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Monday, November 2, 2009

Review of Love's Reflection by Carol North

Title: Love’s Reflection
Author: Carol North
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Publisher: Class Act Books
ISBN:  978-1-935048-61-9
Price: ebook $3.99
          Print $12.49

Rating: 4.75 of 5.0
Heat Rating: Sultry (Sexual references and a few explicit scenes.)

Author Website:  Escape Into A Story

Blurb: Alpha is every man's fantasy woman: pure and untouched, low-maintenance, obedient, beautiful, anatomically perfect. She's a robot, created by Dr. Cort Hirsch in the image of his unrequited love interest Zoe Parker, film superstar.

When his robot refuses to clean the bathroom until he provides waterproof gloves to protect her hands, the hunky scientist realizes there may be some flaws in her design.

Alpha, Zoe, and Cort are thrown together when Zoe receives death threats and Alpha is used as the bait to catch the stalker.

Cort's passion is consummated, but by which female?

I applaud Ms. North for another well written, engaging and fun romance. I have been consistently impressed with Ms. North’s versatility.

Although Alpha is a created robot, she “evolves” or trains herself to become almost human! She is able to see the positive and negative characteristics of others, especially Zoe, for whom she is a double. I hesitate to say too much about the characteristics that Alpha adopts as I don’t want to spoil the story!

Cort is almost a “scientist geek” except he is really a hunk who happens to be a genius in his field. Others do not readily see his sexy potential because he is so absorbed with his research project. His other obsession is the gorgeous superstar Zoe Parker.

Zoe is a very self absorbed actress on the verge of alcoholism. She may be a beauty but in her case it is only skin deep!

When Cort agrees to allow Alpha to move in public as Zoe’s double the interaction among the three of them becomes particularly interesting!! This story had me chuckling at guessing what was going to happen, particularly as Alpha “matures” in her socialization!

This story has a bit more sexual heat and raw language than Ms. North’s other books. However, I did not find it offensive in the overall picture as it fit well with the plot and characters!

I have read three different novels by Ms. North: Eternally His, a contemporary paranormal, Miss Bisque and the Colonel, a contemporary women’s novel and Love’s Reflection, this fun sci-fi contemporary. There is a very clean and flowing style to Ms. North’s writing. Each book has a unique plot and Ms. North’s is able to capture or portray the "feel" of each story. Eternally His had an ethereal sense to it; Miss Bisque has a lyrical artsy feel; and Love's Reflection has a crisp humorous bent. I think that is pretty remarkable. The fine quality of writing comes through with an individual essence fitting each story!

It appears to me that you can’t miss reading enjoyment if you pick up any of Ms. North’s novels!! Better yet, get them all as they each have a unique, well written story to offer!

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  1. I'm so glad to see these books out and wish Carol all the best with them! I am sure they'll be a pleasure to read.

  2. Martha:
    Thank you for the wonderful review.
    Thanks for the kind comments.

  3. that is too much, lol; when the robot wants waterproof gloves to clean the bathroom the scientist thinks there may be some flaws; LOL.
    Sounds like a great read.


  4. Congrats on the great review and rating. I enjoyed reading the blurb!!

  5. Great review!!! Adding this book to my wishlist! Thanks!!!

    mollydawn1981 @ aol dot com

  6. Book sounds great! Thank you for introducing me to another new author!

  7. Thanks for another great review link-up. I always look forward to reading your blog.


  8. Love the review.
    I curious twist on the normal romance type stories. I am intrigued with the whole robot aspect.


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