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Saturday, June 11, 2011

MBS Saturday Comment Giveaway (Replacing Enquiring Minds)

Thank you to everyone who commented at Enquiring Minds #40.  Most of us include family as one of the things that make us happy. Also many included books as a second or third happy thing.  Quite a number of us would seek peace or no wars and again almost all of us would donate money to charity if we had a billion. Couldn't we do some lovely things???! :-)

The Winner from Enquiring Minds Week #40 is: #4 Mary. Mary please pick a  book from the Love Books List for Giveaway or remaining Christmas Giveaway Books and let me know your choice, your address and a choice of bookmarks by completing the WINNER FORM.

Now --- Let's talk about how we will proceed with this comment feature! We will continue to ask questions to get to know each other better. Some questions will be about books and some about our lives.
Here are some suggested names for the feature:
1. Sharing Beyond Reviews (SBR)
2. Talking Beyond Reviews (TBR - not to be confused with To Be Read!)
3. Sharing Beyond Books (SBB)
4. Talking Beyond Books (TBB)
5. Our Lives with Books! (OLWB)
6. Our World and Let's Read (OWL Reads- okay I like the initials even if the title isn't so hot.)
7. Let's Talk Books (LTB - I think this is in use already.)

So let me know what title you like or might suggest Question #1 below.

Then we get to look at pictures for the feature.
Here are some I really like.






Do you like any of these particularly? Or do you have an image to send me that you really like? Question #2 this week.

Also I think any of you might have good questions you'd like to ask so you may input suggestions in this Question Suggested Form. At the beginning of each month I will draw from the suggestions I used the month before and that person will get a book choice or GC.

So that is two questions to answer today and I am adding one additional book Question.

Your turn to share: 
#1. What name do you like or would you suggest for this Comment Feature?
#2. What image do you like: A-F or include a link to a suggested image or email me one? 
#3.  How much time do you spend reading each day?

I read and listen at various times a day. I would say it averages 100 pages or an hour and 15 minutes a day in reading and an hour and 30 minutes total listening.

Enquire Comment Winners can choose a selection from  Valentine and "Love" books or the remaining Christmas Giveaway Books.  I will add a new summer list soon.
Rules: a) Must be a follower; b) Share a comment on any (or all) of the questions posed.
Open internationally and an international winner may get a smaller book or a $5.00 GC if I decide the mailing is too much.
In addition to the usual Winner choices listed above this post's comment winner will get to choose from The Arc Giveaway List too.
I will pick a Comment winner from all comments made by Friday, June 17 at 10PM central. 

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