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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amazing People Club Free eBooks June and July

In May I introduced you to the Amazing People Club.  Here is another chance to join and get a free ebook by joining. Or you may email me if you would like a copy of the PDF of the Thomas Edison eStory.

The audio is also available when you visit Amazing People Club  and JOIN THE CLUB (free to join).
The following is some information about their special offers and giveaways for the coming two months.  These titles are quite topical and relevant with the celebrations of Father’s Day, 4th July etc.  We fondly refer to Thomas Edison as the ‘Father of Invention’ and Abraham Lincoln as “Father of a Nation”. 

Meet Abraham Lincoln eStory          $0.99               1-30 June 2011
Meet Thomas Edison eStory             FREE*             1-30 June 2011
Meet Thomas Edison Audio              FREE*            1-30 June 2011
Meet Albert Einstein Audio               $0.99              1-30 June 2011
Amazing Americans eBook               $3.99               1-31 July 2011
Meet George Washington eStory      $0.99               1-31 July 2011
Meet Lillian Gilbreth eStory              FREE*             1-31 July 2011
*Free when you JOIN THE CLUB at (free to join!)


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