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Monday, November 16, 2009

What are you reading Monday? November 16, 2009

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Finished this week:

PB:  Matter of Class by Mary Balogh – an Historical Romance ARC for Valentines!  ABSOLUTELY CHARMING!!  Review to be posted at Singles, CataRomance.

Audible: ----------

Kindle2:     Winter Wheat by Barbara Wohlschlegel. This is a lovely Inspirational book and reads very quickly! Review sent to YGR.

Confederate Rose by Susan Macatee.  An Historical Romance with a woman disguised as a man in the Civil war - falls for a Yankee disguised as a reporter! Review to be sent to YGR.

Noella's Gift by Donica Covey.  A very sweet Contemporary Christmas Novella. Review sent to YGR.

Cupid's Folly by Erin Sinclair. A frisky, fun romance!  Review to be sent to CataRomance.

Audio CD: ---------

Currently reading:

PB:  Defining Twilight by Brian Leaf.  A vocabulary Workbook for unlocking the SAT, ACT GED and SSAT.  A very interesting concept.  Reading and reviewing for the Author.

Don't Look Down by David Laing Dawson.  A thriller about four murderers, 18 to 81, in a forensic psychiatric ward. Reading and reviewing for Bostwick.

Audible: March to the Sea by David Weber and John Ringo, my own TBR - continuing!

Kindle2: Avenging Allaire by Margie Church.  About 25% into this - already anxious to learn what will happen!  Contemporary Romance/Suspense; sequel to Awakening Allaire which I reviewed in August. Reviewing for the Author.

Queene of Light by  Jennifer Armintrout.  A Paranormal/urban fantasy I am reading and reviewing for Blog with a Bite!

Audio CD:  End the Fed by Ron Paul.  Will finish this tonight or tomorrow. Reviewing for YGR.

Next up:  Hope for Animals and Their World by Jane Goodall.  I am looking forward to this! Reviewing for YGR.


  1. Wow nice line-up of books! Dont Look Down sounds interesting, I'm yet to read a Mary Balogh novel, sounds like Matter of Class would be a nice one to start on. Happy reading!

  2. Oh, I like Mary Balogh. I'll have to look for your review.

  3. Confederate Rose sounds like Ashes in the Wind from long, long ago. I will have to check it out. Happy reading this week.

  4. I'm going to look for Matter of Class. Have a great week!

  5. You had a fabulous week! This week looks to be another wonderful week of reading.

  6. I agree about the concept of Defining Twilight. Considering how poorly edited the series was, I have to wonder about the book. Look forward to your review.

  7. You have quite the list going on. I'm getting ready to listen to my first audiobook.

    Happy reading!

  8. My friend introduced me to Margie Church awhile agi - but I was not too much for any emotional read, but with the second book released, I just might have to settle in and read them...

    Looking forward to your thoughts..



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