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Saturday, June 11, 2011

New and Restated Giveaway Protocols for Martha's Bookshelf (MBS)

Martha's Bookshelf (MBS) Giveaways- New Protocols
As you, my 'bloggy' friends and followers, know I love doing Giveaways. I'd like to confirm some old and some new procedures.
A.  Friday Pick winners are now listed with the new Friday Pick Post each Friday morning.

B.  Enquiring Mind or its replacement comment post on Saturdays will contain the past week's winner each week.

C.  I will be posting all other winners on Saturdays - I can't guarantee if morning or evening but I will try to make it sometime on Saturday.

D.  Everyone will know when to look for the winner posts, and since they are, and will remain, linked at the top of my blog (or on sidebar if my blog format changes).  Accordingly, ALL WINNERS will need to email me with their info; this includes Hachette winners. Winners will have 120 hours (five days) to respond and accept or I will draw a new winner. This will save me time so appreciate your understanding.

E.  If I indicate that a giveaway is International ONLY - then I ask US and Canadian participants please DO NOT Enter for that GC or giveaway.  This applies to the Friday Pick as well. Part of the goal on Friday Pick is to send books to new homes. I am even willing to send smaller books overseas when the postage is feasible.  Since postage isn't always feasible then I offer/award the international winners the GC. The GC is not to be claimed by US or Canadian participants although I reserve the right to award it then too if the book is large and the postage would exceed $5.00.  That will not happen for US as I can use the flat rate $4.75.  It will occasionally occur for Canada and then I decide if I want to spend $6.00=/- on postage or send a GC.

F.  I have included a Winner's Acceptance Form in this post and I plan to link it to winner posts for convenience.  I will use your address ONLY for use of sending books or passing onto the publishers or authors to mail the books you win. I have also prepared an Already Won Form so you can reply easily to let me know if you have won the book elsewhere. Or you can email me.
Hopefully this procedure will make things easy enough for you and save a few steps for me.

I will give 30 days for this to settle in so I will email people if need be over the next month.
Thank you one and all for participating at my blog and for your support.

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