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Thursday, June 23, 2011

MBS Blogoversary SPOTLIGHT #6: Author Susan Helene Gottfried


I met Susan online through the Win-a-Book site where she posts tons of giveaways!
Win a Book is now part of the West of Mars website where Susan also presents her contemporary books.

Shapeshifter : The Demo Tapes -- Year 1
ShapeShifter -- The Demo Tapes : Year 2
ShapeShifter: The Demo Tapes: Year 3
Mannequin: A Short Story
Trevor's Song

I asked each author to answer two questions for their spotlight.
The first I asked and the second they provided.
Shapeshifter : The Demo Tapes -- Year 1
Question #1:  Why do you write/what do you hope your readers get from your books?

A:  Why do I write? Well, it's a birth defect. I can't stop. I've tried. So... since I failed at failing, I decided to share my fictional world with the real world. It's been a fantastically fun ride; I've met some incredible people and I've watched people fight over my characters of Trevor Wolff and Mitchell Voss. You guys can't get enough and I feel so privileged to get your Tweets and e-mails and Facebook postings, demanding more of the boys. Thank you.

ShapeShifter -- The Demo Tapes : Year 2
Question #2:  One question no one seems to want to ask is if I'll ever move on from Trevor and Mitchell.

A: The answer is yes. The plan is to keep things set roughly in their same fictional world and you may see them in other things I write (check out my e-book only short story, Mannequin, to see what I mean), but their sagas are coming to a close. Regrettably. But there are so many other cool characters to bring you!

Please visit Susan at her links below.

For extra credit you can comment at one of her blog links or email her to say "Hi" and "Thank you" for the support and giveaway.

The main website
Trevor's SongFrom there, you can connect to my author blog, The Meet and Greet, my book blog, Rocks 'n Reads, and the one many people know me for: Win a Book, where I post links to giveaways, interviews, and guest blog posts by authors. It's great fun and I thank everyone who helps with Win a Book.


Giveaway donated by Susan:
Two eBooks - The Demo Tapes Vol 1 and Vol 2

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