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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Part Four - Interview Conclusion with Author Carol North


M:  When you are reading for pleasure, what is the one thing that will make you put down the book and quit reading?

Carol: Not hunger, not thirst, not a ringing phone. I will only put down the book if one of my dogs is whining to go outside.

M:  HA!  I like the audio feature on Kindle2 as I can listen while I am in the kitchen scrounging a drink or snack!  For outside with the dogs I use my MP3 with Audible books!

What is the most unique thing about you?

Carol:  That which makes us all unique--being the sum-total of my experiences. I have a need to write about these experiences even if I was only observing the main action.  

For years, I was a single mother and family breadwinner. This experience drove me into male-dominated fields--working in and writing about trucking, construction, and information technology--so I could earn enough to support my kids. I learned a lot about the male animal and like to write from the man’s point-of-view, as I did for Love’s Reflection.

I love to read about experiences I haven’t had and places I haven’t seen.

M:  Wonderful.  Your readers are richer for your sharing your experiences through your books!

Tell us a little about your next book or WIP please!

Carol: I’m writing an early 20th century historical. It’s to honor two women I know of who barely survived WW I, and to give them the happy endings they never had.

M:  Oh – that sounds very interesting!! How lovely to write it to honor some friends! I’ll look forward to reading that book too!

Carol:  Thank you--Martha, Crystal, and Sumana--for conducting this virtual book tour. I greatly appreciate it. Hope everyone who has visited has left a comment and is entered in the drawings. I’m eager to send out those totes.

THANK YOU Carol for joining Crystal, Sumana and me on this interview series!
Thanks too for offering TWO TOTES as giveaways!  Best wishes for success on your new release, Miss Bisque and the Colonel, and on the re-release of Love’s Reflection!

Thank you readers/followers for following the interview series and don't forget to enter the Giveaway, check the rules and comment on the other reviews and interviews for extra entries:

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  1. wow, I cant's wait to read Carol's next book, I love historical fiction.All the best to her.

  2. Carol seems so down to earth, I like her already. I definitely want to read both these books. I've read some reviews for Eternally His sounds excellent.

  3. Oh yeah Martha I should let you know I changed my profile so now my posts have Misty / Mitz just wanted to make sure all my entries count thanks

  4. Love the interview! - and esp the question, what What is the most unique thing about you? :-)

  5. love that only your dogs will get you to put a book down; sounds like me.


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