWA Gateway to the Best, the Valley of the Sun Hot Prospects, the Passionate Ink Stroke of Midnight, the Heart of Denver Molly, and the Finally a Bride contests. She lives in Michigan where she is working on the next book in the Demons Unleashed series, Demons Like it Hot—in stores December 2011. For more information, please visit


  1. Oh this is a must read and it is gonna be a series woot woot I'm so excited about I'll be looking forward to reading them

  2. I would want to be a demon that could tell truth from lies don't like liars not good


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