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Monday, November 23, 2009

What are You Reading Monday November 23, 2009

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J. Kaye's Book Blog

Finished this week:

PB: (I never got to the Print book this week.)

Kindle2: Queene of Light by Jennifer Armintrout.  I really enjoyed this paranormal that I read for Blog with Bite!  Review posted here.

Avenging Allaire by Margie Church.  A very good sexy romantic suspense.  Read for the author. Review will be posted on my blog soon.

Kismet by Kissa Starling.  This is a charming story of octogenarians finding each other after circumstances separated them at high school!   Read for the author.  Review to be posted here soon.

Audible: ----------

Audio CD: End the Fed by Ron Paul. A thought provoking look at money manipulations!  Review to be sent to YGR this week.


Currently reading:

PB: Defining Twilight by Brian Leaf. A vocabulary Workbook for unlocking the SAT, ACT GED and SSAT. A very interesting concept. Reading and reviewing for the Author.

Kindle2: Christmas Sin by Ed Williams.  Ed's unique rough humor telling Christmas tales from his youth and home town.  Reviewing for YGR.

Next up:  Keeper of Her Heart by Therese Travis.  A short, sweet Inspirational. Reviewing for YGR.

             Time Plains Drifter by Cheryl Pierson.  A western historical.  Reading and reviewing as part of series on my blog. Review coming up next week.  Giveaway in progress.

              Wayward Angels - Wounded Warriors Book 4 by Karen Wiesner.  Continuing this really good series! Reviewing for the author and YGR.

Audible: (March to the Sea by David Weber and John Ringo, my own TBR - continuing very slowly!)

Audio CD: Hope for Animals and Their World by Jane Goodall. I am enjoying this recounting of successful conservation efforts.  Reviewing for Hachette.  Giveaway coming up!


  1. Wow a very interesting mix of books ~ have a great reading week. I'm now following your blog, couldn't resist being your 150th LOL

  2. Wow. I have Queene of Light on my wish list and there are a couple of others I wouldn't mind reading.

    here's my list

  3. Teddyree - I'm glad you became 150th! Now I can have my next Follower Giveaway! :)

    Book Dragon - I did like Queene of Light! Your list is varied! I read a Once and Future King a number of years ago - I wonder if it is the same?

  4. Lots of books that are new to me. Enjoy!

  5. Hi Mary - isn't it fun to see the different books we each read?

  6. Love Hachette audios! When did you want to start Baldacci's book. Would next week be good? Right after Thanksgiving? Or did you want to start it sooner?

  7. J. Kaye - Next week is great! I will be done Hope for Animals quickly as I have a five hour return drive today to listen! Then I can do What the Dog Saw the rest of this week. Then we can do True Blue!

  8. That "Kismet" book sounds fascinating, as do some of these others.

    My post is here:

  9. You have a great looking line-up. I will await your review of Kismet. My Monday:

  10. You seem like an eclectic reader. :-) Kismet sounds really good. I am also interested in the Jane Goodall book. Here's what I'm up to.

  11. You are making me jealous with that many books on your list! LOL

    Happy reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. I must also agree, a very mixed bag of books...

    I will be back to see your review of Avenging Alaire...


  13. That's a few books on your list. Hope you have a great week.

  14. Great reads. I have Defining Twilight too. Now would be a great time to review it while New Moon is so hot right now.


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